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i believe there is a way

Updated on May 5, 2010



I Believe

I've been so taken lately with people telling me what I'm supposed to believe and what religion is right and wrong...that I found myself just having to sit back and write down what I believe. This was more for myself than anyone else. I've always practiced love, tolerance, and have always had great faith in my own Spirituality (which I am not going to reveal here because for this purpose, I don't think it matters what it is - it shouldn't matter whether I am Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, American Indian, Muslim, Santaria, or other form of Pagan or Wiccan.) I am a minister in my faith, and I do not judge others, in fact I honor all faiths and their adherents as long as their path is good and does no harm to others or infringe upon the rights of others. Enough - I will share this with you...

I believe

I believe in the power of the human spirit

That thought, the spoken word, prayer, intentions, and energy can impact lives and change the world,

Live in each moment as fully as possible,

Savor the feeling that is truly love - in every form - of family, partners, children, friends, relatives, strangers - recognize each for what it is, look it in the face, and cherish it.

Love freely given unconditionally will return to you freely and unconditionally -

Do not expect Love or demand it; it does not exist where there is fear, abuse, neglect or disrespect of the body or mind. You cannot control a heart no matter how you try. And manipulation only lasts as long as there is fear, real love can only thrive in an environment where one feels some control of something- no matter how small it may be. But from there the smallest hope can only grow. Have faith, believe, find joy, find some peace, find something or someone to trust, and safely reach out.

Learn to live in tolerance of other faiths, love one another, live in peace, and do not incite war or violence.

Certain things you must know to be true. No God/god/goddess/deity/prophet would have us kill or hate without cause. Obey the laws of the land in which you reside or visit. Do not mix religion and politics; they aren’t one in the same anymore. Most leaders do not live up to their faith when running a country or when dealing with other countries. Pray for them, but do not think them infallible. Respect the military, show your support for troops, whether you believe in the politics or not. They fight on the front lines in foreign wars for national defense, politics. Not because they personally agree with everything – but they have taken an oath to give their lives in the defense of you, our country. They go whenever and wherever they are called. Always faithful and always ready. Not without fault, not without fear. Not without feelings.

Know that if you always look for the best in people you will see their best qualities and they will show you the very best pieces of themselves. Respect goes both ways. Be the first to show it.

Always create a safe place for children and adults - a place of joy, love, hope, respect, and people leave feeling stronger than when they entered.

When asked, help and heal whenever you can. Teach whenever possible if you are a competent teacher out of love not vanity. When guidance or counsel is needed - instead of providing answers, teach the process for problem solving.

Real loving means always being there for those you love, unconditionally, but with enough strength to teach them to walk again. Always make room in your heart or home for the elderly, sick, and dying of your Tribe. Respect their years, protect their dignity, and double your patience and compassion. Have faith, give hope, and open your heart.

Live in this moment.

The past is like a slide show through which we may replay memories, measure growth, tell stories, and compare to realize what lessons we have learned.

We can only visit though. And our time there should be short. We dwell in the present and in this moment is our business. Each moment is a gift.

The Future can be used for plans, to set a course, to change direction. The future does not belong to us.

Our place is in the present.

Cherish every day.

Every faith has value and should be respected in its true form. That someone has faith and believes and acknowledges some order of Power/Energy/god/God/Goddess/Divine "bigger" than themselves is enough. There should be no vanity that keeps anyone from loving or reaching out based on religion. Religion is man-made - it is the biggest barrier to true unity in the world sometimes. Spirituality is personal and is way more important than by what name you call your god and whether or not you think you are "saved" (I still wonder from what?"

I have faith in a better world, faith in people and faith that we are all at our core, genuine and good.That does not mean I am ignorant of the fact that there are misguided or ill individuals and groups out in the world who seek to do us harm. Never ever ignore that warning you get in the pit of your stomach. It's there for a reason. Caution and paranoia  are two different not let fear keep you from being the loving caring person that you are. Keep your heart open.

Some would say this is a naive way of looking at the world, but if you knew my past, and have seen what I have seen, you would know I am anything but naive. I prefer to be hopeful, and trusting, but I pay attention to my instincts as well, and know when to be on guard. Follow your heart and your gut – but have faith in people – don’t let the horrible things make you into a fearful, untrusting, closed, hard, and cynical person. Reach out and let your aura and your feelings be your guide. But do not judge, for you will also be judged.

What I know for sure is that love is the law and love is the bond.

Brightest Blessings!


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    • Erin LeFey profile image

      Erin LeFey 6 years ago from Maryland

      Thank you Ray, unfortunately you are right. I wrote this one last year but keep it up anyway for those with open hearts and minds who do believe in a better world beyond the labels. Wishing you love and peace and many blessings at this holiday time. Namaste'

    • aware profile image

      aware 6 years ago from West Palm Beach Florida.

      ty for sharing your thoughts on this issue . the subject matter turns many away from reading and hubs like this that ive written are poor performers and bare very little comments.this is one reason i chose to comment on this one.