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Is there ever a good time?

Updated on December 26, 2011

Chicago- Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is

No time like the present

In thirty years of pastoring and counseling, one of the most common questions I encountered was about decision making and more specifically “negative decision” making. These are the kind of anxious questions which build up inside and cause ulcers, lead to heart attacks and the proverbial “nervous breakdown”.

People would come in for a counseling session and want help with making decisions like, “When should I tell my spouse I’ve found someone else?” or “When and how do I tell my boss of twenty years that I am leaving and taking another job?” or “How do I tell my family my unmarried daughter is pregnant”.

The over all question arises, “Is there ever a good time to tell someone something negative?”

The answer is very simple, No, there is never a good time or a right time.

And the follow up to that answer is the proverbial, “There is no time like the present”.

Get it off your chest

As negative as a situation can be, the old adage of “your first impression is probably your best” usually holds true. Most likely, any decision you thought you should make at the very beginning of your negative situation is the best. We often have a tendency (as athletic therapist say) to “over-think or out-think ourselves”. We know what we should do but then back up, re-think, put off our decision and ultimately develop a bigger problem for ourselves than when we started.

People often consider doctors, psychologist and counselors as cold hearted because usually we get straight to the point. We openly, directly and without second guessing tell our patients, you need surgery, it is cancer, you are an addict, it is time you left your spouse and got the divorce, stop fooling yourself you know you should take the new job.

Knowing what you should do and then not doing it is indeed procrastination and it only postpones what is probably the inevitable.

More lives are ruined or put on hold resulting from lack of decision. Lying is also a result of indecisiveness usually leading to more and bigger lies.

The old saying of, “Get it off your chest and you’ll feel better” is really true.

The bible reminds us in 2 Corinthians 6:2 that, “now is the time of God’s favor”; in other words God favors immediacy, He always wants things done right now. If He says wait, wait but more often than not, God says NOW.

So do yourself a favor, feel better and stop putting off till tomorrow what you should do right now.

©Copyright 2011 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

Dr. Lee Outlaw
Dr. Lee Outlaw

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    • Drtruthman profile image

      Drtruthman 6 years ago from Harlingen, Texas

      Thank you phdast7, I appreciate the read and your thoughtful comment. always a pleasure to have you comment.

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Drtruthman- Good Hub with great advice, from both a psychological, biblical and practical perspective. Sometimes, the longer we wait, the worse the situation gets, for us and for the other party.

    • Drtruthman profile image

      Drtruthman 6 years ago from Harlingen, Texas

      Thank you Debbie. I always appreciate your comments. I wrote this in follow up to allot of questions I had recently on here and else where from other friends about this topic. This is also based on personal experience and numerous Biblical passages on the subject of which I chose only one here; probably the most famous of all. Thanks again.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Thank you Dr. Truthman.. This makes a lot of sense.. Very good advice..

      I voted up and awesome.

      Happy New Year.