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How To Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels

Updated on March 31, 2012

Have you ever wanted to meet your spirit guides? gain a strong loving relationship with them? learn to communicate with them?

What is A Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is a loving spirit being that has been assigned to support you and take care of you on your life path, they are beautiful loving beings that have taken the service of being messengers between us and to our higher power, and everything in between.

Our spirit guides are all unconditionally loving beings.

They have all the patience and unconditional love in the universe

There is nothing we can do to hurt their feelings

They are heavenly beings of loving high frequencies and they have those characteristics

Which means they do not view our mistakes as mistakes

A spirit guide is positive and loving

A spirit guide is never negative, and will never make you feel negative

If you have a negative experience, it is NOT your spirit guide, it is your own ego mind getting in the way of the experience, and you have personal work to do

They are like amazing loving friends. If you decide not to listen to their advice - that is fine with them!

Spirit guides can also have great sense of humors, as it is said, "laughter is the best medicine!" You may find your spirit guide lightens up situations with humor or positive and upbeat things.

They can provide us with love and support along our life paths, they can help us, heal us, and are always there for us. Your own spirit guides, will be able to offer you their own unique and amazing teachings and gifts. Your spirit guides are very excited you are taking the steps to meeting them!


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So what would your Spirit Guide be or look like?

There are unlimited numbers of different high frequency loving beings out there

Your own spirit guide could be anything, they can come in all shapes and forms, they can be angelic beings, ascended masters, deities, human, magical creatures, loving extraterrestrial beings, animal spirits, to everything in between, all of them are wonderful and offer amazing guidance special to our life paths and journeys. Your own spirit guide will be unique, loving and amazing, and will communicate with you in the best way to suit your natural needs. It is also good to realize, that a high frequency being can take on any form or appearance it wishes to, and we may often find, that our spirit guides may take on certain forms to communicate to us what we need at that time.

Many of us have personal guides, who have taken the service of guiding just ourselves. We can use our guides to assist in healing other people, or ask them to heal a place on earth, and they will still be around us at the same time they are somewhere else. Time and travel is unordinary and unlimited in those realms.

We can also call upon any guide we wish, either ascended masters, animal guides, or famous ascended people, any loving spirit we would like to learn from, these ascended beings help many people all over the globe. Upon calling you can be direct upon who you would like to visit with, or you can simply ask for a guide who is knowledgeable in a certain area you need assistance with. There are countless beings that have taken the service to be of assistance to all people.

Personal spirit guides, such as passed on loved ones and relatives, or ancestors may be looking after us too!

Our spirit guides can get around to explore the unlimited universe - they can be in multiple places at one time, and it is often amusing asking them how they spend their time in all these places.

You may experience that you have a spirit guide that someone else does.

There are also spirit guides that may come and go, whom just drop in to help with a certain area or period of your life. You can also call to these guides whenever you want, they will never abandon you.

Can You have More Than One Spirit Guide?

We all have at least one spirit guide with us.

Some people have a few spirit guides with them, while some people have several - up to hundreds of spirit guides, the numbers are different for everyone!

Even those who only establish connection with one spirit guide probably do have many others looking after them.

People who gain strong connections with their guides, may find out that they have one main spirit guide, who tends to speak for the rest of his/her spirit guides! You may experience your main guide refers to themselves as "we", and tends to speak for all of your guides.

If you are just beginning to meet your spirit guides, it is best to focus on just meeting one (right now). Your other spirit guides will not be offended. It will be easier for you, because if you do have several guides, it will be quite confusing if they are all trying to speak and get in at once. When you become more adept and can handle the beautiful chaos and confusion of being in a group visitation of all of your spirit guides dancing around, then you can go exploring the more the merrier!

You will have at least one main guide for the rest of your life.

People tend to have more guides depending on how old their soul is. In past lives, we tend to pick up more and more guides from different experiences; we also may find we tend to work with some of the same guides in past lives.

Also, our soul mates from present or past lives may often take on the roles of being spirit guides for us, helpers, they sit out lives, and at times when they live, we become a guide for them, sometimes we switch roles.

People also have more guides depending on their ancestry and racial background, especially if they are mixed race. Even if the person has no connection, or no idea what their cultural roots are, these guides and spiritual deities from different cultures tend to come in to the picture. This also is true if the person has an unexplained connection to other cultures, or if they simply connect to the beliefs of another culture, they will attract knowledgeable spirit guides that can connect them to that way of life. This also tends to be true for people who have lived as different races in their past life history.

Adopted people have more spirit guides than people who are not adopted, adoption is a special thing in spirit, they have a whole group of spirit guides assigned to them to help them through the tough journey of being adopted, as well as spirit guides from all sides of ancestry and all sides of family. Adoption in the spirit world is considered very sacred and special. An adopted person in the normal world may feel like they do not belong on one side, but in the spirit world, it is looked at as, when a person enters another family, they have more gifts, they have the spirit of that family, as well as the spirit of their bloodline family.

Daily Guidance From Your Angels

Inspiring book that can also be used as a divination tool between you and your spirit guides or angels, like oracle cards, by opening it up to the page that speaks to you, and receiving helpful and motivational advice from your angels!

Spirit Guides 101 Introductory Lesson

How does all of this work?

Let us firstly discuss an introduction to what you can expect from perceiving your spirit guides.

Your spirit guide will pick the absolute most perfect way to show to you personally, even if you have no idea what that is. We will cover many common ways, so that you will know what to observe for.

Firstly, we will cover the senses. Spiritual communication happens mainly through our senses, hearing, feeling, smelling, seeing.

1. Hearing - "Clairaudience". So you may right away have this grand expectation to hear your spirit guide out loud or for your first communication to be obvious. I can tell you right away, this probably will not happen unless your natural psychic sensory is loud clairaudience and you have a natural talent the rest of the human population would be jealous of. This is not to say that you cannot learn to hear them out loud and clear as a bell. The most common way we hear our spirit guides, is through silent clairaudience, through our mind and our own thoughts. Our spirit guides can easily push their communications into our thoughts. You may have even heard them before; you just didn't know how to tell the difference between your own thoughts, and theirs. You may be thinking right now - "well hold on, how do you know it's not just our thoughts creating the experience!" and getting pretty panicky about now, and rather skeptical about using this technique. I will get into how to's of how to tell the difference later, the thing is, this technique is the most common way, and by far, the most easiest way to master. Don't give up on your spirit guides yet!

2. Feeling - "Clairsentience". You may be pretty excited about this one, the ability to feel your spirit guides, and how amazing it is, to be able to embrace them and feel how it is to have a huge spirit guide hug. The same as the last, do not expect to feel anything physical right away. These feelings may come in the form of soft tingles on your skin, a feeling of sudden warmth spread over you, or a really intense physical feeling coming from inside of you, a sudden feeling of being relaxed, the feeling that a presence is right next to you. You may feel them brush a part of your body, you may feel a poke somewhere on you. As your ability progresses you will be able to feel "energies" as well. You may also feel changes in temperature, like cold shivers, or prickly feelings. This one also covers the ability to feel how they feel. Clairsentience makes an individual sensitive to what other people feel emotionally, therefore the ability to understand communication can be built through this.

3. Smelling - "usually grouped under Clairsentience" as well. If you have a natural knack for smells, and aromas, you may notice your spirit guide may carry a signature scent, so you can tell when they are around. For a quick list of what others notice commonly, is smells of roses, or smells that indicate something special to them, and other pleasant smells. Sometimes these smells may seem misplaced and have no meaning to you whatsoever. Many people with this ability can tell when their passed loved ones are around, because they can smell cooking going on in the kitchen, the same meal their lost loved one would always cook, but nothing would be there, or his/hers grandmas favorite perfume when their grandmas spirit was near.

4. Seeing - "Clairvoyance". Be on the lookout for images that come to your mind, flashes of pictures, symbols, or words. You may even be able to see your spirit guide in full detail. This may, or may not be a physical manifestation standing in front of you. Many people who can see their spirit guides in full detail, see this as like a screen over their eyes, like a very vivid picture over what they are really looking at. Many people find it easier to close their eyes and allow the image of their spirit guide to come to their minds. This is a very good sensory to strengthen, as it makes communication a lot easier if you can look in their eyes, see their facial expressions, and have them be able to send you vivid images of what they are talking about so you can see.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere!

Be on the lookout for your spirit guides everywhere around you.

So after having asked your spirit guides a question, or asked to meet them, pay attention to life around you, and everything. Look for your signs in everything, be open minded. When you really get deep into looking at everything this way, it will truly astound you, the synchronicities in life, and just how things are not coincidental.

You may receive your answer right away - or it may take a few days to come to you.

For example, you may hear your answer, overheard from two strangers talking near you. You will just know.

You may be miraculously guided to your answer on the internet, like whoala! You can after all, use the internet just like oracle cards.

After asking them a question, you may hear things in your house, or wherever you are at. Pay attention, and listen. The random creaks, and cracks in the house, or other sounds that signify a presence. Observe and pay attention to all of your surroundings and you will find something amazing. Learn to view life like this. Your spirit guides can intervene and send you amazing little miracles, like sending a message to you on a commercial on television, or anything you can witness.

Perhaps, a type of animal, or bird, or insect, is always around you, or perhaps one of those critters passes you by to give you a sign.

Your spirit guides can communicate to you in countless ways! All YOU have to do, is listen.

Communication through music:

A fun way of hearing from your spirit guides

Upon having asking your spirit guide something, you open your mind to pay attention to all of your surroundings, looking for signs of all kinds.

