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I'm an expert in messing things up

Updated on April 8, 2013

Personality Awareness - know yourself and your flaws.

This lens is the product of a long term work of self awareness.... I, Carreira, discovered an expertise in messing things up. I'm diferent from the others because I can create opportunities, and I get all kinds of good things happening to me, I work to get opportunities and when I get them, I'm an expert in messing things up. That's right - my huge quality in opportunity making is compensated by my equally huge talent to let those opportunities crumble in my grasp. I make them, I take them, I brake them.

If this lens sounds like a bit too personal, its because it is, and its lensrank is surely low, because nobody cares about this subject, but I feel the need to express that like I did, you can discover your biggest flaws too. Don't be cocky and think that recognizing your flaws is a type of weakness. Everybody has them. But to know what makes you suck as a person is a great advantage. It makes you more self aware that you have some kick ass flaws and that you have a long way to learn.

I'm young, I'm 24, I have much to learn and I aim to make my path as a human that always improves. Time and failed opportunities are a great teacher, and self awareness helps.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger


I'm 24 and unemployed.... the crisis is great and i quit my job because I wasn't getting paid the last month, I hadn't got paid at all... and I see everybody looking to my life thinking - this guy isn't getting anywhere, what is he doing still unemployed after 3 months of quitting his job. Im planning to open a business of my own - people don't know that, so they keep talking because they just see me "rolling around, messing with the computer and stuff". Everybody feels the need and the right to throw a stone at me and piss me off, mock me etc... even my family.

That's hard to take, I'm getting a bit affected by all that crap and maybe that is one of the reasons I'm writing this. I can't simply tell them to get the crap out of my life.

I'm taking a long time planning my business because I know I am an expert in messing things up, I hope my self awareness and exaggerated concerns about going solo pay out, because this is an opportunity i do not want to see fail. You know the financial crisis in Europe right? I'm Portuguese - next to Greece we are the underdogs and the economy is in shambles. I got out of 2 jobs already because people were exploring me with almost no pay, one of the jobs i got after finishing my university course didn't pay a dime AT ALL. So, getting a job is a never ending quest for me, unless I want to go be a shopping mall cashier (there is nothing bad with being one) but I do not want to have spent all those years getting my major to send it with my hopes of a better life directly to the trash can.

Am I boring you with my problems? Good.... I bet its nice to see you aren't the only one with them.

So, the thing I am most optimistic is the ability I have to be self aware. Right now, I know I am a good learner, and I get life experience at a good rate. I learn everyday and I honestly try to be a better person each day. What I fear is the fact that maybe it still doesn't prove fast enough.

I urge every reader that is younger than me to really try to be self-aware. To find out what to improve and work on it. For your own sake. I know I'm trying hard....

Do you consider yourself self-aware?

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    • Monica Ranstrom profile image

      Monica Ranstrom 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing some of who you are and best of luck on your new company!