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It is my Life

Updated on January 14, 2015

Are you blocking your Luck?

I have shared few of my experiences which helped me improve my luck. This actually worked. We normally curse our fate when something goes bad in our life but have we ever thought whether we really care about that universe controller up in the space?

I find spirituality adventurous rather than boring. Try escalating yourself to the higher planes with various meditation techniques and then you will realise how exciting the spiritual world is.

Looking inward for any kind of adventure is much more exciting than looking outward.

Expand your thoughts
Expand your thoughts

Stress Management techniques

We all pass through bad times and it is normal that we feel stressed and frustrated during those bad days. Although one can not change the fate but one can definitely pass through those bad days by applying simple stress management techniques just by changing the way we think about failures. When ever something bad happens, we try to justify to those who are involved in the predicament that we were helpless or it happened in spite of our best efforts or it was beyond your control etc. etc. Point here is that you become more concerned to save your ego from feeling thrashed rather than the outcome of your effort. If you take the full responsibility of your failure and start working on it again, you will not feel that stressed and frustrated. Stop justifying why you failed or stop seeking others approval that even if it happened, it was not your fault. You do not need to justify anyone. Take responsibility of your failures and you will see that condition is not all that bad. And as far as people are concerned, do not bother what is there verdict, as if they are at your side, they will understand your point of view without you explaining them and if they are not at your side, they will try their best to draw negative points even when you succeed.

Follow what I wrote above and believe me your frustrations and stress will be thing of the past even during the darkest times of your life.

Meditation For Ultimate Bliss
Meditation For Ultimate Bliss

My New Weekend Routine: I love it.

I have never ever loved my weekends like now. I have totally changed my routine and I enjoy this new routine fully.

My saturday begins with transcendental meditation. I devote at least 45 minutes to it. I look after my vege garden in the afternoon. kitchen garden doesn't look like a junk yard any more and I am producing various kind of herbs, fruits and veges.

I practice Past life regression in the evening which is very soothing as well as healing experience. I end my saturday with half a bottle of New Zealand's white wine. My favorite is Chardnay.

I get up a bit early on sunday to start my Bikram hot yoga session. I do it for one and half hours as recommended by the experts. Doing Bikram hot yoga has not only helped me meditate better but it has also strengthened my lower back. I very strongly recommend Bikram hot yoga if you have lower back pain.

Materials available for starting meditation on Amazon

Bolt the movie
Bolt the movie

Bolt: This movie has that WOW factor.

Watched "Bolt" and immidiately added to my all time favorites list. A must watch movie if you have a pet or if you ever had a pet. Click on the picture if you want to watch it. You will never ever regret buying this DVD.

Create your own realty
Create your own realty

Can "The law of Attraction" be expained scientifically?

I just watched one documentary, "What the Bleep Do We Know!?". Is it not a strange name? This DVD talks about human beings having power to create their own reality. But as the society evolved, we were too busy in day to day life so we started accepting life as it came to us or as it was given to us. We almost forgot about our power of innovation and invention. I watched the whole DVD keeping "The Law Of Attraction" in mind and what an interpretation it provided without ever using the phrase "The Law Of Attraction". It is mind blowing. They have beautifully used quantum physics to explain the concept of "Law Of Attraction". Instead of going in detail, I highly recommend to all of you to watch this documentary.

How to play on Pokei machine (Known as Slot machine in UK)

I am not a regular gambler but I always enjoy circumstances where incidences, coincedences, probabilities, law of percentage, chances etc. are involved. So one day I decided to try my luck on Pokei machine at one of the subarban bars.

I stayed there for about quarter of an hour and to my surprise, I converted my $2 into $40 in that much time. Not a bad bargain!!

I thought of sharing my style with others. When you go to play on Pokie machine, follow the followings rules and you will win most of the times:

1)Never consider any machine as your lucky machine. Algorithms of these games have been developed with mathematical precision.

2)Select any machine and start playing with $2. If you do not get proper results, immidiately hop to some other machine.