One of these things, and one of the most fun ways to receive answers, is when you turn on the radio, and the song speaks to you.

Upon hearing this song, you will know, just have this heart knowing that it was meant for you to hear, and what's more, pay attention to the lyrics of the song. They will hold some important answers or news. This is one of the coolest ways to invite your spirit guides into your life. They can easily bend reality to have the next song be a song for you and your ears only, and you better believe it ;)

You may want to even practice with this, experiment. The next time you are driving in a car and the radio is on, really truly, deeply, ask your spirit guides, out loud, or in your mind, to devote the next song that comes on, to you. Ask them a question you want answered perhaps, and it will happen. You may even want to keep an I Tunes playlist of all your "spirit guide songs" and really spend some time on google looking up and reading the lyrics.

How To Hear Your Angels - one of my favorite books by Doreen Virtue

This book describes Who The Angels Are, and goes into an amazing chapter explaining what happens to our deceased loved ones, and goes into great detail of children who are in heaven and how they feel.

Doreen Virtue then explains How To Feel Your Angels, How To See Your Angels, and How to Hear your angels, with amazing tips!

So, how to meet your Spirit Guide?

It's not as hard as it sounds, really. So this is a very simple lesson, very easy.

1. Spare at most ten minutes for this exercise.

First set aside some time to search for a peaceful place, which has no interruptions.

If this is impossible, simply do the best as you can to find a relaxing environment. When I say relaxing, I do not mean "zen" or "strict meditation relaxing" it simply means, something that is truly and personally relaxing to you, and personally makes you feel positive and safe.

If you despise sitting, feel free to lay down, or stretch out. If you love your awesome pimped out car, then go sit in your car (no driving during this though, just in case you get too relaxed). And if you relax better soaking in a hot tub or a bath full of bubbles, do so. If you do not relax, never relax, are not the relaxing type of person, simply do something that makes you feel great, like walking outside even. Just try to feel at ease with whatever you are doing.

2. Breathe. Breathe in, breathe out, for ten breaths, focusing on your breathing.

3. Start a conversation with your spirit guide, either out loud, or in your mind.

A great way to start out, is to simply say, "I really want to meet you, what is your name, who are you?"

Ask, your spirit guide to come to you. You can say anything else you wish, personalize it.

4. Now clear your mind, and just Observe. Pay attention to your senses, and observe your surroundings.

What do you hear? Has any image come to mind? Do you see anything when your eyes are closed? Do you feel anything? Do not think too much about it all, don't try and force anything, just allow your thoughts to come to you. Go with the flow. If distractions pop up, go with them too. What was the first thought that came to your mind? Do not deny anything that comes to you. Be thankful to whatever comes.

Simple Meditation to Contact Your Spirit Guides

1. Take time to make yourself comfortable and removed from distractions.

2. Take some slow, calm breaths in through your nose and concentrating on the out breath through parted lips

3. Feel the air going deep and low into your body; feel your tummy rise and fall, on every exhale imagine negative air and feelings releasing

4. Breathe in, breathe out, Breathe in, breathe out...

5. Focus your attention only on your breathing... Feel your body begin to relax. With each breath you take in, feel all the tension release from your body, leaving you calm and relaxed and centred. When your thoughts come, let them flow peacefully and allow them to go where they wish, observe them floating on by like a cloud in the sky, as your mind becomes quieter.

6. imagine a silver, gold or translucent beautiful white shimmering light all around you, letting it expand and grow each time you exhale. Know that this light will keep you safe from any negative thoughts and energies.

7. Now begin to think about your intention to meet your spirit guide.

8. Imagine you are sitting in a beautiful cocoon of that beautiful light, and that you are peaceful, safe... and waiting for your spirit guides to come to you, or give you a gift of some sort of sign.

9. Think about how your spirit guide must look. Think to yourself what the perfect form would be for you that your spirit guide would take. In time they will take on whatever form they wish to appear to you, or no visual form at all.

10. Ask your spirit guides some questions, they can be anything, just like an interview.

And of course, remember to thank them. They do not always need our gratitude, but we certainly do, it helps us grow.

Visiting Them In Dreams

1. Keep A Dream Journal If you do not already. First step is strengthening your Dream Recall, as there would be nothing more annoying than hitting the sack expecting to have a dream meeting with your spirit guide and not having dream recall that night. This technique never fails, our spirit guides will always visit us in dreams if we ask, unless they have good reason not to, but our memory of it may be gone.

2. Intention is key. Before you fall asleep at night... hold the intention of meeting your guides in your mind. Ask them out loud or in your mind to come and visit you in your dreams. Thank them, and know that they will certainly come... fall asleep knowing you will meet your spirit guides in your dreams.

3. State your intention out loud to ingrain it in your mind 3 times, and fall asleep peaceful, and relaxed...

Hopefully you remember it in the morning! :)

Animal Guides, Animal Totems, Spirit Animals

How To Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide

The term "Animal Totem", actually refers to a Native American or First Nations family crest, many people misunderstand that to mean the same thing as Animal Spirit Guide.

So how does one know what their animal spirit is? And what exactly do the animal spirits do?

In native culture spirituality, animal spirits are very respected and revered. You hear many people wondering if their pets have souls, and there are so many cultures, and beliefs that know animals have souls.

The rocks, the grains of sand, the mountains, the blades of grass, the sky, the forests and lakes, everything is said to have a spirit. In spirituality and enlightenment, we all try and grasp the concept of oneness, intertwinement, how when we look at a sunset and realize there are greater powers out there, the feeling of being small, pitiful, weak, making us humble and live in humility, and when we look at our enemies, we see them as simply sick men. When we look at our brothers and relatives the animals, we see the winged ones, the four leggeds, the water people and creatures, and many more it would take forever to mention, the insect kingdom, the reptile kingdom, the magic animal kingdom - those animals of legend. When we look at animals in their natural environments, we believe we can learn much from them, about their ways, and they can teach us many things... and how to live in a balance. We also believe that animals and humans walked and lived together in the olden days.

Each Animal Spirit has amazing gifts, powers, medicine... magic and meaning. Often times our main animal spirit will closely represent who we are, and our life journeys.

It is usually easy to tell which animal is yours. It is not something you can just choose, but you are chosen. Thankfully, we often have such a deep admiration or unexplained connection to whichever animal is our main power animal guide. Likewise, the animal you are most repulsed by, and afraid of, is the shadow animal which will stand to teach you many things in your life.

You can always ask any animal spirit to help you out at any given time, with any thing. For example if you seek heightened spirituality, heightened intuitive and psychic guidance or wish to talk to the other side, call on owl's medicine. If you seek a lesson in humility, call on wolf. Animal spirits can offer many things.

You can get down to the art of shapeshifting, the true form takes years upon years to master, but simple emotional shapeshifting, tuning into the animal you seek guidance from, and taking on it's personality and wisdoms. The same as a child would do, pretending to be a cat, really try to feel and step into your animal spirits shoes, and learn what they have to teach you.

If you have a gravitation towards a certain animal, there is a very high percentage that animal is in your life in spirit.

Another very important thing to look out for - is what types of animals surround you in real life?

For example with me, my main animals are crows and ravens, thus, crows and ravens follow me everywhere, flock around me in town, caw and try and stand between me and public, and they wake me up in the mornings, tapping on my window. It will be highly noticeable. Your main animals will act very odd around you in real life, and will do things that they do not normally do for most people. For example perhaps you resonate well with dogs and you find dogs that are said to be violent, will act very friendly around you.

Pay attention to everything. You may find a certain type of insect is always around you, yet you never wanted to think of those critters as helpful friends before!

Next, pay attention to when it is they seem to come around and show themselves to you. Is there a pattern?

In all, whenever an animal crosses your way, be thankful for the really amazing sign, and try to figure out what it could be telling you.

1. Ask yourself, or your animal guide, what animal it is.

2. Clear your mind...

3. The first thing that comes to you, will be your answer. The ones after that, it is safe to say, will be your logic mind trying to do the work.

Each animal has different meanings. I would be glad to go into further detail if you have any questions on what the meaning is to the animal you have.

My Favourite Animal Spirit Oracle Cards - a must have for your collection

Shamanic Journeying Exercise

It can be used as another method to meet your spirit guides.

This is a form of visualization, like a vision quest - using visualization techniques to meet spirit guides. It is harnessing the sacred powers of our imaginations and minds.

Journeying into the lower and upper realms.

Journeying into the lower realms during vision quest, often by finding a portal through the earth, is where you will descend into beautiful earthly realms, and even magical earthly scenery, where you would meet your animal totem spirit guides, or human like spirit guides, earth spirits, or other high frequency being spirit guides.

There may be controversy on the term upper and lower - it does not mean the lower realms are any less than the upper realms, as all spirit guides are loving high frequency beings. Of course you may find a resonation towards one of the two, or even both. This method is used to find gateway portals into different realms to aid in vision quests/journeys.

Journeying into the upper realms, often by finding a portal through the sky to ascend you through the universe, and beyond into the upper realms, is where you may see heavenly and angelic locations, or often magical places to be stumbled upon, and such are where angels may be, or ascended masters, and other high frequency beings said to be from the upper realms.

1. Relax and be very comfortable. Lay down, or soak in a bath if you wish!

2. Close your eyes, and breathe deeply for a few moments, or until you feel relaxed.

3. Choose if want to journey to the lower realms or the upper realms. Set your intention for what you would like to get from the experience, your intention could be as open as a visit with your spirit guide. Or your intention could be to ask them for a healing from a physical ailment, or healing or balancing for your chakras, or to ask them a specific question you would like answered, or anything else you wish.

