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It's Me Oh Lord Crying out to you, I need you Jesus!

Updated on November 21, 2016
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

In this life, sometimes I find myself crying out to Jesus and praying seeking to understand what He is doing in my life. God had not promised; I would understand everything He is doing or what He allows in my life. In view of that, it feels like God is far away or not there for me. Given that I know, he will be available for me. For that reason, I talk to Him when my mind is in deep thoughts, and I feel in need of assist during stressful times.

I pray Jesus; I know I need to let go of everything when my worries mound and build. Therefore, I pray that you will bestow me with strength and give me peace that will calm all my fears so that I can let go. Although I know, for me to hear you, and allow you to assist me in all my troubles, I need to enable you to transform me from a pitiful worrier to a brave prayer warrior. Oh, God, how I need you!

Thinking back to my younger years, the first time I can remember feeling in genuine need of Jesus— feeling completely and incredibly emotional. I can remember saying, “Oh, God, How I need you if you do not come, take care of me, I am not going to make it”— was when my mother died, and God transported her home to be with him. I discovered pain I did not know could ever exist, and I felt it would be the death of me. I can remember thinking how could this happen? Why would God take her from me so early in life? Why am I so bad at accepting God know what he is doing? Moreover, why is it so hard for me to feel Him close to me as I prayer when I need to feel His present, and why am I so emotionally fragile that I allow my faith to be shaken rather than know God has a master plan for my life?

I look forward to better times, although every day may not be good, I trust you to move into my life and help me to make the best of each day. I know to come to you in prayer so you can give me a hand in a dynamic way; I ask you to give me the courage to trust you wholeheartedly in a way that I cannot foresee or understand. I ask your mighty hand to hold my future and to guide my every step. Also, Jesus as you guide me, my every step, I ask you to lead me down the path of right. Thus, I know I will be protected by your armor to help me through the trying times on this journey. Oh, God, how I need you!

In this world, I know I will encounter hurts, pressures, and disappointments, but if I allow Jesus; He will keep me in perfect peace. Life’s trials and tribulation can weigh me down, but the peace of God can lift me up and free me from the turmoil of this world. God never promises me that I will be free from problems, worries, trials, sorrows and tribulations in my daily life but he did promise to be there in the midst of all these chaotic conditions. I have to trust that there is something wonderful waiting for me if I just hold out and finish running this race. Upon completion of this race, I can look forward to Jesus picking me up and kissing away the heartache. Lord, I need you, every hour of every day!

Man desires peace away from the trouble of this world, but there will always be pain and hurt on this earth. Although there will always be trouble on this earth, if I desire peace, I must cast all my care in Jesus’s hand. 1 Peter 5:7 (KJV) Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. John 14: 27 (KJV) "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." (John 14:27). “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)

It is no secret that many people are searching to find peace and happiness in their challenging and uncertain times. Some look for peace and happiness in cars, homes, relationships, alcohol, drugs, jobs, pets and money when they are sad or when they think; it is time for them to have some peaceful time. Even the wealthiest person who has everything, he or she could feel an emptiness inside, when peace is missing in their life. They can buy any material thing they desire, they even spend money to keep people near but, in the end, they learn that their best efforts fail when peace is missing in their life.

Some people even have problems recalling how their past good times felt. Because the bad times outweigh the good and all the problems, weigh down their heart. However, I keep in mind; problems are a form of hurts, pressures, and disappointments that God has created to give me the experience of the good and the bad to gain necessary knowledge. I have to believe no matter what's going wrong in my life; I can have peace of mind and confidence when I learn how to find peace through Jesus. The toughest thing is knowing something missing, but not knowing how to find the inner peace one seeks. The answer lies in knowing how to find inner peace with Jesus.

There are two states of mind: positive and negative. If I dare to face problems in my daily life with positivity, then I shall find inner peace as it is Jesus's will to test me through trials and ordeal. However, if I chose to move forward with a negative state of mind, it will lead to all evils that will hold me down and cut me so steep that it will hurt my heart in a way that it will cause me to feel as if I am suffocating. Nonetheless, if I utilize my mind with a positive note, I will succeed and get the inner peace of mind I am in search of.

