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6 Things about the Holy Trinity You Can't Afford to Ignore

Updated on October 25, 2015

The Fullness of the Godhead

Making a connection with the trinity within, or the Godhead: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, requires a believer to focus within instead of without. However, the concept of inward focus is the most unfamiliar and neglected form of worship outside the knowledge of the saints. Focusing within is an activity that has been for a long time associated with cultism practices such as transcendental meditation and yoga. Many mainstream denominations and especially Evangelical leaders have discouraged such practices. But this is a tremendous misconception. Without the divine knowledge that we are the temple of God in which the Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwells, believers will continue to look outside of themselves for solutions to their problems

Although God is everywhere, having the perception of a distant God who has to come down and fight our battles, diminishes our intimacy with Him. God is always with us, around us and within us. A number of scriptures encourage the believer to acknowledge the presence and power of God within them. Not only the presence of God but the entire trinity has its residence with the temple of our being. For example, According to John 14:21, Christ states that if a person believes in his words and keeps them, God will love such as person and come dwell within Him along with the other God-head body, which includes Christ and the Holy Ghost. Therefore, every genuine believer should make the activity of turning to the kingdom of heaven within them, acknowledging the trinity moment by moment. The practice must become a lifestyle.

The Temple of God: The Believer's Body

The believer's body is the temple of God. This is a fact that cannot be ignored. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit-the inner trinity- dwells inside of every believer. The awareness of this truth must become a revelation of every believer who desires to overcome the world and experience a power beyond imagination. Once it becomes a revelation, a believer can boldly proclaim, according to scripture, ”Greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world.” Such revelation will enable us to confront all conditions and circumstances with confidence and boldness. The greatest consolation is that we are not facing the world alone. Our troubles become as peanuts when we are aware that the trinity is within us. Weather our troubles originate from man, conditions or circumstances, within us is the power, love and sound mind to overcome it. All those who desire a victorious walk in Christ should find such truth extremely comforting.

The Bible Belt

Trinity in Control

Many enlightened believers, including myself, depend on the trinity within to transform the environments in which we find ourselves. Seemingly impossible things happen when we depend on the trinity to solve problems in our surroundings. By going within, hour after hour, and knowing that the trinity is in control, the power of God gradually changes a bad situation into a good one. The situation could be chaos in the home, at your place of work, or in your neighborhood or community. It doesn’t matter. The trinity establishes an atmosphere of peace in whatever environment the believer finds himself. It changes the attitudes and dispositions of people who may not have our best interest in mind. Many believers are unaware of this power. But the God-head body within us can change people's heart whose aim is to ruin our lives. The trinity never forsakes us in dire situations. According to scripture, the presence of the trinity is always with us. However, we often forsake it or deny its power when we are faced with pain and hardship. We blame God for our problems and we wish He would act upon our behalf, even though He has given us the authority to act in unity with Him. Nevertheless, the benefits of trusting the inner trinity to solve our problems give us a sense of prosperity and peace in every endeavor. There is no longer a fear that we are carrying a burden alone when we acknowledge the presence and force of this magnificent power operating through us. It empowers us to get hard things accomplished quicker than would normally be expected, with an abundance of energy left over.

The trinity is available to every believer upon demand. Acknowledging the presence and power of the trinity within empowers us with faith to perform supernatural miracles in whatever place we enter. The trinity, an unimaginable force, will move every mountain of trouble in the way of the believer. It can create the kingdom of God around us.

The Only Power

No power exists separate and apart from the God head. Whatever problems a believer must deal with originate from the carnal nature of man. Our carnal nature is corrupted with doubt, fear, unbelief and selfishness. That is why we must put on a divine belief system, which is the mind of Christ. All believers are commanded to possess the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is actually the wisdom and knowledge of God. If all believers possessed the mind of Christ, the problems within their lives would vanish forever. The mind of Christ has authority over all the forces of darkness. Millions of pastures can't grasp the significance of this idea. If the mind of Christ, in which every believer is ordained to possess, is designed to exercises all authority over the enemy, then the believer can say with boldness: “I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people who have set themselves against me around about.” No mountain of problems can even be considered to stand against the power of the trinity. Negative conditions and circumstances have no place in the presence and power of God. Instead these conditions are illusions that the enemy uses for the sole purpose of deceiving the saints of God into hopelessness and despair.

Whenever believers allow people, circumstances, and condition to force them to give up, they are denying the power of the inner trinity and victimizing themselves. Our problems can become our gods when we bow to them in hopelessness and despair. However, the God of the trinity is displeased when we bow to other gods besides Him. He doesn't appreciate it when, mankind, His most prized creation, worships other ideas and objects out of fear and favor. These fears and moments of despair are certainly not of God. Therefore we, as believers, must not submit to them. Instead, as we make our connection with the trinity within us moment by moment, the depth of authority within us increases and we are empowered to do mighty things in the world. There are no limits. No matter what a believer has seen or not seen; not matter what a believer has heard or not heard and no matter what a believer has thought or not thought, the power of the trinity within him is a spectacular union of eternal beings, a power of unimaginable authority and dominion.

Inner Acknowledgment

If the believer receives the magnificent power of the inner trinity, she will be able to move every mountain, overpower any problem, and move from glory to glory until she has conquered every environment. For example, in our homes, we can trust in the trinity to establish a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, not matter what the situation looks like at the present. There may be problems of alcohol, drugs, anger or some form of physical and psychological abuse. No matter how powerful the problem may appear on the outside, it is nothing is the presence of our inner trinity. This inner treasure makes the believer more than a conqueror. When we acknowledge the inner trinity as the ultimate authority over every illness, potential accident or condition, the problem will vanish, sometimes within minutes or hours. For example, when a believer moves in an environment where demonic disturbances such as yelling and cursing surrounds him and where people are going berserk with violent activities, if she brings the power of the inner trinity to bare upon the situation, by turning to it time and time again, the problems and disturbances will begin to disappear and a sense of calmness will arise.

