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AVATAR: A Spiritual Interpretation

Updated on July 27, 2015
Beth Buckley profile image

Beth has a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy and currently helps others through the body mind connection at Whole Body Synchroflow.

James Cameron's Latest Movie Is Spiritual

Mr. Cameron has outdone himself with this movie! It is more spectacular than his last box office hit, The Titanic. The special effects are state of the art, the best in the history of film making technology. If you love romance, science fiction, fantasy, mysticism, epic battles and nature than this must be one of your favorite movies.

This article is dedicated to exploring the spiritual nature of the movie Avatar through interpretation of specific quotes. When you watch the movie, some things are obviously spiritual in nature and others are not. Have fun and enjoy the interesting reading to follow and please feel free to comment, vote and add your own interpretations.

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Before You Read This Lens, Please Vote - Avatar & Spirituality

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The Awakening

"One Life Ends. Another Begins."

Jake Scully (played by Sam Worthington) makes this statement at the beginning of "Avatar" after he learns that his twin brother has died. Jake is to take his brother's place in a scientific study on Pandora, a moon in the Alpha Centuari Star System. He is very sad to learn of his brother's death, but feels hopeful about his new mission as an avatar operator.

This quote is about having a second chance at happiness in life. Many people live in a cloud of despair, anger, frustration and fear. Just as they live in a life of misery so can they live in a life of joy. Everyone is given this opportunity. All it takes is to awaken from the slumber of unconsciousness and to begin listening to your Inner Being, God, Buddha, the Universe, or whatever you want to call it. Set your intention to listen and follow your inner guidance system and be prepared for many doors to happiness opening for you.

Follow Your Own Path

"Maybe I Was Sick Of Doctors Telling Me What I Couldn't Do."

This is Jake Scully's response to Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver), head of the Avatar Program, when she asked him, "What were you thinking?" She considers Jake to be inadequate to replace his brother who was a trained avatar operator and scientist. She feels she is being exploited by Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi), the head of the mining operation, and vents her displaced anger at Jake.

Who hasn't heard the story about a parent who did not follow their dream, regrets it later in life and then decides that their child will fulfill it for them? Even if the child has no common interest in the dream? This quote is about following your own path in life and not listening to what other people think you should be doing or not doing. What is important is intending to do your best at all times, from a place of love. And this may or may not jive with the people in your life.

It is also about the medical profession. It is a call to the medical profession to be compassionate supporters of their patients. They should realize the impact their words can have on their patients. On a spiritual level, healing depends upon energy flow, which depends upon a person's belief system. Quantum physics has shown us that thoughts produce outcomes, so if a person believes their disease is not curable then it is not, and vice versa. Despite the person's stage of disease, there is always hope. In some situations, hope may simply mean that the person reconnects with their family in a new and loving way before passing to the light. If medical professionals could offer some hope to their patients then they become an active participant and set the stage for miracles to occur.


"You Get Me What I Need And I'll See To It That You Get Your Legs Back, Your Real Legs."

This is a quote by Col. Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang), leader of the security forces and an ex-Marine. Col. Quaritch wants Jake to give him intelligence about the Na'Vi and what it will take for them to abandon their homeland, Hometree. The mining corporation wants to exploit the valuable reserves of a mineral called unobtanium, the largest deposit of which resides under Hometree.

Jake has decided to become an avatar operant and now he is being enticed to act against what is beneficial for life. Have you ever had a seemingly great offer, but it didn't FEEL good to you? Maybe you took the offer for superficial reasons like money, prestige, or appearances and later realized the mistake. The theme of this quote is to have courage, follow your intuition or instinct and not give into temptation.


"I Know You Don't Understand This, But Thank You."

After jake is lost in the jungle of Pandora, he is saved by a young Na'Vi woman named Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). It is immediately obvious that they speak different languages, however, Jake offers thanks to his rescuer anyway.