4. Now allow your imagination to take you on your journey! Imagine in your mind a soothing, and peaceful, beautiful place out in nature. It can be a forest, a park, a field, a mountain top, an ocean, a river, anything in nature you love. You can also begin to imagine a place in nature that exists already.

5. Absorb in the scenery with all of your senses. Do you hear any sounds? Are there birds chirping? Can you hear and feel the wind gently caressing you, or is it stormy? Is it raining gently, or is the rain washing over you? Or perhaps you can feel the warmth or heat of the sun. If you are by an ocean, can you hear the waves? What does it smell like where you are, can you smell the aromas of the forest? How does the earth feel under your feet? Are there rocks? What do they feel like when picked up? What colour is the sky? Try to really connect with your imagination here, use all of your senses, and truly feel like you are in that beautiful spot. This in itself should be a relaxing and cleansing exercise.

6. Now begin to explore and look for possible portals to the lower or upper realms, whichever you have decided on travelling to. Observe your space in nature for entrances into the realms, and if you cannot find anything, look further.

For the lower realms, these can be anything that allows you to go through the surface of the earth. You may find a cave, or bodies of water like rivers, lakes, oceans, swamps, a hole in a tree, or a hole in the ground, possibilities are endless. Spend as much time as you need looking for a way through the earth.

For the upper realms, this can be a really tall tree that you can climb into the sky, or perhaps a large bird or winged creature to give you a ride, a ladder, a rope, a rainbow, or perhaps you just float up yourself, again the possibilities are endless. If you go to the lower realms first, even your spirit guide you met there, can help transport you to the upper realms.

7. Remember your intention if you have already forgotten it by now. Upon finding your entrance, begin to go through it.

Try to explore every inch of it, and really take it in. I will use water as an example for a journey into the lower realms, walk into the body of water, or dive in, and enjoy the water, swim down, further and further, and explore it until it opens up a portal. These portals may come differently to everyone. You may find at this point the visualization is already taking a mind of it's own, if not, keep visualizing a portal, and what a portal taking you into a new realm would be like. For me, the water began spiralling me downwards through this amazing tunnel, and i ended up resurfacing in another realm that was not my imagination. This is where it gets interesting, and the power of the imagination brings on the power of "shamanism". It is important therefore to go along with whatever you see, go with the flow, and not doubt things in order for it to become real. Take as long or as short as you wish with this step.

And I will use a tree as an example to the upper realms. I began climbing a tree, and it kept growing to keep up with how high i was climbing, it felt effortless. By the time i got into the sky, i reached a portal, and i quickly ascended into a new realm, whereas it was not my imagination. If you wish you can even travel to the solar system and find extraterrestrial high frequency beings there. My first try, I came to a very bright place, infused with white light, realized i was standing on a hard rock solid white surface, looked ahead and there was a beautiful white temple of sorts. My guide was waiting for me in the temple. These things quickly take a mind of there own, but if not, read on.

8. The portal will have transported you somewhere. Where are you now? What do your new surroundings look like? If your surroundings are hazy, spend some time becoming in tune with all of your senses before you move on, and do Step 5 again in this new place, really get a feel for where you are.

9. Since you set your intention to meet your spirit guide, or spirit guides, or angels, they are probably waiting around you somewhere, or perhaps you have to go exploring to find them, yet most times they should be close by. Do you feel a presence nearby? Do you see a figure in the distance? Do you see anyone nearby? Do you feel anyone touching you? As soon as you see someone, or something, go closer and ask them if they are your spirit guide and observe their answer. About this time things may be unfolding by themselves, and you may be having a grand time with your spirit guide already. If you are very talented at vision quests, they probably came to you way past this step and interrupted your adventure! If not, now is the time to remember your intention, and ask them of whatever you wished for. If you ask for a healing, pay attention to what they do, and all the feelings you feel during it.

10. One amazing opportunity, is to embrace your spirit guide, if they are human form, or angelic form, hold both of their hands, if they are animal, or any other form, find a way to have both of your hands connected to them, and really feel their loving energies flowing through you, and gaze into their eyes.

The second amazing opportunity, is to ask them what special thing they have to teach you. Listen to what they have to say. Perhaps they may send you images, or feelings for your answer, but really take everything you receive into yourself.

The third amazing opportunity, is while you are holding their hands or embracing them, ask them to give you a gift of that learning, give you a gift of the strengths they hold, or any gift they can give you. Feel that gift coming into you through your hands, and feel the amazing powers of that gift enveloping you, and becoming you.

11. By this time, you should have had some type of experience. And i don't feel right narrating the experience of what you and your spirit guides should do, by the time you meet them, the visitation should flow by itself. Don't feel bad if nothing happens, it takes practice building up the powers of visualization and imagination, and learning to use them, but these steps could certainly lead to that.

You can stay for as long as you wish, and do anything you wish.

Upon leaving the realm you have chosen, really affirm and know that the gifts, or healing, or wisdoms you have received are manifesting inside of you. The last thing you want to do is reject the gifts you have received, carry them in your heart, and your faith and know they will be with you. Thank your spirit guide, or spirit guides, give them a big hug if you may, and go back to find the same entrance, or a different one, and use it to exit the realm! Then slowly come back to where you are, breathe deeply, and become aware of your body, open your eyes and... go on with your day! (or write down your experiences so you can remember them later on)

Distractions In The Spirit Realms Or Visual Realms During "Vision Quests"

When you are presented with a distraction or a feeling of inadequacy, or your visual body seems to do something impulsive and you think it is about to ruin the experience:

Go along with your distraction or inadequacy or random impulse, and allow it to play out in your experience, therefore moving into a flow of natural visual environments in a flowing pattern.

Do not try and "push" your mind, or take control of the situation and bring it back to where it was. Instead, just go along with the distraction.

For example, if you are standing in front of your spirit guide trying desperately to listen to them, but you are distracted by something and you feel yourself trying to push yourself back, just go along with the distraction, move on, go to wherever else your mind wants you to go, and the journey will be picked up from there. This is exactly what I meant by going with the flow - it is important. You do not want to stay in one spot, struggling to gain control of the experience again. Instead, just move on. As time goes by, this will become easier, and as soon as you feel yourself struggling, it will be as simply as refocusing, and as more time goes by, you will be pro at this.

In tough times of distractions it is very good to simply refocus on your surrounding areas, and get back in touch with the visual senses, for example, rub your hands in the dirt on the ground, pay attention to how that feels in the experience.

But in the beginning stages, you must go off on chaotic journeys throughout your mind, and if you end up failing at one thing, just move onto the next thing you see.

This may seem like it is defeating the purpose of paying attention to whatever is in front of you at the time, but no, it is actually helping you gravitate to knowing how to control your flexibility, and your spirit guides will follow you and even control your experience for you, wherever you distractions lead you to.

(When I was beginning I had a lot of fun with this, so did my spirit guides - so remember to not take it too seriously at first, and just have fun. For example, this one time my spirit guides took me to a fabulous and all important location in the spirit realms, I felt myself drifting out and becoming distracted, so I began playing around with the experience, and suddenly transported us all into a creation of my own which was a fast food restaurant. My main spirit guide was laughing so hard, when we ended up sitting around a table, and he began eating French fries. They were overly amused at my inabilities to concentrate. The others shook their heads sarcastically at me. We all began experimenting a lot with this, helping me to learn.

Another thing to remember, if you end up having to "ditch" them or an amazing experience due to distraction, do not feel bad or guilty about it, it will come back, or it may not, you may just be taken to somewhere even more important, but if it is a spirit guide, it will come back, and if it is a significant location it will come back.

For me, in the beginning stages, my human spirit guides would follow me everywhere, and eventually grab hold of my hand and drag me to places, the animals would show up and lead me to places.

Which brings me to thoughts interfering.....

Let's just use another scenario from my own embarrassing experience files, which you may possibly run into.

Let's say, you involuntarily think a thought, and you realize all the spirit guides around you can hear it, and it is a very embarrassing thought. Many times I failed my experiences that way, thinking "oh my, they just heard that, oh no, I must leave and never show my face again!" and I would force myself out of it. This can be the case for any thought you have which disrupts your experience, it's much like being gentle and self aware with yourself, just observe it, and watch it float on by like a fluffy cloud. Know that your spirit guides really don't care.

Also know that, your spirit guides may come to you while you are sitting on the toilet, with your pants down around your ankles. They really don't care. They don't seem to compute with what embarrasses us, which is actually, if you think about it, a really good thing, because they don't judge. They certainly do like to make light out of many things though :)

You may not have this experience, but once my spirit guides took me to a very important meeting, all of them sitting around a long table, wearing animal masks, discussing important matters. Well I was just a beginner; therefore my thoughts kept interrupting everything they were saying. It was very embarrassing though humbling for me to realize I felt so pitiful being around them. I did a lot of stupid embarrassing things at that meeting, for example, running up to the head guy I thought was a king, and bowing to him, and having them all laugh at me. He just grinned and gave me a huge hug. Believe me lots of mistakes made on my part, but I managed to just flow through them all, and bask in my humility.

This brings me to feelings of awkwardness.

You can encounter that a lot, being next to very powerful beings or animal spirits all the time, and not even knowing how to tell the difference between your feet and your hands.

