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How to Voodoo with Voodoo Dolls

Updated on February 6, 2015

Puttin' on the Mojo with Voodoo Dolls 101

Why is it that so many people want to know how to voodoo with voodoo dolls? I suppose it has to do with the need for empowerment, a need to control one's life when feeling out of control, or a way to even the score. No matter the reason, you can learn how to Voodoo with Voodoo dolls by reading some of the techniques presented on this lens.

Fact is, people have been puttin' on the mojo with dolls for centuries and across cultures. From Greece to Africa to Brazil to New Orleans, dolls have made their mark in the human psyche as a clandestine weapon or tool to control another persons will, seek revenge, or simply improve one's life for the better.


Principles of Image Magic

The various ways in which people have used dolls and effigies throughout history to control their relationships to each other, the environment, and the spiritual world is essentially based on two laws: the Law of Similarity and the Law of Contagion. Spells based on the Law of Similarity are called sympathetic magick or image magick. Image magick is based on the concept that a person can influence the well being of another person by manipulating a doll in like fashion, i.e. like produces like. The most familiar application of the like produces like principle is injuring or destroying an enemy by virtue of injuring or destroying an image of them.

According to the Law of Contagion (also referred to as the Law of Contact or contagious magick), once things are in contact with each other, they will continue to have an effect on each other long after they are separated (Frazer, 1922). Believers contend that when a personal effect, such as fingernails, hair, or a piece of clothing that belongs to a person is attached to a doll, the personal effect acts as a link from the spiritual world to the physical world. Thus, the contact made between doll and personal effect allows whatever is done to the doll to happen to the person by virtue of contagion.

Voodoo Dolls in Magick and Ritual - If you are really serious about learning how to voodoo with voodoo dolls, check out this book.

Voodoo Dolls In Magick And Ritual
Voodoo Dolls In Magick And Ritual

Tracing the Voodoo doll’s roots back in time, author Denise Alvarado provides a fascinating account of the most provocative and mystifying icon of the African-derived healing tradition of Creole Voodoo. The author explains the multicultural history of the Voodoo doll, dispels stereotypes and myths, while at the same time showing the reader how to make and use Voodoo dolls to enhance everyday life. Learn how to make three kinds of Voodoo dolls, find over 40 spells and rituals to find love, attract wealth, offer protection, and promote healing and happiness. The book is richly illustrated with photographs from the author's collection of dolls.


Love and Passion Spells

Pierced Heart Doll Spell

Pierce the heart of a Voodoo love doll with a red and a blue pin in such a way that they cross each other. Then chant:

It is not this doll alone I stick

But [Name]'s heart I prick

Whether he/she be asleep or awake

I'll have him/her come to me and of love make!

Twenty-Seven Day Paper Voodoo Doll Spell

1. Cut out a paper Voodoo doll.

2. Write your lover's name on the paper Voodoo doll nine times.

3. Cross over each name with your own.

4. Place the paper Voodoo doll in a saucer or plate and cover it with sugar.

5. Stick a blue birthday candle in the center of the sugar, make a wish and burn the candle, but don't blow it out. Keep the dish with the sugar, paper Voodoo doll, and any wax drippings.

6. Add a fresh birthday candle the next day. Repeat for a total of nine days - nine blue birthday candles in total.

7. If your lover is not back by the ninth day, burn the sugar and the paper.

8. Start again the next day, repeating the entire 9 day ritual with fresh materials. If your lover is not back, burn the materials again.

9. Try it again for another nine days.

Three times is the charm. If you lover is not back after repeating this ritual three times, he or she won't be and it is best to move on.

Books about Voodoo Dolls

These are some good books for learning more ways to voodoo with voodoo dolls.

