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Is My Street Haunted

Updated on March 2, 2010

Ghostly Sightings

 I live on a busy road in a 'cottage' terraced, pretty standard, small front garden,  It was built in 1826 so its old.  We moved in about 10 years ago with the family who have all moved on now.  Inside its been modernised and quite tastefully done, not by me but by whoever I brought it off.

I often wonder who lived here before us, and who lived here a hundred years ago.  When it was built the main road was probably just a country lane and the surveyors office two doors away, named 'The School House' was just that, the village school.  Anyway enough scene setting.  The real reason I am writing this is because a couple of strange things have happened recently.  Now I am no ghost hunter, or even a believer in that sort of thing and am definately not able to talk to the dead. 

My front room looks straight onto the street and I can quite clearly see people walking up and down the road if I want to.  I can also see anyone coming in my front gate and walking up to my front door if I am looking at the right time.  One morning, about 11.30 am I was sitting on the sofa just minding my own business when I saw a small figure, about 5ft wearing a black coat, collar pulled up to cover the lower part of the face and wearing a sort of flat cap, black, he looked like something from the 1920's.  I presumed it was a male and they were walking in a very 'smooth way' almost gliding.  Anyway this funny little person walked into my front garden and up to my front door.  The dog jumped up barked his head off and he normally does and I opened the front door, thinking to my self, probably a new window cleaner, or someone collecting junk.  I immediately got up and opened the front door and there was no one, not a soul, not even a whisper of anyone at my front door.  I could not believe it, or take in what had happened. The dog was still going crazy, I popped my head out and looked both ways along the street and nothing.  I was perplexed but did'nt feel scared just confused. I thought about it for a while and then that was it.  I told a few people but no one was really interested so I shut up.

I have had a few other thing happen before this.  On the morning of the London bombs going off, the ones on the buses and tubes, I woke up to a really sweet smell of flowers.  I was sleeping in the attic conversion which is high up at the top of the house.  The window was open as it was summer.  The smell was so strong it woke me up.  I could not understand where it was coming from, I looked out of the window but I was miles away from any flowers. Then I went to work, on the tube.  I did'nt get blown up but was on a train stuck on the tracks and it was terrifying as someone on the train had a mobile phone and was passing messages that there had been explosions on the trains and there we were stuck on a track as far as we knew waiting to explode.  Was the strong smell of flowers, and I mean strong, almost sickly a message, a warning or just coincidence.

I had the same experience again but nothing awful happened but again it woke me up.  This time I went exploring the house to see where it was coming from, but nothing. I spoke to a friend who told me I was having visitations?  What was she talking about, I still dont reallly know and if I was why me?

Well back to the funny little man in the black coat and hat.  I remembered it and will never forget it because it was weird, then low and behold yesterday something similar happened again.  I was having a cup of coffee before going to work, sitting on my sofa looking out of the window and watching the breakfast news, generally thinking about the day ahead.  I then saw this young woman with long long dark hair, centre parting, a bit hippish, wearing long black boots a sort of uneven short skirt, a black baggy tassled too big for her jacket walking past the house next door.  She had pale skin, dark eyes, and a far away look on her face.  Everything she had on was black and white and sort of in the style of the 60's.  As I looked at her she completely dissapeared.  I mean there one minute and gone, absolutely gone the next.  She seemed to be making for next doors front door and then nothing.  Yes the dog was barking and going crazy again which makes it all the weirder, because he was expecting someone the last time and this time to.  It also confirms to me that someone or something was there.

Now I am wondering if the front of my house or my street is some sort of portal for something.  Why twice in the same spot, why people dressed in clothes from a by gone era's who just dissapear when they approach the front door of my house.  I am not scared of frightened at all which is strange because I thought I would have been.  What is worrying me that when I am in my house I keep seeing shadows, the sort of thing just out of the corner or your eye.  You look back at the same spot and there is nothing there. Its usually in my bedroom, and at night. I put it down to bad eyesight.  I have heard of shadow people, or is it something sinister. 

Maybe someone has the answer, maybe its just visions of times gone past replaying themselves over and over, but if they were why do I not see more people doing the same thing.  Maybe someone out there can help me with an answer......  


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    • profile image

      Katelyn 8 years ago

      I live on a quiet street. Maybe it's just me because I see shadows all the time. No one else does. I'm different from everyone else too. I have always been strange and I have solved other peoples ghost problems but I can't solve my own.


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