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Want to See the Human Aura?

Updated on September 24, 2012

HERE'S HOW: (Super Simple Method!)

It has been said- In order to change your life, you must learn to see the world through "new eyes."

The following article is about doing just that!

It's common knowledge that compared to other members of the animal kingdom, human sight is sorely limited. Consider the cat... the hawk... etc. But this article isn't about seeing great detail or minute movement at impossible distances. It is, instead, about developing the ability to see what is literally "hidden in plain sight" -To be more specific, IN THE AIR right in front of our noses.

At first this seems like a ludicrous statement. If I'm looking at a bookshelf 5 feet away,reason tells me I'm seeing everything in the space between here and there, aren't I? Not quite- not even close.

(*Note- The pictures in modules (4, 9, 13-18) are representations of human energy as it appears to those who develop the ability to 'see.')

Let me preface the following by saying, I am not gifted in any way, shape or form. Truthfully, I have to work twice as hard at learning how to do any spiritual practice as the average 'adept' does. If I can do this, anyone of normal physicality can too. Furthermore, it might actually be helpful if one were to be limited in one or more senses- the human brain is marvelous at adapting to limitation.

I have never previously had any instruction in 'aura vision.' On the contrary, I literally stumbled onto this technique during my daily meditation practice. Thankfully! (Better lucky than smart)

Share your experience!

Have you ever tried to see auras?

See results


It's a Short List

* A piece of material (approx.2 yards) that is mottled and muted (think dark brown basket-weave)

* A pair of khaki or white cotton athletic socks

* (optional) A pair of red lens Rave goggles or glasses (the color helps aura energy 'stand out')

* A willing participant (young people have the brightest energy)

* Patience, patience, patience


The first step is a doozie!

It sounds bizarre, but it is imperative to master this ability before moving forward. Holding your hand up in front of you- about 2 ft. away from your face, simply focus on it. No need to notice too much detail, just rest your eyes on the palm for now. After about 20 seconds or so take your hand away and place it gently in your lap- maintain 'soft focus' in the air where the hand once was. Admittedly, this takes practice- your eyes will immediately attempt to focus on whatever detail is in front of you, stick with it.

HINT* This exercise takes the same kind of focus and concentration that one must use to 'see' the 3 dimensional object embedded in the pattern in one of the 'Magic Eye' pictures- so if you've mastered the 'Magic Eye,' this will probably be fairly easy for you.


~The idea is not so much to "see energy" as it is to train the eye (and the mind) to "see" in a way that is very different from the norm...

Keep practicing! It's worth it! :0)

By the Way-

once you've conditioned yourself to "see" the body's astral energy, you'll be able to see it whether your eyes are open or shut!


Aura aficionados often say the first place to look for the aura is in the mirror.

TRIED IT, HAVE TO RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE- for one simple reason: Complete concentration is required! We constantly check our image for details- why fight the tendency to do so? (Wall color can be an issue as well)

The following technique is all about limiting detail as much as possible, so we'll control the background and start at your stocking feet.


Controlling lighting in the room is all-important. Bio-energy has a subtle phosphorescent quality that is most easily perceived in low light.


After you've mastered the 'mid-air' focus, it's time to dim the lights, don athletic socks, drape the material over the end of the couch and get comfortable. Put your feet up in front of the material and take a couple of cleansing breaths before you begin. Soften your focus (un-focus, might be a better term) and let your gaze settle upon the perimeter of the socks (particularly the toes). As soon as your eyes adjust to the light level, you will begin to see what looks like wispy smoke. You may also see curls of smoke rising from the mist crowning the toe area.

Because people have seen 'aura' pictures generated by aura cameras, they expect to see beautiful colors in the aura. While the beautiful colors definitely are there, what you experience depends upon which of the aura's multiple layers you're focusing on-

Most people will see what looks like wispy, blue-white smoke at first- it's the easiest to detect. The colors present in the aura change pursuant to the condition of one's health and mind-state. Also, the outer shell of the aura can have a brilliant gold appearance which some people see quite readily. The gold often resembles a cloud and might even obscure the rest of the form in the eyes of the astute observer.

Stick To It:


'Mid-air focus' will open up a whole new experience for you- THIS IS THE SPACE WHERE ORBS AND ENERGY ANOMALIES DART IN AND OUT OF OUR FIELD OF VIEW :0)

Be on the look-out for blue iridescent orbs (they're flat and shiny looking), white or red orbs, 'ribbon' anomalies


It's alright if he or she closes their eyes.