Humour, humour helps a lot. And humility. The feeling of being humble. And knowing they expect it from you while learning. There is nothing you can do that will offend them. They have all the patience in the universe.

This brings me to random impulses caused by thoughts.

For example, you may accidentally think of slapping your spirit guide in the face


and it may happen, or you may fear it may happen (yes another thing taken from my embarrassing experience files). Again, realize there is nothing you can do to offend them, and just go with the flow, instead of jolting out and reacting to what you have done. Apologies. Apologies mean nothing to them, but they help you to feel better. If anything they will just smile at you, give you a hug, or get a good laugh at your awkwardness. Another thing that may happen if you are not fully adjusted to the higher or lower realms you can explore, is you may feel yourself walking in a jerky fashion, and moving in very ridiculous ways, just ease into it, and calm down, and you will regain your senses.

Now that i am on the subject of distractions - Lastly on my list is earthly distractions. Which just means, things that disturb you from your peaceful relaxing slumber, like annoying phone call rings or people coming in the room and interrupting you. I ended up training myself with my budgies in the room with me, chirping really loud, and i was still able to do it. Obviously, make sure you have some quiet time, in a quiet place. The only reason i mentioned this one, is things your body may do that interrupt your experience, like impulsive twitches, an itch on your nose, your stomach growling, or the need to cough, anything earthly that may bring you out of it, just learn to go back in. After awhile it becomes quite easy, to quickly enter that state and return back to where you were. Just takes practice!

So in summary, learn to become adventurous like a child, or like a crow after shiny objects, just floating from one scenery to the next upon distractions, and this will very much help you to build your skills in those environments. It will become easier and the flow, much more rapid until eventually, you won't have any distractions.

Ascended Masters - Oracle Cards

I love this oracle card deck, simply stunning, and it can help connect you to the ascended masters themselves.

The Magic and Power of Imagination

Learn to harness imagination, and get rid of doubts

Some people think that imagination has no part in the spiritual experience, and this is far from the truth.

For example those who are used to traditional meditations have grown accustom to the practice of thinking thoughts, and imagination being useless and only getting in the way and causing distractions.

Others, and perhaps yourself, starting out on your spiritual journey, may have the wrong idea, thinking you must erase all your thoughts, quiet your mind completely, and completely ditch your imagination.

Well, the next chapters instead focus on harnessing the full extent of your imagination and the power of your mind, delving back into the days of when you were an adventurous, open minded and wistful believing child, playing games of make believe and pretend. This is not naivety, this is indeed, the foundation of where all magic begins.

You may have been brainwashed over a modern upbringing to believe that imagination is false, and only delusional.

Imagination actually opens the doors to spiritual realms. With imagination you can succeed anything. Do you want to be able to travel back in time, meet up with people far across the world, travel to Egypt, create peaceful getaways, speed up your healing processes, learn to attract abundance into your life, or simply, become a proficient psychic channel with your spirit guides, and other high frequency beings?

Here is a secret that could change your life completely.

The elements of life, the sacred laws, and the law of attraction.

"The power of the mind is greatly disregarded."

All of us, hold dormant powers within us, the possibilities of what we can achieve are endless. You can heal yourself of all illnesses, diseases, you can gain riches, you can attract your soul mate - you may have heard this clichéd statement before "you can do whatever you put your mind to," for good reason.

As humans and creatures of earth, we are all connected to each and every thing, and for those of us who enjoy delving into oneness for our spiritual enlightenment, it is one of the most important things. This powerful secret lays in the fact that we are also all connected to higher frequencies, Source energy, God, whatever you wish to call it.

We have the power of creation within ourselves, waiting to be used. It is dormant because we do not harness it, we have been raised with doubts.

You do not need to be some special naturally gifted psychic in order to hear your spirit guides, or in order to achieve anything, because the fact is, we are all one, and we all have those abilities within ourselves.

Despite our different beliefs in all types of spiritualities there is always that similarity, this world is nothing but a paradox, where every side of the spectrum holds truth. We all have source energy within us, we are all part of the greater whole. We have the power of the universe at our fingertips, and inside of us, yet the question is, are we able to harness it? Yes, if we can retrain our minds into believing we can.

The law of attraction works like this: Like attracts like. When we send positive ideas out to the universe, it is a law of physics that it will come back to you, therefore if you send out a knowing belief that your soul mate will appear, it will come to you. Therefore if you send out a knowing belief that anything will happen, it will happen.

The universe has an abundant supply of never - ending amounts of things we could have to make our lives abundant, happy, and meaningful, ways to truly live out our higher paths, therefore the people who know how to use the law of attraction to benefit from it, are those who end up with these abundance. Those who live with a belief that they are unworthy and do not deserve these great things, or who have negative beliefs, are those who attract less abundance, or negative things.

Do not get this mistaken for karma, or fate. There are those who live highly positive, are perfectly good people, yet bad things still happen to them, this is usually to be because of karma from past lives, and/or learning lessons to help them grown and become even more successful in life in general.

We are connected to Source power (God) the divine, and we hold that same universal power within ourselves, the ability of creation! It's not that we are Gods, it's just that we are connected to this universal loving energy, and we have it in us.

Every single person can create anything in their lives, yet most people are stopped by their doubts, or their beliefs that they have to be suffering, or not have what they want.

Of course some people get so caught up in this, becoming egotistical thinking that they must be better than god. That's not true, because there still exists fate and destiny, and if we begin to attract unnecessary riches and become greedy, it is not very respectable - but it's still possible. I guess that's why I say, it's important to respect this power we have, and not use it for things that could potentially hurt anyone.

The Power Of The Mind

When you begin to put these things to practice, you will notice you can bend reality and you can change illusions, simple things such as controlling a flock of seagulls over head with a swish of your hand, because you believe you can, or mundane things like controlling bus systems to arrive for you within seconds.

You will have this sense, feeling almost as if life is but a dream, like an illusion easily altered, like you can create things and events in your life, and you can make things happen no problem.

This is how it works:

- Create your intention

- Concentrate and focus on the positive outcome you want created or blessed upon you

- Send this wish, desire, prayer, event, out to the universe, just like planting a seed, and waiting and knowing it will grow soon

- Watering this seed is Belief. Believe that what you created will happen.

- Gratitude. Be grateful, and say thank you for what you will receive, knowing you will have it with every part of you, before it is give


- It is only focusing on the positive outcome. Try your best to word your intention, and send out your intention with positive vibes.

- For example if you send out a negative prayer such as "God, the crops are dry, the sun is too hot, our food is ruined, we need rain!" it is only sending out negative ideas to the universe and your higher power, which are translated into "we want more hot sun, more drought and more ruined crops".

But if you pray in a positive manner like, "thank you so much," and you are filled with beauty, light and gratitude "for sending lots of rain, I can already feel the rain falling down on my face!" and you can really use your imagination to send out clear and positive intention of what you want to happen, in this case rain - and you can imagine in great detail feeling the rain, tasting the rain, hearing the rain, seeing the rain, sending that out in clear images and feelings and senses, it will be granted to you.

Be clear, direct, and positive in what you are asking for.

This can be hard when you are dealing with an illness or injury, whereas the pain and physical feelings can make it hard to focus on the positive outcome in such imaginative positive ways, yet it can be easily done. For example, let's say you have a broken foot. At first, it may be hard to imagine throughout the extreme pain, how to imagine positively an outcome. Perhaps from reading other healing techniques you think you should imagine your foot. IN this case the answer is no. Do not focus on your foot at all, it will only induce negativity especially if it is painful.

All you have to do is be creative. In this case, relax yourself and go into a positive mind set and escape from the negative and the pain, breathe in, breathe out, and imagine yourself in beautiful scenery, engulfed in white light, and in this powerful safe and beautiful place in your mind, you are dancing happily on completely agile, peaceful, quick strong feet. This will bring healing faster than any other way, if you can send out the positive idea and intention. You can heal a broken bone in a matter of days with this technique. But not if you are only focusing on the negative.

Learning to use our imaginations for healing or countless other things, takes a lot of self work and self awareness.

We can start with simple steps, such as observing our thoughts and mind sets as they currently are. Simply take note on how many negative thoughts you have during a day.

Do not get into a trap of self critic. This exercise only works, if you are absent, detached, and self aware. To become self aware, simply be aware of every thought you have, do not try and change it, force it, or add any other unnecessary feelings or thoughts onto it.

For example if you notice yourself having a negative thought, do not think "oh no, how horrible of me, I am such a bad person for thinking this, what do I do now?" This is not to make yourself feel overwhelmed. It is simply practicing self awareness. Instead you will observe the thought, and allow it to take its course. You do not need to journal down every bad thought you have. You simply need to open your eyes to the patterns.

For most people, thoughts are so chaotic, fast, rapid, and everywhere, that self awareness may be a huge step in itself. Your thoughts may even be so fast, you do not realize you are having any. This is why self awareness is so important.

After awhile of doing this, let's say a timeframe of a few days to a week, you can then begin to counteract your negative thoughts with positive ones. You can only begin to counteract them, once you are self aware of them - obviously because, you won't have anything to counteract if you don't know about it.

For example, perhaps you get up in the morning, look outside and it's rainy, or gloomy weather. You impulsively think to yourself, "it's gross out, today is going to suck." What a horrible start to your day that would be! But now since you are self aware of it, it is so easy to turn your day around now, and change it into a very amazing day! Simply tell yourself, "it is a beautiful day today, I am grateful for the clouds, and I am grateful for the rain for cleansing the earth, and I am going to have a wonderful day today!"

