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Illuminati facts and questions...

Updated on November 10, 2013

What is truth and what is fiction?

The Illuminati is something that many people have heard of and still don't understand the meaning behind it. Illuminati refers to people that believe they have special knowledge of a subject or have special religious enlightenment. There is a confusion about the precise dates for the beginning of the Illuminati, but most people believe it was founded during the American Revolution period by Adam Weishaupt.

Adam Weishaupt was known as the founder of the Illuminati. He was a German Philosopher that was born in 1748. His father George Weishaupt died at an early age and Adam had to be raised by his godfather. Baron Ickstatt was his godfather and he was the curator of the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. Another fact about Ickstatt is that he turned his education to the jesuits of his institution. (Research Jesuits)

Adam Weishaupt went to school at Ingolstadt for law and in 1772 was made a Professor of Law. Beyond law he studied classic religion, mithrian mysteries, and theology. In 1744 he became a Freemason and later decided to create his own organization it in 1776. The name of the organization that he started was called "The Order of Perfectibilists". Later on the group became known as "Ordo Illuminati Bavarensis". In short the "Illuminati".

In 1777 Weishaupt joined a Ecletic Masonic lodge in Munich. He then decided to merge the two organizations. Masons and the Illuminati were then combined into one secret organization. This is how the Illuminati was founded and the history of it. On to more interesting information.

What are the symbols used in the Illuminati? There are many symbols that are known in the Illuminati. The all-seeing eye is one of the most known symbols of the Illuminati. Some people refuse to believe that this symbol can relate to a secret organization because it has roots as the eye of Horus that is an Egyptian symbol for protection. I am going to keep my personal beliefs out of this but if you want to dig deeper into this symbol there are tons of information out there. It is quite interesting.

Another symbol is the triangle. What! Triangles??? This may seem like so silly, but in reality any symbol can be used for other purposes. Let's look into this triangle symbol more. It is known around the world to be used as a symbol of homosexuality. I have read that many Illuminati members are either homosexual or support homosexuality. This is because Albert Pike was a member of Sovereign Grand Commander of the Masonic Scottish Rites Southern Jurisdiction in 1859-1891. He published a book that some people believe have mysteries and hints of homosexuality. Again, this is just a study out there.

There are two types of triangles in the Masonic beliefs. One that is equal on all sides and one that is a right angled triangle. The equilateral triangle represents the Grand Architect of the Universe. In ancient masonry it was exhibited in ceremonies and even the seats of the principal officers were arranged in triangle form. It meant Therefore to the masons; the triangle definitely had a level of importance.

The second triangle, the right angled triangle was used in Egyptian beliefs as the symbol of the universal nature. The base represented Osiris-Male, the perpendicular side represented Isis-Female, and the last side represented their son Horus. The masons believed the same belief as the Egyptians for this triangle; Universal Nature. Triangles contain the number three and this may be of importance as well.

The five pointed star also known as the pentagram is a symbol that is known to be used in the Illuminati. This five pointed star is seen in masonry and usually the star point is upward. Some say this is because it is associated with witchcraft. Another symbol is the sun, moon and stars. In scripture it is known as the host of heaven. This symbol has also been used in many Pagan practices. The sun is usually shown with a face representing a male sun god, the moon with a face represents a moon goddess, and the star represents the all-seeing eye.

There are other symbols but those are the main symbols used. Now, let's go into where does the Illuminati fit in society today. The Illuminati still exist today and has many powerful leaders. The Illuminati has different branches and these branches consist of many different groups. The first groups are banking/financial and then secret society groups. From there is streams down to other groups such as political groups, religious groups, intelligence groups and educational groups. Within these groups are powerful leaders all over the world.

Since I am telling you about what I have learned about the Illuminati, I should mention that I have noticed that it is believed that the music industry is greatly involved in the Illuminati. A few of the artists that have been linked to the Illuminati are Eminem, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. When you have time on your own research these artist and the link to the Illuminati. It is quite interesting and scary if you spend too much time researching like me. Ha!

If you didn't understand the Illuminati before reading this blog; I hope you understand it more now. Peace, love, and blessings!

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