Luck and Money Spells

General Good Luck Spell

It's best to perform this one while the moon is waxing. For this spell you'll need a Voodoo doll to represent yourself in whatever color you think appropriate, a white candle, a black candle and a green candle. Hold the doll that represents you and say: “I am this doll and this doll is me. I name you (state your name)” Light the black candle and say: “This candle represents all the bad luck and negative energy surrounding me. As I light this candle and the candle burns, so shall the bad luck and negativity leave me”. Light the white candle and say: “May light and healing surround me.” Light the green candle and say: 'This is the positive energy coming my way, good luck in matters of money, love, and employment (and whatever else you want luck in).”

Sit quietly for a while holding the doll and visualize bad luck dissolving before your eyes and being replaced by only good, positive things. When the candles have burned down completely, the spell is done.

For Luck in Games of Chance

For good luck in games of chance, make a conjure doll out of green flannel while burning Money Drawing incense. Stuff the doll with Irish moss, and leave a small opening. Anoint a Cross of Caravaca with High John the Conqueror Oil and put inside the doll along with 7 Job’s tears. Write down seven wishes on a piece of parchment paper and put inside the doll and sew the doll closed. Take a green 7 knob candle and write each of your seven wishes on a separate knob of the candle. Anoint with High John the Conqueror Oil. Set the doll next to the candle and pour some of the wax from each knob onto the doll. As each knob melts, your wish is absorbed into the energy of the candle and becomes one with the energy of the doll. Once the candle has burned down, dispose of the wax remains at a crossroads, or throw in a running river or stream. Keep the doll in a safe place where it will not be held by others, like a safe, and take out every Friday to “feed” it with a sprinkling of magnetic sand.

Black Arts and Revenge

Black Arts Spell

If you have a real enemy, try this Voodoo doll spell. For this spell, you need a Voodoo doll made from black fabric, a black candle, some black arts oil, a box big enough to put the doll in, a black cloth, 9 pennies, and a bottle of rum. Anoint the black candle with the Black Arts Oil. Burn the candle for 17 minutes each day for nine days. Hold the candle in your nondominant hand while it burns, and curse the person, wish ill upon him/her, etc. while allowing the wax to drip all over the doll’s body. After the ninth day, place the remainder of the candle along with the doll in a small box. Anoint the doll and the box with Black Arts Oil. Wrap the box in black cloth. Tie it with cotton twine. Take it to the cemetery and bury it. Pay the spirits of the cemetery 9 pennies and a small bottle of rum. Walk away without looking back.

Binding Spell

This is based on ancient Greek magick. Binding formulas were typically written on a poppet called a Kolossus, spoken above it, or both. Writings were often written backwards, to confuse the target. The spoken spell was usually accompanied by ritual actions, such as the mutilation, piercing or binding of the figure (Sophistes, 1996).

Take a voodoo doll and wrap it with cord as if your were binding the person it represents to keep them from moving. As you wrap the doll repeat one or more of the following simple binding chants:

I hereby bind (name of target)!

May (name of target) be defeated!

Let (name of target) be restrained!

Bury the doll in your yard in an area where no one will walk over it.

Home Breaker Ritual

This ritual targets the individual you would like to leave. Make a black poppet and secure your target’s foot tracks by scooping up some of the dirt and grass where you know they have walked. Place the tracks inside the doll along with some Spanish moss, hair from a black dog, hair from a black cat, sulphur, and Separation powder. Sew the doll shut and sprinkle with War Water and more Separation powder. Take the doll to a running stream at midnight and say the following:

Moss choke it, Sulphur smoke it

Fight like cats and dogs and run away.

Turn around as though ready to leave and throw the doll over your right shoulder into the running water. Leave the area and do not look back or return to that area.

Magick Spells on Amazon

Prayer to the Seven African Powers

Oh, Seven African Powers, who are so close to our divine Savior,

with great humility I kneel before thee and implore your intercession before the Great Spirit.

Hear my petition and grant me peace and prosperity.

Please remove all of the obstacles that cause me to stray from the Beauty Way.

Oh Olofi, I trust in the words "ask and you shall receive". Let it be so!


(Make your petition)

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