Every time you have a negative thought, tell yourself the positive opposite of it. At first, this may seem highly ridiculous to you, it may seem awkward, it may seem corny, and you may even be skeptical that it will do anything. But it works.

The secret is brainwashing yourself. The more you do it, you start to reprogram your brain to believing only positive things, and the more it becomes habit, the more you begin to erase all of your negative patterns.

Negative patterns can stem from upbringings, the media, the world around us, other peoples views, our own false beliefs about ourselves, events of the past, anything.

Imagination And Spirit Guides

Imagination is magical, and very powerful. When we begin creating things in our minds, we begin to enter the spiritual realms, and we eventually walk over the fine line between created reality and those we do not create. How is that possible? You may ask.

It's just the way the spirit world works, and you are just programmed to believe the opposite, suffering from something natural called the human condition.

This means, every part of your imagination is important. You may scoff at that. You may believe it's only fictional, and has no purpose. Part of the next learning steps you must do if you want to strengthen your connection to your spirit guides, is getting over that hurdle of self doubt, and human doubt in general.

Know that your imagination is unlimited and full of amazing possibilities. Look around you with open eyes. This is not being naïve, it is being open minded - there is a difference. When I advise you to believe in everything you see in your imagination, I am not telling you to also go out, join mysterious cults, and believe everything anyone tells you.

That being said, do not even believe anything I tell you. Only learn from your own personal experience. That is the most important thing you can ever do on your spiritual path, is look inside for your answers, because that is where the answers are.

It is very important you strengthen a relationship with yourself and your imagination so you can learn to look inside for your answers.

Release your doubts.

Even the places you create, are mystical and hold significant meanings from your subconscious and higher self - and even in those places, your spirit guides can meet you. Even daydreams will hold some deeper meaning that you can dissect yourself to figure out. Everything which happens is not coincidental.

In early stages, learning to tell the difference should not be a worry, and whatever you see should be taken with an open heart and open mind. They key, is to view everything as sacred and magical. To be like a child, open to adventures and magic.

It may take much practice to get there; you must build up your creative powers first.

How To Tell The Difference Between Your Mind And Your Spirit Guide

There are however some significant ways to tell when it is your ego mind talking, and not your higher self or your spirit guides. These are going to be outlined general rules for everything.

If your experience is ever threatening

or terrifying

or scary

or negative in any way

the advice you receive is not helpful - you can be 100% sure that is your ego mind creating unwanted things. It stems from you, and nothing else.

We will touch base on these things, because it is very common to run into when first beginning to communicate with spirit guides. You hear all the time, of folks who have some unsettling experiences, or misunderstand the information given to them, and immediately blame it on their spirit guides.

If your experience is

Discouraging, or abusive

Consists of frightening thoughts or depressing thoughts

Or has fear, negativity, anger, resentment, false pride.

This means your mind is getting in the way of open communication, and you are creating hostile events.

Your spirit guides are none of those things. That is your own mind.

Do NOT jump to conclusions that your spirit guide is "evil". They are not, it is only your own ego mind creating the situation to be threatening towards you. Your own mind can be a lot more scary than you think. Please note, that it is so easy to mistake situations.

If you want to make sure you are protected, and make sure they are loving high frequency beings, make sure to read the chapter called "Opening Up A Meeting Safely". If you have an assumption they are negative entities bothering you, that chapter will give you guided descriptions and explanations on how to tell the difference properly, and what to do.

Dear Beginners, your spirit guides love you...

Common experiences: My angels or guides hate me. My angels and guides are not supportive. I had a terrifying experience with my angels or guides. I think my spirit guides are actually demons.

Try to honestly catch yourself whenever you fall into these traps.....

please do not fret, you are only misinterpreting the essence of what they say to you, your angels and guides are never hostile - they love you dearly and will only say supportive and loving things, it is your own mind which misconstrues the situation, your ego and logic mind are creating the negativity, as well as blowing it out of proportion. It is not them; you still have a long way to go in your learning process of communicating and receiving their messages without letting your own mind interfere.

Please do not be so hard on yourself, this journey of learning to understand them properly takes patience and growth, and we all mistaken what our guides say at times, even those who have years of experience or natural gifts. When communicating with them, we must have our minds, souls, and hearts open, and have none of our own thoughts and shadows with us.

Your own subconscious views of yourself can come to the surface, it's a significant part of the journey, your angels have no share in those negative views, but they can support you through it.

When we begin to open up a spiritual relationship, often our shadows come to the surface so we can let go, move on and move on to higher stages of our spiritual growth. And this is a good thing, perhaps you can use this opportunity to work on what is bothering you, and release those shadows. At times our angels and guides, will test us for our spiritual growth, by supporting us, and having us presented with some of our fears so we can get through them. Many people often do not like these processes.

You were not in an open enough space to truly comprehend what they were telling you. When an angel or guide says it is your fault you are suffering (they would never word it like that only your mind would), it means a lot more than that, it means they have faith that we can let go, it means we do have control over our situation, that we have the support to change.

They urge us on to work on our "stuff", they do not view obstacles as negative, they view them as amazing tools to bring us higher on our spiritual path. We have to change our perspectives and be in a positive head space, or we will always misconstrue situations. Our angels never talk down to us. When they give us advice on what to do, it is always for our own good, and they are supportive about it. If it sounds negative, you are misreading it. It sounds to me like you also got yourself into a negative space by asking yourself awful questions, expecting awful answers.

We all make mistakes, and that is life. Our angels and spirit guides do not judge our mistakes, they know how it is humans act, they are supportive, and in fact they usually just have a good laugh when we make mistakes, they are very loving and sometimes humorous, and they much appreciate it when we are able to see from that view and are able to laugh at ourselves once in a while. I assure you, even if you accidentally punch one of them in the face trying to astral travel, it may embarrass you, you may feel so bad, but later on when you can really hear them, you will sit down with them, and just laugh with them about all the mistakes you ever made. They are patient, they have unconditional love, they have witnessed more horrible mistakes than you could ever make yourself, and they don't mind, it's not the way they are, they are there to guide. There are times they may try to urge you to see how "small" your "problems" are, but they know you still have free will, they will never force us into anything, they will only suggest, and there may be frustrating times they take you into your shadows to support you through them, they are guides, loving guides, they can help us on our processes.

Been there done that, been where you are, and I've also had worse misconceptions, (one time i even falsely accused my angel of being a demon) I've shouted profanities at them, I've gotten into huge battles, complaints, being a real jerk, not understanding why they do the things they do, thinking at times they were acting with no sympathy, I was horribly stubborn and not reading them right, they had to become very upfront and lay it down to me, there were times they made me cry, there were times they made me laugh, there were times they pulled out my shadows from me and held a mirror to my face and showed me abruptly what I was doing wrong because I was so stubborn and not wanting to see it, but it was all part of MY spiritual growth and it was necessary for me to get through, it was not their fault. I got through it and realized how much of a jerk I was being, was able to let go, laugh at it, apologized to them numerous times, and comprehended everything they do is out of love, and for my highest good. Times when i am cleared, it is all love, and it is all real.

I messed up frequently, always misinterpreting what they did and blaming them for my own issues. It's not them - We should never blame our angels and guides for our own difficulties understanding them, or for our own shadows coming up - not that they are hurt or offended by it, but because we should take responsibility for our actions as it helps us grow.

Don't give up. I'm sure we've all been there, feeling betrayed by something we mistake for happening with our guides, and if someone says they haven't I wouldn't believe them ;) It's a beautiful thing, just know that your own mind and past hurts can interfere, and I would recommend sorting through the issues, which have come up for you, that process in itself can bring you far.

Trust your angels,

i wish you luck, send you lots of blessings and light, hope this is of help to you, the process gets better.

Opening A Meeting Safely

How to protect yourself, and be sure you are visiting with loving guides

1. Prepare by cleansing your area, as well as yourself of any negative or unwanted energies and/or thoughts. If you are accustomed to your own practices, do so. If you are not, after this we will get into ways to cleanse.

You want to be sure you are visiting with your high frequency loving divine companions. This is not to say lower frequency beings have nothing to offer, (as even passed on humans can be lower frequency and still teach us things) and they they are not necessarily evil, it is just to say, that high frequency beings have a lot more to offer your own spiritual growth, are completely safe, and are enlightened beings that are very knowledgeable, and your own loving spirit guides are yours, dearly, beloved, truly.

2. Imagine yourself in white light, breathe in white light, and breathe out white light. Feel safe in this white light, it is a loving high frequency vibrating colour of source energy, and you can be sure no bad spirits will ever come around this light.

3. Open your meeting with your guides by calling them in. Say "I only wish to speak to my loving spirits guides and angels." Or - your own name for them. You can exaggerate this or change it up as much as you wish. The importance is that you feel it. Feel that you only want your loving spirit guides and angels to come, along with voicing it.

4. Ask "I want all other beings and energies out, and i do not want them anywhere near me." State that intention powerfully. Feel that you will have nothing to do with anything else other than love. Do not be angry, do not be afraid. Know that you are very well protected and looked after by your spirit guides. This is simply an exercise for you to learn so strengthen your own spiritual protection.

5. Call upon arch angel michael if you may, or your angel, or loving guide to get into action of removing all stale and negative energies away, and ask them to keep you safe.

6. Tell your spirit guides what you plan. If you are planning to come visit them in meditation, or visualization - say "Hello guys, I am coming to visit you, can you please Guide me Safely to see you." If you are simply wanting them to come to you, proceed with asking them to keep you safe during the experience. Again, feel free to change up the phrases, make them personal between you and your guides, those are only quick examples and guidelines of what you could say.