3)In case you start getting rewards, collect your dollars as soon as it gets tripled or quadrapled and stop on that machine to go to some other machine. Do not get stuck with that machine thinking it is your lucky machine. Most of the people do this mistake not knowing that the centralised software maintains the law of percentages. Once, a reasonable amount has been won on a machine the software algorithm tends to shift the winning combination towards a different machine.

4) Keep observing how others are playing. If a person is winning on a machine, do not jump to that machine as soon as he leaves. On the contrary, avoid that machine.

5) The same is true for winning the lotto but that requires more patience, time and perseverance.

So guys, try my golden steps before you go to play on Pokies next time.

Spirituality and religions

All religions preach spirituality but it is preached in a way as if it our duty for somebody else which it is not. Let us take spirituality in a very practical and worldly way. I had gone through very bad phase in my life from 2005 to 2009. It was a phase when nothing seemed to be going right. It was a phase when you feel as if the whole world has ganged against you. Those were very tough days. Best outcome of that period was that I turned towards spirituality without considering any particular religion.

I went through all kind of books written by various authors. I liked most of them. I would like to mention particualary Deepak Chopra and may be I liked his books because he always explained spirituality with respect to technology and I was able to relate to his thoughts more covincingly. Another book that I would like to mention is "The Secret" where law of attraction was explained in a very beautiful and convincing way. I started meditation. Today, when I am again going through some tough times, I am not in that bad a shape that I was between 2005 and 2009. Reason being my understanding of spirituality. Now I do not take my body as seriously as I used to take. I am able to see my problems as a third person. When you see your problems as a third person, it works something like counciling. So the reason I am writing this is, when we look at spirituality, we need to think that it is for our own upliftment rather than the rest of the world. When we uplift ourself, upliftment of the world becomes a biproduct.

Amazing Music to help you meditate better

My Life Plan

Is too late to make a life plan at 49?

Finally 2011 is coming to an end. Every year I make resolution for the new year only to break it in the first week of new year. This time I decided to make a resolution not for the new year but for rest of my remaining years. After all, have I really lived my life the way I wanted to live in the last 49 years? I was always busy in fulfilling ambitions that were not my ambitions but were the ambitions of my family, my relatives or the society as such. I decided to transform my life but then I thought "is 49 not a bit too late for doing that?". But then better late than never. So I started by making my list of things I always wanted to do in life.

1) Come out of the rat race and take the life a bit easy.

2) Start my first book. Do not bother what others say about my article writing skills and I will write fearlessly.

3) Go around the world in my own way. It will be fun passing through small villages of Russia, Bulgaria, Switzerland etc.

4) Set a one year target to come out of all debts, Come what may.

5) Practice Transcendental meditation and work towards becoming its tutor.

6) Think about life after death, whatever I want to think without feeling guilt about it that I am wasting time.

7) Do your bit to improve local economy. Start by growing your own veggies and fruits. Learn to live with mother nature.

8) Get a job for Scott base and be there for 6 months.

9) Make a blueprint of my "Life plan strategies" within the first week of January 2012.

Have faith on "Law Of Attractions" but Still....

I have complete faith on Law of attraction and I know it works and it has worked for me. As far as money is concerned, whenever I need it very badly somehow it comes to me unexpectedly. But it comes only that much what will solve my immidiate problem. But not enough so that I call myself living in abundance. There must be a reason for this. Then I realised that whenever I need money to either buy a gift for loved ones, or to pay the suppliers or pay the government taxes, my passion for my requirement hits the roof top and the law of attraction works for me. But as such I don't have passion for money during normal course of my life. So Law of attractions never requires to work for me to provide me abundance as for as dollars are concerned.

Now money is an invention of human beings which may be a means of getting abundance. So money may not have a passion in itself but if you find a purpose for which you require dollars, the law of attractions will be more effective. Think of your requirement, and let the "Law of attraction" decide what will fulfill that requirement... Money.. A friend or something else.