The simplicity of this quote is perfect. Appreciation comes from the heart and does not need to be understood or even recognized by the other person. If you feel great appreciation for the things you love in your life, they will flourish. When there are situations that you do not like, simply withdraw your (negative) energy and thoughts from them. Instead, focus on what you want and trust that it will happen. As time and space come between you and your negative energies (thoughts, emotions, etc.) and they are replaced with positive ideas, your life will shift and flow in a much smoother, easier manner.


"You Are Like A Baby, Making Noise But Don't Know What To Do."

This is what Neytiri tells Jake when she rescues him from Pandora's dangerous jungle. Jake is what Neytiri's mother, Mo'at (C. C. H. Pounder), the Na'Vi shaman, calls a "Dream-walker". He is a human-Na'vi hybrid, grown in the labs of Dr. Augustine and controlled by the genetically matched human operators. He looks like a Na'Vi, but he does not have the same experience, life skills, understanding or knowledge.

Once you make the choice to live a spiritual life, you might feel like a child, not knowing what to do or how to do it. The message within this quote is to have faith and trust in your Self. Maintain your daily intention to change your life to a more spiritual one and know in your heart that it will be. This strength and faith will help you along the way. You will be guided, either by those in the spiritual realm or by people you come into contact with.


"They Are Seeds Of The Sacred Tree, Very Pure Spirits. It Is A Sign From Eywa."

After Jake is saved by Neytiri, a group of living, floating, white light Beings land all over his outstretched arms. This quote is in response to him saying, "What are they?" and "What was that all about?"

A synchronicity is an event that occurs for no known reason but which has significance and meaning for the person(s) involved. It is also know as a 'sign' of a spiritual nature, such as in this case from the Mother Goddess, Eywa. The purpose of this quote is to remind us of the presence of signs and synchronicities in our lives. When we tap into these resources, we access the Eternal and our own inner power. Be alert for their happenings and learn from them whatever message you receive.

Nurturing The Body

"I have to trust my body to know what to do."

As Jake learns the ways of the Na'Vi, he is amazed at the skill and physical abilities of his new body. The Na'Vi are blue skinned, larger than humans and stronger. They live in harmony with the animals and plants of Pandora.

Just as Jake must learn to trust the abilities of his new body, we must learn to take care of our physical bodies. We must learn to listen to our bodies and provide the needed rest, exercise, play, nutrients, sunlight and water. Too often people do not listen to their bodies and ask too much of it, causing disease, illness and injuries. If you treat your body like it deserves to be treated, it will reward you with health and longevity.

The Incarnation

"Out There Is The True World And In Here Is The Dream."

As Jake becomes more and more enamored with the lifestyles of the Na'Vi, and thus more and more connected with the natives and the life on Pandora, he makes this statement to himself. He is recognizing the value of what he has learned and is remembering his old ways, which now seem alien to him.

This quote emphasizes that our spiritual connection is real, while our incarnation is fleeting and can be clouded with distractions. The purpose of each of our incarnations from the spiritual realm into the physical realm is to learn and to evolve on our life's path. When we realize the fleeting nature of life on planet earth, we learn to treasure each moment, to live in the now. With this comes surrender.

All Is Connected

"If You Are One Of Us, Help Us!"

This is the plea from Mo'at, the clan Shaman and Neytiri's mother, to Jake after Hometree is destroyed by Colonel Quaritch's forces. She recognizes that the Jake she sees is not fully Na'Vi because his body is operated by the human Jake. This occurs after Jake has been through the ceremony which initiates him as a member of the Omaticaya, Neytiri's clan.

We are reminded that on a spiritual level all is connected. Just as death and destruction in one part of the world can effect the energy of those in another part of the world, so can prayer and visualization of peace, love and healing light effect the planet in a positive manner. The purpose of this quote is to call people to join in this process to heal the earth and it's life.


"I'm A Scientist. I Don't Believe In Fairy Tales."

After Hometree is destroyed, Jake and Dr. Augustine are held for treason and disconnected from their avatars. They escape with help from Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez) and Colonel Quaritch shoots Dr. Augustine. Jake brings her to the sacred Tree of Souls and asks Mo'at for healing of Dr. Augustine's deep abdominal wounds. This is what Dr. Augustine says when she realizes where Jake is taking her.