Remember, if any time an event occurs that you feel you are being threatened with a negative presence - negativity and darkness cannot exist in the presence of love.

It is highly doubtful you ever will face a bad spirit, but in case you do, be prepared for it knowing that they cannot harm you unless you allow them to. These negative beings, cannot touch you, cannot hurt you, if you do not give them anything to latch onto. Knowledge is the key in those situations. The spiritual realm is full of loving beings, and the most probable thing you experience are fear manifestations.

Spirit guides may even tell you personally "demons" do not exist, but unless you find that out yourself, there is no point in me debating about that because a lot of people truly believe it. I don't. I agree there are many experiences that are exactly like "demons", but they are not their own beings, they are manifestations of our own fears. I will say this shortly - the only thing that people have to fear, is their own fears. The only real sin, is fear, it is the exact opposite of love, and can be completely removed with love. Fear or anything negative cannot exist in the presence of love.

Even if this is not true, the same tactic works for both things, fear manifestations and demons. Using love to get rid of it.

Let's say, you have some ugly demon bothering you, or perhaps just an annoying ghost in your house. The last thing you want to do is get mad and yell at it. They kind of thrive off of that attention. Instead, you want to send love to it. Sound ironic? It is. The only thing that defeats anything negative is love.

Let's say you are faced with a terrifying looking monster. Instead of running away, hold your ground, and tell yourself it is not real. It is either your own fears and you need to face it, and it will simply vanish. The other thing you can tell yourself, is it is just a negative being, and if you stand your ground, and face it, it will simply vanish.

You may find many resources telling you what to do in case you meet a bad spirit.

The best thing to do, is hold your ground firmly, and engulf it with love.

If you are ever suspicious of a being you meet, engulf it in white light, by imagining a force field of beautiful white light, either in the form of lightning, or a huge cocoon and see what happens. If it disappears it was a negative being, because white light will have a negative entity removed completely. If it still stays there, you have some personal work to do. This terrifying form must mean something to you subconsciously. It may be created out of your own mind.

Now, it could also be your spirit guide. So instead of panicking, remain calm. And ask it to show you its true form. Ask it why it has taken that form.

Ask them if there is a lesson for you to learn from it.

The best thing to do is remain calm, breathe slowly, gently, and deep. Try not to let fear surround you, instead do some relaxation exercises.

If something creepy happens to you, you can always abort the situation, and immediately cleanse yourself. Don't let a bad experience make you feel like you should give up completely.

Any type of bad experience can be resolved :) And very simply, and easily. It is certainly nothing to worry about at all. The best ways to remove toxic energies, or bad energies, or even your own negative energies and thoughts, is to do a cleanse. I will get into detail about different ways to cleanse next!

Other ways to protect yourself include Strengthening your Spirit Body:

1. This may sound very silly and absurd but it is true. Physical activity. Just like how self defence classes make you feel strong, or working out and lifting weights make you feel strong, it also benefits your spirt body and your spiritual strength!

On a physical and emotional level physical activity releases endorphins similar to heroin and makes us feel happy, can cure depression and other mental illnesses temporarily, and makes us feel good about ourselves. Physical activity also expands and strengthens our auras.

Strengthening the aura is important for spiritual protection, because the more expanded, large, vibrant and healthy, and strong it is, the less negative energies and things you will have to deal with.

2. Knowledge. The more you know, the more spiritual practices you do, the more your spirit body is strengthened. Take some time every day to do at least one spiritual activity.

3. Nature. Being connected to nature in the beautiful outdoors strengthens every part of your spirit body, it is also very grounding, which is important when you are beginning in spiritual work, to be grounded. Spend time in nature.

4. Crystals. There are many crystals you can carry on you, or work with, meditate with that can help strengthen your spirit body.

5. Establishing a regular connection to your spirituality.

6. Balance. Finding a balance, structure, routine, between all the things you need in your life.

And if you are reading this excerpt for the sole purpose because you have a fear and anxiety already, and you are afraid of a bad experience that may happen to you, and what's more, you don't care if this bad experience is due to your own mind and fears, you just don't want to have anything to do with it! At all! Be gentle on yourself, know that many, many others have this same fear, and this fear too, also stops them from having a strong relationship with their spirit guides. It's a basic human fear - which stems from a fear of the unknown, or even past hurts.

I will cover how to deal with fears as well, on the Chapter called "Overcoming Fears".

The Four Sacred Plants

For Cleansing, and Spiritual Practices, Sage, Cedar, Sweet Grass, Tobacco

The Four Sacred Plants

Sage is a very powerful, respected and sacred plant. It originates from the plains and was first cultivated and used for spiritual practices by the plains Buffalo Nation people, such as Cree, and Lakota nations and tribes.

You can find it in metaphysical stores, or native american or first nations gift shops, depending on where you live, you can even grow your own sage in your backyard. You can come across bundled Sage sticks, also known as Sage Wands, or Smudging Sticks, which is dried sage bound together with usually thread, or string, or you can also find them in loose range, or even grinded down to powder. You can come across different types of sage as well, my personal favorite is white sage, it has a very sweet smell compared to green sage, and is also known as white buffalo sage, or Mohawk sage, and goes by many other names.


Sage purifies and cleanses the spirit body/ethereal body/soul, chakras and aura, dispels negative energies, drives out bad spirits and feelings, and brings relaxation, as well is a sacred plant used for communicating with ones spirit guides and angels. Sage repels all negativity, and is a powerful protector when bathed in its smoke.


Cedar is a powerful protector and cleanser as well, it is a sacred plant most often used during prayers or communication with spirit guides and angels, our prayers rise up with its smoke to Source. It drives out negativity, but also brings in good influences.

can find cedar branches by just going through a walk in a forest.

Along with Cedar, Pine should also be mentioned for its cleansing and beautiful properties.

You can just burn a cedar tree branch, by lighting the tip of it on fire, and it may crackle, and will let out very little smoke, but a very beautiful aroma. If you tend to burn lots of cedar to clear your house, make sure to air out the house, as too much cedar smoke can make one sick. You can also make wreaths out of cedar branches and hang them around your house. If you are going through psychic attacks, or a terrible time dealing with a negative person or spirit, you can wear a cedar wreath around your neck, or have bits of cedar in a necklace pouch, or in your pockets. If you are camping in the wilderness, you can spread the floor of your shelter with cedar bark chunks, and this will keep you safe.


Sweet grass is a lovely and beautiful plant, and it’s scent when burned vibrates with loving high frequencies and attracts positive spirits, and positive energies. You can find braided sweet grass ropes in metaphysical stores, or native first nations shops. Since sweet grass is becoming extinct in the plains, it is best to support the native people by buying from a native shop, or a shop, which sends the proceeds to native harvesters so sweet grass can be saved. If you live in a climate, which allows it, you can also grow your own sweet grass.

Sweet grass brings in positive loving energies and frequencies, we are taught it is good to burn sweet grass after sage or cedar drives out bad influences, as sweet grass brings in the good spirits and good energies. It is also good for lifting our prayers up to the universe with its smoke.

We are also taught, that burning sweet grass on its own may not be a good thing. All spirits enjoy the scent and beauty of sweet grass, which means even bad spirits may be attracted to it, so it is best to make sure we have used Sage or Cedar before using Sweet Grass.


Tobacco originates from the plains as well, and was first used in sacred ceremonial rituals, as offerings to spirit. For The Cree Nation, along with other sacred herbs, tobacco was used in the peace pipe. The old traditional way, was that smoke was never inhaled during or after prayers of using the peace pipe, it was only taken into the mouth, and pushed out to be an offer to Spirit.

Because tobacco is such a powerful sacred plant, when it is abused it becomes highly addictive and causes many physical ailments. Many people with smoking addictions today who cannot seem to quit, may have had past life connections to being native in old days when tobacco was used spiritually. It is very disrespectful to abuse tobacco and use it for ones self, because it is actually an offering to spirit.

You can offer tobacco to spirit without smoking it too. It is best to have natural tobacco, but in modern days, many people bring chemical based pouches of tobacco as offerings to spirit to sweat lodges and ceremonies. If you do have a smoking addiction, it is good to remember to always carry an extra cigarette with you when you walk in nature and decide to take something, that you can unroll and offer the tobacco inside to the nature spirits you are taking from.

Offerings To Spirit And Nature Spirits

That being said about Tobacco, there are so many other ways you can offer your gratitude to Spirit.

Many people leave all sorts of offerings! I myself, even leave offerings of food. In some native american tribes, corn is a special offering. In many other ancient customs, rice is used. You can however, leave any food as offerings.

For native american ceremonies, it is said to be very good to fill up on a nice meal afterwords to replenish the spirit, in which, a plate of the meal is offered to the spirits. Especially for the ancestors, they very much enjoy that offering.

If your spirit guide is anything like mine :) he will much appreciate the food. If i have not mentioned this already, he is Raven after all, and just enjoys taking on the form of human. This one hilarious time he brightened my day, i had grown accustom to leaving food for them in their offering bowl on my altar. (We will of course get into how to make our very own altars too!) He told me one day he liked the granola bars I gave him. The next day, i was getting ready to be all serious, doing a ceremony and asked all my spirit guides to come to me. Well, i could hear him walking through my house, and I wondered what he was doing, and why he was not participating in my serious dilemma. He then sent me a vivid vision of him raiding my fridge. It was even funnier after i looked over and the offering bowl was full.

