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Infinite God

Updated on September 5, 2014

Exploring my poem about the infinite God

Once again I take one of my poems and explore the meaning behind it. Explaining a poem does not in any way ruin it, it simply makes it accessible to more people, who perhaps would not be able to enter in to its meaning on their own. What could be better than the author's own explanation. I hope in this way you will be able to enjoy my poetry more and find yourself nearer to God.

God the Infinite

God the Infinite dwells with me,

Vaster than the ocean,

Deeper than the sea.

God the almighty dwells with me

Stronger than the tempest

Fiercer than tsunami

God the all-seeing, has me in his care,

Watches all around me,

Seeing everywhere.

God the all-knowing one,

Knows each step I take,

Watches o'er my progress,

Sleeping or awake

Dancing light unseen, unseeable.

Moving like the wind from where to where.

God my Redeemer permeating everything,

In him we live and move and are.

Music of the spheres sing his praise,

Thunder clap, volcano spout, mighty sea roar

All dwarfed by His magnificence.

Far too wonderful to be trapped in a poem God my Creator

Listen to me read this poem

The first poem this year and for a long time.

I wrote this poem for an assignment in one of the units of my course Faith and Worship whilst training to be a local preacher with the Methodist church. We are called local preachers to distinguish us from full time ministers. The unit is called Picturing God . The assignment was to write a meditation on God. I chose to write a poem because I have used this medium in the past and enjoyed it. I had not written any poems for a long time. This one seems to have opened the floodgates to an out pouring of more poems this year. The fact of having an outlet in Squidoo has also helped. I am not someone who writes for myself. I like an audience.

What is God like?

Let's explore

The poem talks about the attributes of God, what the Bible tells us He is like. Many of us have a very poor view of who Almighty God is. We all have an inadequate view of Him because that is the nature of things. He is so totally "other" and beyond us, but I think we should still try to catch at least a glimpse of His wonder. If we all contribute a bit to understanding Him it can only be to the good.Are view of God is like the tip of the iceberg which gives us a tiny glimpse of the immensity of the whole.

Living with us

And so my first stanza talks of God's vastness, and at the same time says that He dwells with me. How amazing that this great God wants to live with us.We who are unkind to one another, cheat and lie. He wants us to come back to Him and ask for the forgiveness that only He can give.

Next we see that He is the Almighty God. We treat Him so badly, we ignore Him. He could squash us so easily but He is not like that He wants to live with us. He sent Jesus so that we could be brought back to him. I have likened His power to the tempest and tsunami. Things which frighten us but which are far weaker than Almighty God.

God's care for you and me

In the next stanza we see that God is the all-seeing one. If we have a guilty conscience this can be scarey but again He uses his all-seeing ability to look after us. He is only scarey if we turn our back on Him. But He wants to bless us. What fools we are to turn our back on this all-caring God.

Do you go to bed at night feeling scared? Then this next verse is for your. The all-knowing God has you in His care. Commit your life to Him and you are safe. This is not an easy safeness, all sorts of problems may come into your life, but if you are trusting in God, in Jesus He will bring you through everything.He is not a tame god, you cannot dictate to Him, but if you can truly say"thy will be done" you will find great peace in trusting that he knows best. We do not come to this place easily we wrestle with it. Our human nature pulls us one way, we think we know what is best for us. Sometimes God allows us to go this way so that we can see for ourselves that it is not the best way for us. He knows the end from the beginning and He allows us to explore and make mistakes. He is waiting to welcome us home when we find His way is best.

How close is He

"Dancing light, unseen, unseeable." God is not physical except in Jesus. He is like the light unseeable. We do not see the light we just see what the light makes visible to us. We cannot see God or touch Him or hear him in a physical sense. But if we come through Jesus we can have communion with Him. We have to worship "in spirit and in truth." Similarly He is like the wind, we cannot see it but we can see by the movement of the trees, where it is at work. We can feel it on our face but we cannot catch it in our hands."In Him we live and move and have our being" We breathe Him in with the air. That is how close He is to us. This will either fill you with wonder, if you love Him, or terror if you have not surrendered to him.

Still more wonderful

In the last stanza the creation worships God by being as spectacular as it can, but always tiny in relation to God Himself.

Then we are brought down to earth with a bump. No matter what we say we cannot enclose God in a poem. There will always be more wonderful things to say about Him for He is our creator.

you may be an atheist. I would still like to hear your comments.

Does this poem help you to think about God? - Tell me what you think

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    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Hello Liz! Your poem is wonderful! I love "In Him we live and move and have our being"! Excellent and Blessed :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      God is definitely infinite. Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem. :)

    • ctavias0ffering1 profile image

      ctavias0ffering1 8 years ago

      Excellent lens, very well written 5* and a sprinkling of Angel Dust for your beautiful work.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I love your poem! Great lens, 5*, please visit my lenses here and comment, I'am a poet also. Will follow on Twitter.



    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I love Jesus! His love is indescribable!! This lens is fabulous. I love seeing fellow Christians on here! Keep up the great work! 5*****

    • CCGAL profile image

      CCGAL 8 years ago

      This is beautiful on many levels.

      First, the poem has rhythm that reminded me of sacred music I've enjoyed for a lifetime, such as the hymns of Fanny Crosby, so I felt soothed as I read.

      The explanations take one deeper into the poem, and are almost a meditation by themselves.

      The photographs beautifully illustrate the concepts being expressed in the poem.

      How can I not give you 5 stars and a favorite? You brought me joy this morning.