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I Love My Wiccan Pentacle Ring

Updated on April 11, 2014
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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

I love pentacle jewelry. There is nothing lovelier than a well-made piece, and I have earrings, necklaces and the like, but never a ring, until now. Not from lack of trying either. But each ring I looked at was either in what I call rich witch range or just didn't seem right to me. And although I'm infamous to those who know me for only wearing silver, I loved the energy the jeweler's bronze brought to this piece.

The way the design flows back from the pentacle caught my eye as well. There is no mistaking this for anything other than a pentacle ring and I like that. A lot of the rings I browsed through were lovely, but the pentacle was well-hidden in the design, and yes, I understand why. But honestly if I needed to be that leery about wearing a pentacle publicly I would simply leave the ring at home that day.

Because this is a ring that will attract attention. The boldly ornate design and large size will make it stand out, even if you wear a lot of jewelry as I tend to do, so yes, if you aren't ready to step out of the broom closet you might want to give it a pass. Or you might want to wear it and bat your eyes and tell people you just thought it was pretty. Most people who enjoy the design and compliment you will likely be nonpagans anyhow or just interested in the craftsmanship and design.

The ring has a wide band but is hammered so thinly to feel like a second skin. I ordered a size eight which fits nice and snugly on my index finger, but some reviewers advised to go up one size from your normal ring size. So if you wear a seven normally get an eight. I did, and it fits well. If you like your ring to have more play to it order up a size or a size and a half. Or try a half size up as the company boasts a hassle free exchange on rings.

Now to keep it as pretty as possible let me give you some free advice. If you have highly acidic skin like mine you will notice the chemical reaction leaves green marks on your skin if you wear copper or bronze. This doesn't mean the jewelry is cheap, just that your acidic skin caused a reaction. To head this off just apply a coat of clear nail polish anywhere the ring touches your skin and voila, no more green marks.

Still looking for something slightly different? It comes in a sterling silver version as well. Either way I've found it to be comfortable to wear and don't intend on taking mine off anytime soon. I'm looking forward to plenty of compliments as many satisfied reviewers received, and can already tell you that magically speaking it is holding up to my sterling silver rings just fine.

Large Sterling Silver Ornate Pentacle pentagram Ring Pagan Wiccan Jewelry (sz 4-15) sz 10
Large Sterling Silver Ornate Pentacle pentagram Ring Pagan Wiccan Jewelry (sz 4-15) sz 10

The same ring cast in sterling silver. This ring comes in whole sizes. Sterling silver is of course a lovely magical material, but you knew that, right?

Sterling Silver Butterfly Pentagram Pentacle Ring Size 6
Sterling Silver Butterfly Pentagram Pentacle Ring Size 6

Also made in sterling silver this butterfly was one of my final three picks. The ornate craftsmanship holds a pentacle inside the butterfly.


She how lovely it is? Oh this is the part where Squidoo has me remind you that this photo and the background photo for this lens were both taken by me. The display items came off of Bastet's altar. Thank you, Bastet! Enjoy!

Wondering just how many meanings a pentacle or pentagram can have? And yes, it is a symbol of the light.

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