My own spirit guides told me it is a very good idea, to offer a strand of your hair if you decide to take something from nature. It’s easy, you may have lots of pieces of hair to spare, and it’s great if you don’t have anything else to give. For example, if you take a cedar branch from a tree, leave a strand of your hair on its branch. It is good to give something when you take.

Another thing, is leaving some of your saliva. I also know many women who, when they are on their moon times (menstrual cycles) also leave their menstrual blood as offerings, as it is very powerful and sacred, and healing. One woman often heals the oceans with hers. I apologize if that is too much information, but it is a very good thing for women to know.

When you are out in nature and decide to take something, or you are presented with a special gift, like a feather, or a rock that you know is for you, always give something back. And when you are on a quest for some healing medicines in nature, or anything to add to your spiritual collection, always check in with the spirit of the plant, rock, or whatever it is you decide to take. How do you do this? You may ask. The same way as you would communicate to a dear friend, or your spirit guide. If you want to take something from a tree, sit with the tree, and ask it gently and politely if you can have a branch, and tell it what you need it for. Then clear your mind, sit patiently, and wait for your response. You may just get a feeling. If the answer is yes, you may feel an overwhelming sense of love, or some nice physical sensations. You may hear the thought “yes!”, in your mind. If you are unsure it was you, ask again.

Many times I talk to trees, they sound gentle and often refer to me in polilte ways such as as “yes dear”. The odd time you may stumble across a grumpy tree, or one that has been taken too much from, and does not have anything to give you at the time. As time goes on, you will get the feel for the ones that will allow you to take, and the ones that do not want you near them at all.

You can also learn a lot from trees, they are wise, old, and know many things, and are very enlightened spirits, and can teach you some very important teachings, and give you great advice.

If you are really into learning to talk to trees, you may be into fabulous old growth forests, but make sure to also pay attention to the city trees, and park trees as well, they sometimes feel left out. They want to feel like real trees too, and they are real trees, even if they are planted by man.

Your Guardian Angel - Connect, Communicate, And Heal With Your Divine Companion

This is another favourite book of mine, a must have for your collection of spiritual guidances :)

How To Smudge With Sage:

If you have ever been to a native ceremony perhaps you have seen people, using their hands to bathe in the smoke, or even using a powerful medicine feather of an eagle, or raven, or owl, to waft the smoke, which makes it even more powerful. Some folks who can sense impurities in the spirit body, will use the sage smoke to cleanse them away, fill the smoke up in those holes, and use it to heal the body.

Everyone finds their own personal way to cleanse with sage. Some people keep their sage in shells, while others feel it is disrespectful to mix the fire element with the water element. Depending on the way you look at it.

A traditional way is to point the smoke in the four directions, and start from your head down to the bottoms of your feet. Some people even have someone else feather and smoke them.

The one thing that is similar, is that when cleansing yourself, you try to bathe in the smoke and have it touch all over your body. If you want to get real picky about it, when bathing every single part of you in the smoke, focus on your head and think of it as replenishing and purifying your mind, then your eyes, then your mouth. You can do this fast, or you can do it slow.

It really does not matter how you do it. Whatever works for you. Sage smoke itself is a powerful thing. It will remove negative things, even as soon as lit.

If you have a Smudging Stick, light the end of the stick of sage on fire. A sage wand can last a very long time, and as soon as the fire goes out by itself or is blown out, it creates a very lovely smelling smoke. Light it on fire for longer if you want the smoke to last for longer, as sage wands tend to go out fast.

Traditionally in my First Nations culture, we thank the spirit of the plant and ask it to help us with whatever we wish to use it for, in this case, for cleansing. You can do this if you wish.

For your own cleansing ceremony, it is good to have an intention. Intend the smoke to dispel all negative things, and make your area safe. Sage will remove all negative energies, negative entities and beings. It is good to burn some sage before you plan a visit with your spirit guides.

Other Ways To Cleanse Yourself Or Areas!

- Using Incenses

- Burning a candle

- Saying kind words in the area and believing them full heartedly

- sending positive energies and light, sending love

Cleansing Earth And Sky Beam Meditation:

Have your feet planted firmly on the floor, either sitting, standing or laying down. To do this meditation, first centre yourself, relax.

Even better if you are out in nature for this.

Imagine a beautiful golden beam extending from the sky and connection to the top of your head, fully take in this beautiful golden light into your heart. Breathe in this golden light. Then imagine this golden beam extending down from your root chakra (lower back, tailbone area) feel silver energies pulsate and vibrate down through your legs, and imagine this beautiful silver light moving down through your legs all the way to your feet. See this golden beam connect downwards into the centre of the earth. Feel how this balances you, and grounds you. Now, gift this golden light energy to the earth, give it as a gift from your being to the earth. Feel happy that you have given a very beautiful gift to the earth. Breathe calmly and wait for the earths response.

Then, see another silver beam coming up from the earth, connecting to you. Receive this energy into your heart as well. After you have been filled with silver light, release the energy in a beam back to the universe above. When you are done take time to feel your new connection and balance to earth and sky, and take time to feel how nice it is to be fully cleansed.

- Envision a beautiful, bright and translucent white light, imagining it enveloping every inch of space around you, and every part of your body.

Or you can envision any other colour of energy, like rose light, it's very loving as well as cleansing. imagine a beautiful translucent pink light when you want to add in more love.

- Call on Angels, or loving spirit guides to help you cleanse!

- Roses. You can also use rose water. Roses are beautiful cleansers, you can get rose water in a spray bottle, and spritz the room, or find natural rose aromatherapies. Roses are said to be the highest vibration of all plants!

- Sound. Sound is extremely cleansing. Music vibrates in very high frequencies, so even singing, or putting on some relaxing music, or some music you enjoy personally can cleanse you, and your environment.

Drumming. Drumming is cleansing as well as connects us to the higher frequencies, the heart beat of the earth, and brings down loving spirit guides to us, it is relaxing, and opens our third eye and crown chakra.

Clapping. If you are out of ideas and really need to cleanse an atmosphere, you can simply clap with your hands. When the clap sounds dense, clap more, until it sounds pure and loud. Imagine your clap cleansing as well.

Use your intution when walking around the room - if it feels odd, then clap until it feels nice. Claps omit a high sounding vibration frequency, and make energy waves that clear energy.

You can also use other sounds for energy clearing, chants, mantras, singing, tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, drums, rattles.

Running water, like a fountain is good for clearing stale negative energies in a house.

List of crystals that are good for cleansing houses and/or rooms:

You can place these crystals around your house, or office at work.

Clear Quartz

White Phantom Quartz

Halite (gray to black colours) are powerful for clearing the densest and most negative energy forms from areas and homes.

Sugilite - powerful protection and cleansing for environments

List of Crystals that Can Cleanse:





Clear Quartz


White phantom quartz

List of Crystals That Can Protect you:


Purple Sage Agate




apache tears


Black Andradite Garnet

Black Jade






Smoky Quartz

Spirit Quartz


Black Tourmaline

Clairvoyance Activity: Creating A Special Meeting Place

This visualizing technique can help with seeing them and developing all your senses

1. Close your eyes, relax, and breathe in... breathe out...

2. Begin to think of a beautiful scenery... somewhere that makes you feel safe... loved... relaxed... happy

You are about to create a beautiful location in your mind - this place will be your meeting spot, with your spirit guides. Visualize this place in silence for as long as you need... If it is near an ocean... hear the peaceful sound of the waves... feel the wind... is there sun? Or is the air cool, and moist?

3. Know in your heart this is a safe place, and only love can enter. You can even surround the place with white light. You can create whatever you want in this place, because it is your special place. You can bring along anything you wish, that is close to your heart, and that makes you happy. Perhaps you want a blanket to sun tan on a mountain top, perhaps your place is an indoor spa and you want some special objects on the counter which make you feel at home... Perhaps it is a beautiful bathtub, with a flowing water fall... perhaps it is your dream home, or your dream back yard...

4. Once you have your special place created, spend time in your place, and get to know it....

If you see anything you don't like, change it. Remember you have the power at all times to get rid of anything unpleasurable, and change it to something nice. You are the master in this realm.

4. attention to the sights and your surroundings, really See it.

Feel your surroundings, how does it feel, is it warm?

What do you hear? Have you created birds chirping in the background?

Can you taste anything? Really try to get to know your special place in this way, because you are training your senses in this creative realm. The more you train your senses in visualization, the easier it will be to sense, when you eventually meet your spirit guide.

5. After you have a great relationship with your special place, you can now prepare to meet up with your spirit guides!

To Prepare: It is always good to cleanse yourself, and the area you are in, to make sure your journey to visit your spirit guides is a safe one.

6. Your spirit guides are very excited!

Now is the time to talk to them. Call upon all your spirit guides; you can do this out loud, or in your mind. Announce to them, you are finally coming to see them! Tell them the place you have made in your mind is your meeting spot, and you are happy to meet them there very soon! Most importantly, ask them to help guide you on your journey to meet up with them safely. Tell them you really wish to open a communication and build a relationship with them, and that you will try your best. You can say anything else you like.

7. Now settle down into a peaceful position, relax, and go into your special place.

Do not worry if nothing happens right away. Do not feel sad or resentful if nothing happens - it does not mean your spirit guides do not want to meet you, or that they do not exist - it means you have more work to do in building your sensory powers.

