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Does Love Exist?

Updated on February 18, 2014

I’m interested in love.
And no, I don’t just mean a one-nighter in a cheap hotel
Or the love you feel at a grave site after forty years of
What we called “commitment” and put in a tidy bottle called “marriage”
So we could tell ourselves that love was safe.

I’m not just interested in the expiration dates of temporary love
Or in the control of permanent love

I’m interested in love.

Because there is no center or outside of what “is” is. It’s all just there and it’s all the same before we give it names.

What I feel is larger and smaller than a blade of grass
A life sprung from the decay of life's change (death).

Because, to tell you the truth, I can’t tell you how many stars it took to make the bacteria in my hand or the number of galaxies in the universe or where it all "came from" or if that even makes sense...

But when I look in the night sky at great balls of fire, then back to my hand, and a kind of swelling fills my chest…

I don't know what else to call it. It's not God, exactly. So I call it love.

Love defined is not patient, it is urgent. It is not merely kind; it is bold. It envies because it wants to know it belongs, it boasts because it wants to know that it is worthy, it is proud because it is there, it is rude because it will not be denied by convention, and it seeks the full definition of selfhood because it strives to keep its source thriving and alive and unapologetic.

I didn’t say that love was aesthetic. Sometimes it’s roughly urgent, moving swiftly like a high-class rapid, sweeping everything in its path into oblivion. Sometimes it’s slow or even stagnant, covered with algae, sluggishly calm and peaceful. Sometimes it contains life, and sometimes it is death incarnate. Not all would call it beautiful. But love is what’s there and what belongs, whether it is highly regarded or not.

I know that “love” is maybe/probably a nice word that we invented;
A construct used to gain power over and
Manipulate people;
People who don’t know they are being manipulated
By people who don’t know they are being manipulaters.

But is that so wrong, I wonder?

Is it so wrong to tell the child “I love you” and gain its trust by
Implanting a small bit of yourself into them so you can

Live forever?

Is that so wrong?

What is evil?

I could call the world evil, but evil is destruction, and nothing is ever destroyed; it only changes. Evil doesn’t belong, and everything belongs. Evil is a fence that isn't there. So I call it love – constantly adjusting, belonging, unlimited love.

And when I look up in the sky, or at a blade of grass, or out my window, or at a sunset, or down the long, sun-filled, silent, concrete trail beside the smoothly flowing Trinity River, that word reminds me that I belong, that I’m alive, that every step I take is beautiful in its way, and that the smile on my face means everything because I am a function of everything and it means everything to me even though I don’t understand it.

Or because I don't understand it?

I could live like this.


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    • Pandemommium profile image

      Hannah & the Runts 

      4 years ago from Wilmington, NC

      Of course, you wanted to invoke something specific in your readers, and you nailed it.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      This reminds me of some of the long, winding journeys my mind will take at certain moments, especially when all around is silent, but alive. When I'm alone....far from other humans..yet feel surrounded by all I truly need to feel joy.

      I'm lost for the words that might explain why I "love" seclusion and serenity.....for I'm not a confirmed loner.....or why I spend so much time being lost in deep thought, but merely brushing the surface.

      This hub is brilliant. Thank you...UP +


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