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The Art of Intercession and You (Study Starts Here)

Updated on January 11, 2021
Bridging the Gap (Old 14th Century Castle ruins Baden Austria 2008)
Bridging the Gap (Old 14th Century Castle ruins Baden Austria 2008)

The Art of Intercession And You



In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God and the WORD WAS GOD. (Jn.1:1)

We are about to enter into praying, walking, living, the WORD.

This LIVING WORD, that was Jesus in the flesh, and made manifest to us.

Himself to us, and into us and the Word to us and into us. That we in unity, become the active working parts of Christ’s ministry on the earth. Part of this ministry is through intercessory prayer.

This is really an introduction to intercession for anyone who already has a heart for hearing from God on what matters to him. If we the church, can grasp the far reaching power and place of this ministry and are willing to sacrifice time to see it develop within us individually and corporately, I know the results will be phenomenal.

Then if God is calling us into this place with him, our joining with him will bring with it an ear to his voice and attentiveness to his leading. We agree that prayer is the backbone of ministry and that it is the single greatest tool used by God to accomplish his purposes. Intercession, when fully embraced by any ministerial body assures that ministry of success in God. This is an invaluable tool within any ministry and should be nurtured and cared for with love, respect and encouragement.

The intention of this study is to bring the heart of God into our minds, hearts, spirits, and out through our mouths, fulfilling Jesus calling according to Luke 4: 18,19 & Is.61: 1-3.

The following articles are a random collection of writings over the past ten to fifteen years. They are thoughts and revelations put together from my own personal experience in intercession and my own study of the subject. They first became a complete collection around 2000 to 2001 first printing & 2003, shared with others a small set printed and now a revised work and teaching manual 2009.


Father God; I ask that you would quicken the minds and hearts of those who participate in this study, and that you, Holy Spirit would hover over these your saints, guarding their lives. I ask that you blind the eyes, and deafen the ears of the enemy, that they could not and will not know your plans for those you have issued the call to stand in the throneroom with you, and to know your heart and mind. Purify their heart, and minds even this moment, and assist them to possess with clarity the things that are of you Heavenly Father.

I speak with clarity and authority to release into their spirits wisdom, revelation and truth. Now Holy Spirit love through them, letting your Kingdom come with power into their lives, and that you will be glorified through them. In the name of Jesus, who is your Son and who is the WORD, I ask these things, and express with thanksgiving your participation in all our lives. Amen.

WORDS (Introduction part 2)

Prayer is the use if WORDS. Words are very powerful.

Words have been used to control lives. When the enemy the devil attacks us, most of the time he uses words, to condemn, confuse, words to bring on fear, worry, persecution, deceit, temptation and so on. When he came to Jesus in the wilderness he tempted him with twisted words, but Jesus quoted him the true word in the right context. He was unable to fool him as he did with Eve and Adam.

Jesus Name is a word, he is the Living Word, and when used in accordance with or combined with God’s written word and will, his name has power/authority, because he is the Living Word made manifest in this world. (His name was common at that time.)

Faith comes by hearing words, but not just any ordinary words, God’s Word, Spirit-filled and Living.

We need these type of words in our prayers, Spirit-filled, Living.

We hear words all the time, but not all words touch our spirit.

Proverbs 4:20-24… incline your ear to my sayings, …put away from you crooked speech, and put devious talk far from you.

Matt. 12:34b For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Matt. 12:36,37. “ I tell you, on the day of judgement men will render account for every careless word they utter, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

Jesus spoke and people were healed, even those who were in another place. Why? Authority!

Prayer. The laws of prayer work, whether you are an experienced warrior or not, the law is the same, the level of experience is different. Like flying.

Authority given = things happen.

“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, (in earthen vessels) as it is in heaven.” Entering into the “WORD”, that word being Jesus, for He is “The Way, the Truth, the Life.” Be “IN” the way, Be “IN” the truth, and “BECOMING”, one in the Father and Son. Jn. 17 Being one and living the life.

Heb. 4:12 Living, Active, Sharper, Piercing, Discerning thoughts and intents of the heart.

John 1:1 The LOGOS of God, in the beginning WAS with God, The word WAS God, now Jesus, now Holy Spirit, now to us and in us, LIVING in us, ACTIVE in us.

Matt. 4:4 It is written, not bread, but every WORD…

John 15:7 My WORD is in you, when it is happening in you ask…

Eph. 6:17 the WORD, sword, spoken, used to advance.

The REMA WORD or message, sets others free, that Living WORD, is like a breath from God, quickening, changing, the Spirit moves that WORD, renewing etc. when used in prayer, in and through Jesus. Living Water is the flowing part of prayer.

Mark 13:31 My WORD will never pass away…

I Peter 1:25 the WORD stands forever…

Get the WORD into you.

Jer. 1:2, The WORD of the Lord came to me…

Vs. 4, The WORD came to me saying…

Vs 8, I am with you, I will rescue you…

Vs 9, Now I have put my WORDS in your mouth…

Vs 12, The Lord is watching over His WORD to see its fulfillment…

Jesus, the word, the great intercessor. He ever makes intercession for the saints. He stands as a physical representative before the Father on our behalf. There is no greater intercession made.

We worry and fuss continually over word formulas to prayer, ritual, tradition, doctrine and so on. There are elements all about us that are contrary to the will of God. Great opposition that has been there since the beginning, and yet we don’t see God sweating about it all. He has put governments and men in power and allows world situations. We cannot fathom the why and the wherefore, but there they are. He tells us in his word that he establishes them and that nothing stands without his sustaining power. Rom.13:1-3

So, the question is asked, why prayer or intercession at all, what really matters?

If we have to deal with past, present and future all within the context of God being all knowing, all powerful, all eternal; then what does he need us for?

Well, let’s see… Jesus is the living word and he was representing God while he was here and said “I’m doing the works of my Father, who was always working.” (Emphasis mine) We are to do likewise. So what is Jesus and the Father doing right now? What is their priority and agenda for this moment? If you don't KNOW; aren't you interested in finding out?

All the things that pertain to this world, all the sin, the buying, selling, worry, marrying, war, are distractions. They steal away and undermine the fundamental foundation of God such as the first commandment. If we truly loved God, shouldn’t we know what we are supposed to be doing? Wouldn’t we hear much clearer and be able to let go of the distractions? So let us follow in Jesus footsteps and let God fill us with him, the Living Word. Amen.

Consider checking out the other articles if you are desiring to see your intercession take on a new dimension.

I believe they will be helpful in spurring on your heart and spirit. I think that there is something for everyone to be encouraged.


L. © Protected By Copyright. Contact Author for permission to use any content of all or any part of articles. The author is pleased to share his work. Thank You... Lawrence Clark.



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