8. Explore around your special place, and have fun. Wait for them to come to you.

Keep your thoughts and feelings distant, just like you would to meditate. They may send you images, or the scenery may entirely change, whatever happens go willingly to whatever comes.

Have patience with yourself... And remember they have all the patience and time in the world. The rest is up to them! Have fun on your journeys! You may want to write down what you see and hear, and feel afterwards, and take notes.

Talk To Your Spirit Guide Now (channeling thoughts)

This is a simple exercise: All you need is a pen and paper, laptop, or computer

1. Come up with a list of questions you would like to ask your spirit guide, and write them down, leaving enough room for you to right answers in-between. You may have thousands of questions, or your mind may have gone completely blank right now :) Don't sweat it; here are a few sample questions.

What is your name?

What do you look like?

What do you do?

How have you helped me in the past?

Is there anything I should know right now?

What is existence?

How may spirit guides do i have?

What do you like to do?

What is your favourite colour?

Have we had past lives together?

How many lives have i lived?

(Note: You may want to start with impersonal questions, or even yes or no answer questions just to get the feel...)

2. Call upon your spirit guide... ask them politely that only one spirit guide talk to you at a time to make it easier.... Ask them to have patience with you, and announce that you are about to interview them ;)

3. Get comfortable... and ask your first question...

4. ... clear your mind ... and write down the FIRST thought which comes to mind. That is your answer.

And you are done, that's it? Surprised? That is all there is to it.

I did this simple communicative exercise with a friend of mine who is unable to speak to her guides as well as skeptical, and it worked for her, she was surprised she got so many answers she did not imagine. She was very willing to do so though, but very wary, and actually frightened.

All I told her, was to clear her mind, and ask a simple question to her guides. She of course, replied saying she had no idea what she was doing, and did not believe any of this!

She also told me she was anxious and terrified for some reason. She said, "it seems so simple, i'm kind of afraid i will get results!"

She said she had no idea how to clear her mind. Thus I told her, to just have fun with it and see where it goes, and to not worry about clearing her mind, to just listen to the next thought after her question. (It does help to clear your mind after though.) It helps more, to pretend your listening to someone when you are waiting for the answer.

I told her to not even expect any results, to just treat it like a fun game! Like we were just doing a fun game exercise. Treating it like this helped her over her anxiety. And we had lots of fun indeed, and we compared our results afterwards! She met her spirit guide for the first time and was quite delighted!

All we did, was get a pen and and a piece of paper. We simply asked our spirit guides to come to us, and told them we were going to ask them some questions. We came up with a few questions beforehand, just to get the ball rolling. Of course my friend felt awkward doing this at first!

Then we started. Easy as pie. All we did, was ask them a question, it could have been anything. Then you simply listen to the first thought that comes to your mind, and write it down. Simple, and easy, and a great easy way to communicate to your guides, or EVEN if you want to access your higher self. All you have to do is ask! :) and you shall receive.

When you ask a question, be it in your mind, or out loud, simply pay attention to what comes, and write it down. The first thing that comes is the answer. The things after that, are just your mind trying to comprehend it.

As you get used to it, pay attention to all forms of things you receive. Thoughts, images, feelings, smells, everything, and write it all down. Once you start talking to them, it will build up your natural "psychic" senses.

If anything, it's a very fun exercise. And it does work, for even those who are extremely unable. You can have amazing communications with your guides or your higher self by simply talking to them in your mind, asking questions, and listening to the answers. This is very good for building your intuition as well.

Tips To Strengthen Clairaudience (hearing your spirit guides)

1. Do some clearing energy work on your ear chakras, since clairaudience is governed by the ear chakras, you may have some difficulties hearing your divine companions if there is a blockage, thankfully, easily fixed! The ear chakras are located above your eyebrows, inside your head.

So... Imagine... two beautiful violet - reddish coloured orbs inside your head just above your eyebrows... imagine them spinning... not too fast... not too slow... See them surrounded in a cleansing beautiful translucent white light... see this white light cleansing them, clearing them, cleaning them... as they are more cleansed they start to expand and grow in health. Heal and cleanse your ear chakras with white light.

2. Release the fragments of words that may have hurt you in the past. If you are listening to ugly, or negative, or angry things, your psychic hearing will not want to listen to anything, and may be hiding from the world. If in your childhood you began tuning out your hearing to fighting, or nagging, you may have also tuned out your hearing to your spirit guides.

This can be fixed by making daily positive affirmations that you are no longer afraid to hear the world around you. Affirm to yourself, that nothing you hear will hurt you. That you are brave. If an incident happened in your childhood, imagine a child version of yourself sitting in front of you. Your child self needs nourishment, support, and love, and you can give this to him/her. Assure the child she/he will be okay, that things are okay in your future, and that you both need to be strong together, and that you are there for him/her. You can talk to your child self about what happened, and this exercise may be a very intense and emotional one, but it really helps in letting go.

You can also do this exercise, by imagining yourself in front of you, for any problem and issue that arises for you.

If you think your ability to hear your guides is not working because of words that have hurt you in your past, it is time to do some self homework of letting go. Try to be very honest with yourself, and write down all of the things you have heard that have hurt you in point form. Even easier, just write down all the names of the people who have said negative things to you, and after you have finished this, perform a ceremony of letting go, whichever way seems nice to you, maybe make a trip to a cliff edge and throw these papers over, throw them in the ocean, burn them in a fire, you can even freeze them in your freezer, or dig them a grave in the ground.

Make an affirmation and intention to open your hearing to your guides. Be self aware - if you experience any other feelings arising after you have done that, keep affirming, or letting go.

3. Increase your sensitivity to sound! Spend some time every day just listening to your surroundings. Instead of your daily meditation, simply sit quietly and listen to all the sounds you can hear. When you are up and about doing things, try to pay attention to the sounds of what you are doing. Listen to music - go soul searching for different types of music that move you. Go for a walk out in nature, and listen to natural sounds.

4. Ask your spirit guides to speak up! Sometimes, the issue is that your spirit guides just aren't speaking loud enough! They may be naturally quiet or introverted! It may also be that they aren't getting through the clogs and debris in your ears. But if you ask them, they may be able to help you with that!

I still remember the first time i managed to hear my spirit guides out loud. I was being very stubborn with them that evening. I said something along the lines of refusing to get up from my meditative place on the floor, until i heard them, out loud. I told them if there was a blockage in my ears, they should fix it! How demanding i was! I spent many stubborn moments, probably a full hour, over and over again asking them to shout in my ears, talk to me out loud. Many times they would resort back to my original ways of sensing them, but i kept on it. I must have said "talk to me outloud" over 50 times.

I began straining my hearing, trying every possible method, but when it finally happened, was when i gave up and just lay there on the floor, waiting in silence, not expecting anything. That's when i felt a very interesting physical pop happen somewhere in my head, and i realized this sort of hearing had to be awakened in a sense, because right after that interesting sensation, is when i first heard one of my spirit guides yelling at me trying to get through. It sounded like someone yelling under water, in a deformed high pitched type voice. I thought to them, "yes! Keep yelling random things at me, i can hear you, i just can't hear it clear enough!" After that i had more work to do in trying to hear it clearer.

Ringing In The Ears:

This is a classic symptom which means your ability to hear is happening. What this ringing is... is beginning to hear high frequency vibrations, when high frequency beings are trying to get through to you, this ringing is a divine download into you, like an interconnected bandwidth, sending information and guidances your way. This is not to be mistake for Tinnitus.

The issue which arises, is many people complain about the ringing becoming too loud. This happened for me as well. The ringing can become so intense, and it can be accompanied with the feeling of immense pressure along your head, or your face, or tingling sensations. Simply ask the high frequency being sending it to lessen its intensity on you.

The ringing can then aid you in finding a very deep relaxed state, and can be easily used to obtain meditation states which take many years to achieve. When the ringing happens, focus on it, keep calm, and then you will enter a beautiful state, where the ringing is like an exceptional

sedative to your thoughts.

Tips On How To See Your Spirit Guides (Clairvoyance)

One of the most common ways we see angelic beings or high frequency beings is the classic sparkling lights. This is simply our eyes adjusting to beginning to see energies. These beautiful sparkling lights can be seen in our physical field of vision, darting across our vision, what they are is high frequency being energies, these sparkles happen whenever they move past your field of vision! When your sight begins to adjust, you may also encounter seeing many, interesting things around you, such as coloured lights, mists, patterns...

- Open Your Third Eye!

- Affirm to yourself it is safe to see, and if you feel any tension or fear while doing so breathe deeply through it. Work on issues that may arise.

- Use a crystal to help open your third eye. There are many crystals that can help clear, activate and open third eyes. My personal favourite is Azurite. Hold your crystal, either in your left hand (left hand takes in energies) or place it exactly in the spot of your third eye, the pineal gland, which is in the centre of your forehead, between the eyebrows slightly raised. The third eye is indigo in colour, so if you want to do some visual exercises to open it, envision it as a beautiful glowing indigo ball of light, spinning inside your head. You can also sit in meditation, with closed eyes and stare upwards towards where the third eye is and place all of your intention on that spot, do this exercise for as long as it takes for you to feel some sensations in your third eye area. I will write more about how to open the third eye if any one wants me to. My kundalini is awakened, and i know many things to help the chakras.

- Get over any fears that may come up as a result to being able to see things. Perhaps you are afraid of seeing something scary.

- A common block is "trying too hard". Relaxation is the key. Do not strain anything.

Shamanic Meditations - by Sandra Ingerman

Very helpful guided cd


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