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Opening The Third Eye

Updated on January 23, 2016

Third Eye/6th shakra


What is the Third Eye?

When my children were little I used to tell them, "don't do that, I can see you." They would answer "how can you see us mom , we can only see the back of your head?" "Ah" I would reply, "I have an eye in the back of my head that I can see you with. The Third Eye." They laughed at me, but they wondered how I knew what they were doing when my back was facing them. Parental instinct, right?

Our eyes are like a camera. When we look at something with both eyes it reflects upside down, sending messages to the brain. It interprets an image to be right side up. But the sixth chakra, or the "third eye," looks into your inner self which can clarify an even bigger picture toward intuition, the spiritual world, and even unknown plains.

I may have told my kids that there was a third eye in the back of my head, joking around, but the real "spiritual eye" or "third eye" does exist and has been long known to humanity.

Descartes stated It is the "seat of the soul", the inner vision, known as the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is a cone shaped, pea sized gland located in the center of the cranium, slightly behind the bridge of the nose. It is the symbol of all seeing, clairvoyance, and perception. This gland is activated by light, or even a head injury, and controls biorhythms in the body. It works with the hypothalamus gland controlling thirst, sexual desire, and even our aging process. Our link from the physical to the spiritual worlds.

The third eye is the sixth chakra of the body, located between the eyes and above the bridge of the nose. It is what connects the unconscious to the conscious mind. Purple/indigo is the associated color.

The "Spiritual Eye" performs two different functions. It can act as a broadcasting station or a radio-receiving apparatus.Your intuition passes through your heart to the spiritual eye and is transformed into a receiving station. Feeling and Intuition allows the 5 senses to pass through the spiritual eye that open the passage of near and distant future happenings. Vibrations can be changed by concentrating ion the visual.This could be why there is " the law of cause and effect."

When the third eye is in good balance it keeps logic and emotions balanced. It helps intuition, empathy for others and helps you build trust within yourself

When the eye chakra is open but out of balance it can cause possible disorientation, fatigue or lack of listening to others.

So when my kids were little , I really wasn't so far off telling them I knew what they were doing without looking at them.

The Seven Chakras

There are seven chakras of the body, starting at the base of the spine to the top of the head. The chakras are vortex energy points that allow the flow of energy into the body

There are different ways to balance, heal, and open your awareness of each chakra. But the concentration of this article is for the sixth chakra, "the third eye."

The Third Eye

Research and the Frontal Lobe

In 2012, the University of Liverpool researchers found that the frontal lobe is the area of the brain that is developed much more for those that can visualize and mentalize.

The "Third Eye Chakra" is what your insight, imagination, wisdom, and intuition are associated with..

A Young Boys Spiritual Eye?

A true short story; When my nephew G. was four, and in preschool, he said to his teacher "you had two babies die, didn't you?" The teacher called my sister in tears and asked her how he would have known that she had had a set of twins that were stillborn.. When asking G. he replied," I connected a string from between my eyes to between her eyes, and I saw her babies were born dead ,like I was watching it on a TV but without any color". Interesting! Maybe that was intuition, his "spiritual eye" or his "third eye". What would you think?

Four Questions to Learn if Your Third Eye is Open.

If, you are wondering if your "third eye" is open or if you would like to open the "spiritual eye chakra," then here are four questions to ask your self, developed by the Eco Institute:

  • Do you have perception beyond where your eyes can see>
  • Do you have easy access to the layer of your mind with the deepest most profound thoughts?
  • Are you able to have lucid vivid dreams and can you recall them vividly the next day?
  • Do you consider yourself a spiritual person on a higher level of consciousness?

If you have answered no to any of these questions than your third eye may be blocked or not yet opened.

Want to Know How You Can Open Your Third Eye?

Watch the You Tube Video by Teal Swan and she will explain how you can open your "third eye" chakra..

Opening Your Third Eye

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