Hang your fabric over a door, position your partner in front of it, dim the lights, take a couple of cleansing breaths and begin-

(the following photos are intentionally blurred)


Again, the energy looks similar to 'quick moving smoke.' You'll see curls and tendrils rising and dissipating.


"They" say the golden outer shell of the aura is the 'mental' layer. If you are able to focus on it, gold energy is beautiful- enjoy.


An interesting feature, these 'rays' seem to operate in pairs- once you've seen one the second is easy to spot. They run perpendicular to each other.

It is suspected that they are some sort of sensory apparatus which help us 'tune in' to our energetic environment.


(see "PROMINENT FEATURES' below for descriptions of aura anomalies)


Collected energy can be used to heal- yourself or others. Just smear it wherever it's needed.


Concentrated energy between the hands is very bright and easy to see.


Ask your partner to hold his or her hands up and watch the energy arc.

The Hardest Part: Finding Inconspicuous Opportunities to Study Peoples' Energy Without Being Obvious

Attend meetings! Sit in the back and enjoy! Even better: attend gatherings where spiritual people meditate...these individuals work at improving the quality and quantity of their energy and the results can be spectacular!

Prominent Features to Look For - The Head Chakra Looks Like a Clear Vortex

It's detail and vigor are directly proportional to the age and physical health of the individual.

(It is detectable in the same way a 'heat wave' appears on hot pavement.)

Chakras are energy vortices located throughout the body. The body houses a system of flowing energy streams which function in a fashion similar to blood flow. Though I've yet to see any of the others, the head chakra is definitely visible.

BEAMS OF ENERGY, approximately 2 inches wide, shoot straight out from the head and body (similar in appearance to a Jedi light saber)- these are actually sensory apparatus- 'feelers', if you will. Have you noticed when you enter a room full of people, you take on the pervasive emotional quality of the group? These 'rays' are responsible for this phenomena.

CURLY WISPS of smoke-like energy.

CONDENSED MASSES of energy form in areas of the brain and body having to do with cognizance and physical activity. In other words, whatever you are focused on at the moment, be it thinking or singing or healing- energy will concentrate accordingly. For instance, right brain people are more artistic and intuitive in nature- when in the midst of creating they will display concentrated energy on the right side of the brain. Left brain, or analytical thinkers, will have energy built-up on the left side of the frontal lobe when deep in thought.

what we see...isn't all there is-

what we believe...binds us

to common knowledge

~truth exists

beyond the physical horizon

If you liked what you read, great! Got questions? I'll do my best to answer them.

Let Us Hear From You! - Thank you so much for visiting-

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    • profile image

      net 2 years ago

      When I was young and in church I would focus on the priest, and was always seeing color around his top half that was exposed and not hidden behind the pulpit, didnt understand what it was but once I could do this that was my looking forward to going to church to see these pretty colors......

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I can see auras. When I first started practicing the light had to be just right and to a point still does. I called my daughter in a room where I was practicing and she was stading beside me and I told her where to look and what to expect and she saw instantly..... surprising..... and when she pulled away form me a spark snapped and scared her and amazed me. Now the pictures depicted here are exactly what I see. Some people put out more energy that others. A good place to see or practice, is church. Eveything has an energy field I would say for plants give off a glow all the time and if deprived of water give off a yellowish glow. Ok done now and thanks for the site.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Ive always seen the wisps when I was younger. Now they are coming back to me! It is heartening to hear the energy described just the way I see it.

    • profile image

      akunsquidoku 5 years ago

      very interesting..:D

    • profile image

      coolmon2009 lm 5 years ago

      I remember reading a book on this topic back in the early 1990s, Interesting lens.

    • profile image

      astralgal 7 years ago

      I really enjoyed this lens. I've actually done this, not exactly in the same way- Once for a party, I put up a black curtain and people took turns sitting in front of it. The other party guests wrote down their impressions and it was amazing how right on many of the comments were! The energy is visible, we saw it.

    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 7 years ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      Hi kenda, Another great lens. Tons of info, and I like how you laid your lens out. I enjoyed my visit. I am going to try to take your instructions, and try to see some auras. Shar


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