The science of quantum physics is proving the connection between the spiritual and the physical. What was unheard of in the past within scientific communities is now becoming more and more mainstream and accepted. The purpose of this quote is to reveal the joy within life and it's many lessons once the walls of resistance have been lowered. Miracles occur when the stage is set with an open heart and mind, allowing energy and life to flow.

Quantum Physics Meets Spirituality - A Book Recommendation

The back cover of thiis book reads, "There is a place where all things begin, the place of pure energy that simply 'is'. In this quantum incubator for reality, everything is possible. In 1944, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, shocked the world by saying that this 'matrix' is where the birth of stars, the DNA of life, and everything between originates. Recent discoveries reveal dramatic evidence that Planck's matric - The Divine Matrix - is real..."

Balance Of Energy

"Our Great Mother Does Not Take Sides. She Protects Only The Balance."

Before the great battle is to begin between the Na'Vi and Colonel Quaritch's forces, Jake visits the Tree of Souls and prays to Eywa that the she assist in the battle. Neytiri hears him and offers this quote as explanation.

Many times in life people are faced with very difficult, painful situations, and they experience loss of hope, despair, and the dark day of the soul. But out of such negative times can grow the most beautiful, fulfilling lives because these people take a deeper look into their own life purposes and discover the Divine within, thus renewing the balance of energy.


"I See You." " I See You."

Jake and Neytiri bond and choose each other as mates. After a large battle between several clans of the Na'Vi and Colonel Quaritch's forces, Jake's human body is exposed to the toxic gases of Pandora's atmosphere. Neytiri kills Colonel Quaritch and saves Jake. They exchange these words when they see each other for the first time as Na'Vi Neytiri and human Jake. Although Jake is a member of the race which destroyed Neytiri's home and killed many of her people, when she rescues him she sees beyond his physical appearance to the goodness of his soul and their love is reaffirmed.

This quote reveals the truth about our human experience. The ability to see the light within other people and each and every form of life on our planet allows us to access the Divine. With this skill, we may greet each other from our highest good to their highest good, facilitating peace and love.


"I Don't Want To Be Late For My Own Party. It's My Birthday After All. This Is Jake Scully Signing Off."

These are Jake's final words before attending the ritual to transplant his soul into the Na'Vi avatar body permanently with the assistance of the clan and the Tree of Souls.

Enlightenment and death of the physical body are both periods of rebirth. This quote reminds us that while death in a physical and selfish way is a negative experience, it should be viewed as a time to celebrate. It is also a time to know that we will be home in the spiritual realm with our beloved friends and family in merely a blip in time. Suffering is a physical plane experience. To rejoice in this knowledge is a rebirth.

After Reading This Lens, What Is Your Vote? - Avatar and Spirituality

Is Avatar a spiritual movie?

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Please leave your comments, ideas, interpretations and favorite lens recommendations.

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting interpretation of this film.

    • profile image

      Jazroockfree 5 years ago

      Great lens! I love that movie

    • profile image

      amerizilan 5 years ago

      What a great lens! I love that movie.

    • scottsgr profile image

      scottsgr 5 years ago

      I wish I had thought of this. A great lens, and I look forward to reading the rest of your lenses.

    • profile image

      msseiboi 5 years ago

      The Avatar was amazing movie

    • profile image

      Angel_Lou 5 years ago

      I was skeptical before I saw the movie. in fact - I don't really like phantastic movies, but this one convinced me. i really thing something like this is possible in the future.

      Another thing: I can only watch movie like this once or twice. If I see it too many times, I can spot too many mistakes in just any movie.

