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How to Make a Poppet

Updated on June 18, 2017

Many know this as the "voo-doo" doll, but the dolls magickal uses have been around at least 4000 years. They can be make out of pretty much anything - herbs& cloth; roots; potatoes; bark; paper; etc. The poppet is a doll made to represent a person requiring magicakal aide. They are most often made to speed healing; but can also be fashioned to draw money, love, etc. Note: *Having a taglock (something belonging to the intended individual) is great for directing the magick - but if you have nothing of theirs you can use a photograph. This builds the connection betweent he poppet and the intended. *Choose herbs, oils, and incenses that match your intent (is love, money, harmony, etc) *I always work these magicks in a circle the clearer the area the purer the magick. *Once finished with the magick of the doll cut the connection to the intended, sprinkle with holy water then dismantle the poppet and burn or bury all ingredients.

Making A Poppet:


2 white illuminator candles;

the cloth or a pre- made doll withthe seams carefully cut;

2 pieces of paper;

herbs & incense of your choice;

representation of the 4 elements;


needle & thread;


picture of intended;

a colored ribbon matching your intent


1) Place all materials on alter. Ground & Center. Sprinkle illuminator candles w/ perfume or oil; Light the illuminator candles saying: "Out of darkness came the birth of creation, just as I will create poppets this night."

2) Cast circle; call quarters; conscecrate the ingredients w/ the 4 elements.

3) Draw a rough outline of a human figure (about 8 inches long) on 1 piece of paper; and the intended's name on the other.

4) Transfer the drawing to 2 pieces of cloth (if not using a premade doll). Sew the pieces 3/4 of the way together.

5) Conjure any herbs/ingredients you intend to put in the poppet - (for instance for healing a cold I might use eucalyptus leaves).

6) Stuff all herbs into the doll along w/ the taglock and the paper with the intendeds' name. Visualize the doll filling up with the purpose you want (ie. healing, or money* - for money also include 3 pieces of paper money and a representation of all the coin money, etc)

7) Sew the doll closed. Repeat you intent out loud with each stitch (ie. Healing) visualizing the person for whom you are making the doll.

8) With the ribbon, lightly tie the photo to the poppet. Pass both through the 4 elements saying: "Earth links you to (the person's name); Air links you to (name); Fire links you to (name); Water links you to (name)."

9) Hold the doll in both hands ove the altar saying: "The bond is forged. The doll and (person's name) are one, the link cannot be broken until I so choose or, in Spirit's eyes, the work is complete."

10) Breathe slowly on the doll 3 times saying: "The breath of life around you. THe breathe of life within you. So mote it be."

11) Carry the doll to the center of the circle. Holding it high i both hands, as Spirit (or your patron Goddess) for blessings.

12) Take the doll to each of the quarters (begining at the north) asking for each elemental energy to bless this working.

13) Return to altar, ground and center. Thank Deity, Thank & Release Quarters. Close the circle - releaseing the energy into the doll if you want to.

14) Keep the poppet in a safe place until working is finished. You should re-charge is monthly if you need the magik to keep going. I love making poppets.

Enjoy and have fun with it!


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  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Kitty Fields 

    7 years ago from Summerland

    i have a poppet that my best friend made me about four years ago that i still have! yes, many people do believe that they are voodoo dolls, which is far from the actual meaning of poppet dolls. mine is filled with chamomile and is made of spider fabric, as i used to be gothic and loved spiders. it was a poppet specific for sleeping well. thanks for sharing and voted up again!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Thank you sooo much.

    I have always felt the need to study voo-doo and like the magic has always been in me.

    Um like i always felt like i needed to do it.

    like idk a calling in my soul?

    well yeah i just wanted to let you know i loved what you posted and if you wanted to chat about voodoo magic then E-mail me at

    thx tons.... :oD


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