According to scripture, God desires for His people to “dwell in peaceful habitation, sure dwellings an in quiet resting places.” Where ever God places us within an environment, peace and stability is the state he wants us to establish. A community or neighborhood is not an exception when it comes to God setting things in order. For example, one strong believer moving into a drug infested area is empowered to transform the whole environment to a state of peace and stability. How: By acknowledging the trinity as the only authority within the community. Any activity short of establishing peace will indicate a sense of fear and worship of other gods. For example, when we perceive people, circumstances and conditions as being more powerful than the inner trinity, then we are worshiping other gods. This is called idolatry. When we diminish ourselves before adversity, we diminish the power within us. We quench the power of the inner trinity and make it submissive to dark forces. This is blasphemy to God. The inner trinity gives us authority over all the forces of darkness. Therefore, believers who live in any community must make the inner trinity the final authority within the environment.

Acknowledging Your Inner Authority

As a Christian believer, do you acknowledge the trinity within you or do you deny it?

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Claiming the Inner Kingdom

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

The Knowledge of the inner kingdom found in this book will empower the believer to conquer every situation and condition that interrupts the joy of freedom and progress in his life and affairs.


Authority in the Workplace

Believers must not avoid acknowledging the inner trinity in the workplace, the place where people play corporate politics with one another. The workplace can be one of the most stressful places in a believer's life if they are unaware of the inner trinity and its ability to set the crooked things straight. God has placed each of us in an occupation not only to earn a paycheck but to be an instrument of transformation within the work place. However, in many work places believers keep a low profile in order to keep the peace as well as to keep their jobs. But such fear of man should never be a factor in letting the power of the inner trinity shine. The believer must acknowledge the inner trinity upon the job and allow it to perform and perfect that which concerns her. She must not be ashamed of the inner trinity in the presence of her cc-workers and in front of her boss. A believer must understand that all authority is within her, not in the boss or co-workers. The inner trinity always has the final judgment in any situation. The quicker the believer loses concern of what the boss might say or do; the inner trinity takes full authority in the workplace.

However, I am not advocating disobedience in the workplace. The believer must follow the instructions of his boss in the workplace. This is the will of God. Fulfilling every duty pertaining to our job pleases God as long as the duties do not break any ethical codes. If a believer is asked to do something that is beyond God's ethical plan, the believer must refuse without reservation. God will honor this and provide whatever needs or defense that might become necessary. Remember, the trinity fights our battles for us. But if we fear our bosses or those that are temporarily over us, we are bowing to false gods. This activity is sinful. The work place is conquered territory. It belongs to God. The inner trinity (the Godhead) has authority over every person, condition or circumstance in the workplace, especially those who are under the curse of the devil. Because the inner trinity has power to stop all those who are led by the power of the enemy, so does the believer have power to stop those who are of the world and who are governed by the forces of darkness. According to biblical scripture, the trinity within us gives us power over all the power of the enemy. To acknowledge this truth will empower a believer to operate with the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is not the mind of man. The mind of Christ is one of unwavering faith and conviction that all things are possible. The kingdom of heaven is within us to do extraordinary things. But the believer must believe, dropping the thoughts and beliefs of the world and obtaining the thoughts and beliefs of God.

The believer's authority and dominion over all the forces of darkness operating in man is illustrated in psalms 149:5-9. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and the two-edged sword in their hand; to execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishment upon the people; to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; to execute upon them the judgment written: this honor have all the saints. Praise the Lord.

The power to execute judgment upon the affairs of man is an honor given to all believers who trusted in the inner trinity. When believer come to this realization, the earth will indeed be delivered by the glorious power and liberty of the people of God.

Authority in the Community

Therefore, the environment in which a believer dwells must be brought under the authority of the inner trinity. This is the will of God. Our authority hasn't been given to us to not participate in the establishment of God's kingdom in the earth. We must exercise authority over the powers of darkness that has taken control of every community. Drugs, gangs and violence are the results of demonic forces operating in many neighborhoods and communities. The objective of these dark forces is to bring fear and bondage into the environment. Satan desire to make people prisoners inside their own homes, especially in violent communities. Even nearby churches are ineffective in influencing these communities, mainly out of fear and ignorance of the authority God has given them. Ignorance and fear are conditions that the forces of darkness can exploit. These forces take control of territories within the community and promote an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. However, it is our duty to cast down these dark powers and principalities by the power of our inner trinity. When believers begin to acknowledge the inner trinity, by turning within throughout the day, the power of the trinity gradually transforms the community. The more a Christian engages in this divine practice, the faster the community will be transformed in oasis of peace and tranquility.

The bottom line is that the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit operate through the believer so that he can be an instrument of righteousness. The trinity wants to take full control and activate the power and dominion it has invested within every saint. Making moment by moment inward connection with the trinity must become a lifestyle. To not acknowledge this inner trinity makes us enemies of God, denying His intimacy and power in our lives. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost dwell in the temple of the believer, a new creature. If the body of Christ is to rise above the traditions of man and establish God’s kingdom on earth, it must gain a revelation of the inner trinity.



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    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

      Yes, we Christians tend to forget that we have that same power within us, that Resurrection power, that rose Jesus from the dead, but we fail to tap into it, when we do have it! I know I tap into it every morning on my daily commute into the city to work : ) and it makes all the difference in the world, believe me!

      Up and more and sharing

      God bless, Faith Reaper

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 3 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Our bodies are the temple of God and He does bless us by dwelling there when we choose to invite Him to do so, but how we use that blessing is important, too. God bless you.

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