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Dream and You

Updated on October 23, 2012

In a different place, in a different time projected during slumber


What makes up your dream? Can you control it?

Our mind captures memories, is a milky way of thoughts, notable impressions of experiences from our pasts and the present. Your sleep cycle contributes to build up a dream. Remember how we tend to be awake and asleep again a few times a night? The dream that becomes markedly memorable to you is when you are awake and is the most vivid dream occurring in the last phase of sleep. Dreams happen during the REM sleep. The REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep) factor occurs close to morning; it begins often enough after a deep sleep. When your alarm clock goes off to an early day start, you thought you had no sleep at all because your mind is fresh recalling about what you were just dreaming. Dreams are broken up by our sleep cycle like Morse code, only to be a series of sleep patterns occurring in a night transmitting flicks and flashes of virtual images that your subconscious mind (the dreamer) is transmitting and the receiver (you again as the dreamer) will only understand.

Multiple dreams occur commonly in one night. The sleep cycle repeats to an average of 4 to 5 times per night the study tells us, even repeating as many as 7 times. I have experienced going back to the same dream deciding to continue my sleep and connect to where my dream ended. The chance to shape our dream is in our ability to construct it or reshape from an existing one. Many dreams do not follow a clear pattern like a full story. Commonly, dreams occur like a maze, full of confusing paths- “pieces of dreams” that do not connect. The most crystal clear dream is close to waking up. Analyzing your dream then confuses you.

Types of Dreams

Lucid dream. In a lucid dream, you the dreamer may control your participation within the dream. You will be able to maneuver scenes and experiences within the scope of your dream. Lucid dreaming is dreaming and being aware that you are in a dream state. It is a dream within a dream with which happens also in a certain experience that when you thought you woke up from your lucid dream but realized that you were still in a dreaming state.

Nightmares. To me, a nightmare is like a drug induced during our sleep. It is an outcome from a stressful day or experience, past trauma or recent tragedy, a build-up anxiety or illness. It is vital for you as the dreamer to become conscious that you are dreaming and calm yourself as soon as you realized that you were having a bad dream. It also advised that you wake someone up if you observed that that person is having nightmares. A nightmare is believed to at other times as the demon lurking in your dreams that causes death on a fit and healthy person during sleep. It is widely known and triggers thoughts of fear during sleep hours by Filipino ancestors since it has been a common cause of death. Until this present day, the warning has been passed on to generation after generation. At home, we wake our dog by calling his name when he is in this same state of dreaming. Nightmare, they say, is associated by immediate sleep when you just had a full meal, and that was my grandma talking. Well, she could be right still that we should give time for food to be digested. Doctors find it as a mysterious death, but these incidents have been and are immortalized in the Eastern Asia.

You can control nightmares from forming again in your next stage of sleep by praying (that if you are religious and think that praying would relieve you from it or from occurring again.)

My visiting nightmares are specifically my phobia on chickens! I sometimes experience being in a trance and struggle to get out of my frightening dreams of chickens. Once I have won the battle, I turn to my side still too scared to open my eyes or feel anything, and then I pray.

Hallucinations. Closely a cousin of the other types of dreams, hallucinations may occur between the states of being awake and asleep. It could also be associated with drug medication like my experience. I thought that I was dreaming, but I was hallucinating- opening my kidney and inside were file folders that I was scanning through…in my kidney!“You were hallucinating. That was not a dream.” Hallucination is often confused with dream. While a lucid dream (a dream within a dream) can be easily recognized as a dream upon waking, hallucination on the other hand may also comprise of clear images and in some instances complex as they may be. These visual images may be ill-sharpened, distorted or impaired and makes no sense to exist just like the “kidney-filing drawer”.

If you want your dream to be pleasant, you can control this by training your mind to think the good things that has happened or tuning to fantasizing on your wishes. You control your dreams by planning and molding your day ahead harmoniously. Before going to sleep, again if you are religious, you will pray for a good night sleep and sweet dreams.

Déjà Vu. “I have been here. But how could this be possible?” I believe in déjà vu. Dreams could come true. Even with this experience, I still find it confusing. Could it be just a plain dream or a mix of premonition in your dream, a precognitive dream? Could it be a wandering of a soul?

Déjà vu could occur one day later or maybe years after. It is the feeling to have experienced something before, been in a place before, or even thought of before when you truly believe you have not had any connection to these "experiences" in reality. In my “future-telling” precognitive experience back in my country, the Philippines, I was kind of foreseeing the future, my future! These “dreams” were produced by assembled thoughts of excitement perhaps for years in my mind which I will share to you my precognitive dream next. This precognitive (premonition) dream did not happen only once but a few times and in my dreams, it always had portrayed the exact same dream from the beginning.

Bilocation and Astral projection are both phenomenal. The similarity these both share is that astral projection is sort of a bilocation. I have read stories about the saints who went through “bilocation”. They were physically in two places in the physical world. In astral projection, man is engaged in one place in the physical realm. He is asleep and his double is not a physical double. Since we are asleep in this kind of state, then we are in a dream.

My deja vu. Finally seen the place days after my arrival in Canada, July 1993.

The wooden arch bridge at the Edwards Gardens that had repeatedly appeared in my dreams during the waiting period (years) of my immigration application to Canada.
The wooden arch bridge at the Edwards Gardens that had repeatedly appeared in my dreams during the waiting period (years) of my immigration application to Canada. | Source

Dream and Déjà Vu: "WHAT?!! Am I going nuts? This is impossible!"

I first arrived in Canada in July of 1993. I came as an immigrant sponsored by an immediate relative, the sister of my father. Our first tour of Toronto included a visit to the beautiful Edwards Gardens (Park). Here is the home of Toronto’s Botanical Garden.

Capturing the beauty of the surroundings, I proceeded to the valley with a stream in the midst just right below a wooden arch bridge inside the park. I walked to the middle of the bridge when instantly a strange strong feeling took over.

I said, “I have been here! But how could this be possible?” I stood flustered for a while, looking around in absolute confusion. The once was an imagery of the valley, walls of climbing plants, a willow tree, rocks alongside the stream, even the presence of geese in the waters, and the arch bridge made of wood became no illusion right before my eyes, and were all coming back from a dream that I remembered. I felt really weird and I could not get past the feeling that I have been in this same spot.

I questioned my tangled thoughts, “Is this called a déjà vu?” Perhaps, “Did my soul travel out of my body to this place in Canada?” Strange but significant!

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    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Hi starstream! Thanks!

      No. :) Some people wish they want to be psychic. But psychics claim that this "gift" could be dangerous and very stressful. They also feel that they are obligated (like help solve a problem because they can see it coming before it happens). But I think they are cool!

    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 5 years ago from Northern California

      Your deja vu experience was interesting to read. Are you psychic?

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Dreams are so interesting. I often write mine down for further analysis. Great inspirations can come from your dreams. Wonderful sharing and well written.

    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Thank you Cris! My dream continuous...

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      I love the photography. Voted up on this hub for real not in a dream. The realm of dreams--beautifully expressed! Love and Light to you coffeegginmyrice.