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6 Ways You Can Improve your Self-Initiation Ritual

Updated on March 8, 2015

Self-Initiation Ritual


6 Ways You Can Improve your Self-Initiation Ritual

The Self-Initiation Ritual of the solitary witch is probably the most important first step in becoming a solitary witch. There are many things you may like to add to spice up your first ritual, and also any other future rituals. Whatever you decide to do just remember that this is a celebration for you and your goddess. My hope is that this suggestion will help make all your rituals fun and memorable. Many of you Solitary Witches who have already taken your Self-Initiation Ritual may want to skip this or read on and maybe find some tips you would like to use in your next ritual.

  • Special note most people who are just starting on their Wicca path may feel they will offend their deities if they don’t have everything store bought before taking their self-dedication ritual. This is not the case many of us working with a minimal budget will substitutes items or make do with the objects we have at hand. There is no need to have all the best materials starting off. You are in essence declaring to the gods and goddess your intent to follow the path of learning and not putting on a show.

Here are a few suggestions for your self-initiation ritual you may wish to use prior and during the ritual to enhance your experience of this once in a lifetime event. Keep in mind these are merely suggestions that you may wish to incorporate in your self-initiation ritual (remember this your rituals and you should feels free to try or reject or come up with your own).

  • Wake up early and watch the sunrise
  • Take a purity bath
  • Meditate during your purifying bath.
  • Perform the ritual sky clad
  • Memorize some of the ritual
  • Write down the ritual and your vows in your own hands writing



Wake up early and watch the sunrise

Waking up early and watching the sunrise on the day of the ritual, and subsequently if possible watching the sunset on the day of ritual. This is a great way to remember your first day as a Wicca and to pay tribute to the beauty that the gods gave us. This one is possibly my personal favourite step and is so easy to do. However the timing for sunset is crucial you don’t want to be in the middle of a ritual and have to stop sunset.

Purity bath


Take a purity bath

Prior to rituals I find taking a purity bath or shower (if no bath is available) with essentials oil, and sea salt can really help you focus on your mind, body and soul and think of it slowly getting purer and glowing clean. There is nothing like having a clean body mind and soul to get you primed for any Wiccan celebration whether it is esbat or Sabbath.

Meditate during your purifying bath.

Meditating during your purifying bath or shower is a great way to free yourself of all unwanted negative thoughts and energy. While meditation let go of all the stress and negativity you acquire during you work week.

Perform the ritual sky clad

Performing the ritual sky clad (optional) this should be only attempted indoors or a safe outside location. This one is not for everybody, and may not be optimal to do for some rituals. I would advice some caution for this step. Also one should be caution when performing whatever rituals especially near an open flame.

Memorize some of the ritual

Memorizing some of the steps ritual this will personalize the ceremony for you. No one expects you to know the whole rituals by heart, but having some sense of the details will sure it flow in a more natural way. Some o you want to at least have your pledge and prayers memorized.

Write down in own words


Write down the ritual and your vows in your own hands writing.

Having the ritual and your vows writing down in your own hands writing, rather than having it printed or read from a book will help make the ceremony feel more low tech rather high tech. Whatever you feel more comfortable with, the key hear is to help you to keep you grounded.

For most the self-initiation ritual for the solitary witch is a day that never comes. Many off us lose interest and motivation on our way to becoming Wiccan? This is largely do to the lack of a support group to keep us going and to answer those questions we never find in books or online. The path of a solitary witch may sometime feels lonely and unfulfilling. It is not uncommon to take a break from the learning and searching for answers. Those of us who do come back reenergized will be all the better for it.

Which is your favorite way to improve your rituals

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Blessed Be! Please feel free to leave a comment.

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