      Nice lens anyway :)

    • Oneshotvariety LM profile image

      Oneshotvariety LM 5 years ago

      Very cool and well written lens! :]

    • Beth Buckley profile image

      Beth Buckley 6 years ago from Portland, OR

      @anonymous: Very nice comment, thanks ~

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      As a long term member of an avatar forum group , in listening to what people have to say and how they deeply relate to the film and in experencing this myself first hand ,there is no dought some people have had honest spiritual experence with this film that hase really changed there view on the world and there place in it Avatar uses mirror storytelling and is an astounding example of the power of our heart.

    • TransplantedSoul profile image

      TransplantedSoul 6 years ago

      This movie blue me away (err. blew / blue LOL). It was absolutely amazing and ground breaking in its immersive technology, and the story and messages were unmatched. I was shocked when Hurt Locker win best picture over Avatar - a plainly political decision.

    • squidshe profile image

      squidshe 6 years ago

      I thought Avatar was an incredibly spiritual movie

    • squidshe profile image

      squidshe 6 years ago

      I thought Avatar was an incredibly spiritual movie

    • akumar46 lm profile image

      akumar46 lm 6 years ago

      Great movie critic...nice lens on spiritual side of the movie...

    • danny79 profile image

      danny79 7 years ago

      Great lens, you convinced me...

    • profile image

      Positivevibestechnician 7 years ago

      I enjoyed your interpretation of the film i thought it was pretty good myself.

    • profile image

      celestialelff 7 years ago

      Great Film, Great Post !

      Thought you might be interested in Planetshifters interview re Celestial Elf's Mytho Spirtual Machinima mission ...

      Bright Blessings ~

    • profile image

      Angel_Lou 7 years ago

      I really am not that into fantasy movies, but this one rocked my world. And this lens is also great:)

    • profile image

      The Goblins Den 7 years ago

      It's clear there are elements in Avatar that are both political and spiritual. Some say it's also anti-military...but is it really? There were characters from both the science team and the military that sided with the Na'Vi. Excellent lens, by the way.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      @Mayapearl: Thanks, Maya! I learn something new from it every time I watch it... Gotta love that...

    • Mayapearl profile image

      Mayapearl 7 years ago

      What a great lens about a movie I just love!

    • Phoenix2361 profile image

      Phoenix2361 7 years ago

      This is wonderful. You've written perfectly what I have always felt about this movie.

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 7 years ago from Vermont

      I agree that Avatar has a spiritual theme - it also has political symbolism. The "I See You" phrase touched me very deeply. We saw the film in Imax 3D and we have the DVD so we can relive the experience over and over again. What a lovely and thought-provoking lens review.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Great. well thought out lens. Very informative. I have lens rolled to my own.

    • profile image

      grannysage 7 years ago

      Excellent. I love your approach and your interpretations. Avatar is a very spiritual move and I think you have captured the essence. "I see You."

    • awakeningwellness profile image

      awakeningwellness 7 years ago

      I loved the movie and I love your review of it! This was beautifully done!

    • CastleRoyLisa profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago from Rhode Island

      Love your lens the movie was amazing I love that you separated each spiritual part wonderful

      lens roll to my avatar lens and quiz 5*s

    • WhiteOak50 profile image

      WhiteOak50 7 years ago

      OMG, Becky this lens is fantastic! I am sitting here with chills!! My husband and I watched Avatar again last night and I honestly still cannot find the right words to write a review on my own Avatar lens. YOU DID GREAT writing and explaining these quotes.

    • profile image

      nelabai 8 years ago

      Some people say that the movie is a copycat, but for me it was entertaining and fun to watch!

    • giacombs-ramirez profile image

      gia combs-ramirez 8 years ago from Montana

      Hello Avatar fan! I've lensrolled this great lens that gave me goosebumps to my 10 Metaphysical Messages from Avatar lens.


    • profile image

      malmobiz 8 years ago

      Hi, I have not seen the movie yet, but your lens makes me want to see it very much. Thanks.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Very true. Writing is superb, and it all makes sense. My favorite quote is "Suffering is a physical plane experience. To rejoice in this knowledge is a rebirth."

    • profile image

      jessicaannebuckley 8 years ago

      This is my favorite lens.