On the other hand, if I lose my faith while facing challenges and problems in life, then it is me who are responsible for the problems. I will not be able to hold anyone responsible for such nuisance as it came to test me, but I failed to counter it back. If I allow Jesus, He will keep me in perfect peace. Although I might know that peace is missing in my life, knowing how to find the missing peace, is not quite that simple. When peace is missing in life, but I cannot locate the solution it is like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle when the last puzzle piece is missing.

When I confront my problems with sadness, anxiety, worries and pains, I find myself questioning how I should find a solution to my problems? However, when I confront my problems through prayer I, therefore, find peace when I allow Jesus to transform my mind to say goodbye to all worries that can come my way and play havoc with my inner peace. Although, I generally use a negative mind and get myself further troubled. Instead, now I look at the problems with a positive mind through prayer and Jesus assistant and hence I can find a permanent cure for my restlessness. When I allow Jesus He will keep me in perfect peace, all worries will come to an end, and I will be free from all turmoil within my life.

When I know, something is missing but not sure what; life can be so unpredictable; one day I am happy and a day or two later, I am not satisfied with life. Image feeling energetic one day, so full of life and a day or two later feeling as if I am ready to die. That is not a way for no one to live. The toughest thing is knowing something is missing but not knowing how to find the inner peace one seeks. The answer lies in knowing how to find inner peace with Jesus.

Although, many may not know or believe, Jesus offers thousands of recommendations to those who will take the time to seek to find inner peace. Inner peace cannot be obtained through conventional worldly medication or cheap meditation. If I visit any medical doctor, all he or she can do is an external examination or diagnosis of my illness by some tests were taken but what will make me feel comfortable is beyond a doctor’s comprehension and imagination as it is directly linked to my spiritual life. A wise quote states, “A closed mouth does not get fed." which means that if you are not ready for something, then you cannot get to it.

First, I have to get myself mentally prepared to gain something in my life. If my mouth is closed, how food will go into my empty stomach. The same applies to people when something is missing, and they will only find it if they start looking for it, or else, they will continuously keep missing something in their lives and it will be none other than inner peace. I have to put forth the effort, and then I can find the fruit or result of my efforts or what I strive to find. I can find inner peace by linking myself to Jesus, who is able. According to the Bible, God always listens to my prayers. Jesus is able, and He will be available to keep me in perfect peace.

This clearly shows that prayer is a must to seek what I desire in my life. Surely, I will be rewarded when I pray for something. However, nothing will come to my closed mouth. So I know to knock on His door to seek His mercy and forgiveness. He will open His doors for me and allow me to pray for whatever I want, or I what I desire. Moreover, it is so important to know what exactly is peace, and how can I have “inner peace”? The term peace is often defined as the absence of all hostilities. Inner peace is a completeness of mind and spirit. To actually find inner peace, I must know when something is missing and how to find inner peace. Lord, I need you, every hour of every day!

Therefore, I bear in mind the world is full of trouble and peace is not the absence of pain; it is the presence of God. Peace is also the lack of stress in my life, but life is not a bed of roses; it is full of thorns. The inner peace will help me bear the hardships of life with patience and bravery. Inner peace and satisfaction can be achieved only with the real belief in you Jesus. God has created me, and when I come close to him and find him in my life, I will surely get His nearness which will undoubtedly lead me to inner peace of mind and heart.

I ask Jesus to put an unlimited amount of peace and comfort around me and my achy heart. At the same time, inner peace is the name of battling out my worries and problems with positive thinking and well defined positive approaches. The more positive in actions I encounter, the more inner peace will I have. Grant of inner peace lies with Jesus's pleasure who wants me to live a life of a brave person and have full trust and belief in Him and His authority. Only then I can acquire total inner peace through Jesus. God has the complete authority and command of the whole universe. Upon following his guidelines as set in the Bible, I can become saturated with inner peace and calmness.

I know no medication, but only the mercy of God can lead Me to the right path. The right path will guide me to His mercy to become internally peaceful. Hence, it is now well understood that inner peace lies so much with Jesus's favor and pleasure. If I want to achieve a goal with emotional satisfaction, then I need to worship Him and do what He directs me to do and shun all evils that can cause me a big blow in the shape of sins. Also, Jesus can help me with all challenges I face so I can let go of everything that is a distraction. Lord, I need you, every hour of every day!

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Lord I Need You (VHS) - The Williams Brothers,"Blackberry's Greatest Videos"

Oh, God, how I need you!

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Lord, I need you, every hour of every day!

© 2016 Pam Morris


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