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Iron In Witchcraft

Updated on May 28, 2016

Iron is a metal which has been used for many centuries. It has been used to fashion swords, daggers, shields, and other weaponry. It is associated with the planet Mars in witchcraft. This means that is used for martial reasons. You can use metal in many ways as an occultist. Metal can be used in amulets. Iron is known for it's protective properties. This lens will discuss various ways which iron can be used in magick.

Protective magick helps a person when they feel threatened. Your house may have been broken into. This is a very disturbing experience. While magick cannot erase this experience, we can use protective magick to help us cope with this incident. Iron can be used in the form of spikes. These spikes can be buried at the 4 corners of your home. Iron filings can also be place at the windows in your home in a bowl. This method of sympathetic magick is very easily understood. Iron is a very firm metal. This is what makes it very popular as a shield. A sword would have a difficult time piercing iron. This is the link which you are forming when you use it in protective magick. You are trying to make your home impenetrable.

The most common form of magick involving iron is the horseshoe. A horseshoe is the most popular good luck charm of them all. It has been used in many countries around the world. In Ireland it is placed upright so your luck will not run out. Other countries do the exact opposite. They want the luck to pour down on you as you enter the home. It is said that the luck enters one side of the horseshoe. The iron neutralizes any ill luck. The good luck comes out the other side.

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