Click the image for innovative Decoration Ideas
Click the image for innovative Decoration Ideas

Recently I went to buy our Christmas Tree

Finally I went to buy our Christmas tree. Everyday, while passing by my daily routes, I used to find tens of bill boards regarding sale of Christmas trees. But today, I searched for one such billboard but without any success. At last, I found one bill board after driving around for more than half an hour.

This left me thinking, that things go far away or missing when we run after them. When I did not bother about sale of Christmas trees, Bill boards were somehow trying to grab my attention but when I started going after them, somehow they lost interest in grabbing my attention.

Does it not happen in our normal day to day life? We run after money and it tries to run away from us. Suppose we stop giving that much importance to money, may be it will develop that tendency to grab our attention same as Christmas tree bill boards.


Why thoughts appear while meditating?

I just attended a free lecture on transcendental meditation and learnt a lot about meditation process. Actually when we meditate, our stresses are released and as a result of this stress release, body turns active triggering mental activities and thoughts appear. So don't bother about these thoughts and continue to meditate. This will continue to happen till you are free from all your stresses.

Let us learn from this experience..

It was just another day and I was busy sorting out my client’s software problem. This time the problem was not simple and 3-4 other guys from his IT department were giving their suggestions in order to achieve the result faster. Suddenly I did something (what I did and what was the problem, doesn’t matter in this context) and the whole problem got sorted immediately. Somebody shouted “Hey that was pure luck. You are lucky to get to this. I immediately came out with a reply that it was not luck and sometime you get unexpected results if your methodology is correct and blah blah…. It was as if my ego has been thrashed by giving credit to my luck. I was just not ready to accept that the result was not my effort but my luck. The whole afternoon was spoilt just by one comment in spite of getting the positive result.

That drove me thinking why we behave like this? What is the psychology behind such behavior? Are we doing this just to satisfy our own ego which is the root cause of all the problems? Is it not like praising your enemy and condemning your friend and then on the top of that expect help from the same very friend in the time of need? We are very quick to blame our luck even if something very insignificant goes wrong and when something good happens we quickly save all the praise for our ego. Just try to personify EGO and LUCK and then realize why Mr. LUCK should come to your aid when needed when all he gets is your curse. Are we not blocking our own luck? I have decided, and from now on I am never ever going raise question that luck has no claim on whatever great things I do. On the contrary I am proud to be lucky and give all due credit to my luck for whatever I have achieved so far. And next time when cosmic storm strikes you (remember your last Saturn-sun opposition up in the sky?) don’t blame your luck, blame yourself.

Are you Stuck?

I was surfing through TV channels and unknowingly I stopped over a Christian news channel. (Let me confirm that I don't follow any religion including Christianity). A man on the dais was delivering some kind of a talk. Without giving much attention, I started listening to him. I became slightly more alert about what he was speaking, when I heard him speak a bit assertively "YOU ARE STUCK". Suddenly I was more attentive. He had taken up a case study about a few people who were claiming that they are the victims of either a situation or some people who are not fair to them. And this man on he dais had raised a very valid point. You can not change the situation or these people who have victimized you!! So that means "YOU ARE STUCK". All these guys who were describing their SOB SOB stories so far, were suddenly awestruck. The man on the dais asked " So what next??". Only option you guys have is to change yourself and then make your strategy accordingly. Of course, it was a religious program and the discussion after this went to different direction and I was hardly interested in that. But what set me thinking is that how effective this fact is even in our day to day life or even improving our management Technics. In one short sentence: It is more difficult to change the situation or the people victimizing you, but it is so easy and productive to change your self.

Do other dimensions exist here on earth?

Few decades back we accepted that plants also have life. No it is accepatable but before this discovery, anybody would have laughed on the very thught of this idea. We know all things on this earth are madeup of atoms and sub atomic particles. All the things are vibrating on different frequencies. With that in mind, even the dead things like wood, metal etc. are also vibrating but totally on a different spectru of frequency (may be too slow). So we are unable to interact with these so called dead things. Same may be true for the things which may be existing in higher dimension than us and are vibrating on an entirely on different spectrum of frequency and hence are unable to interact with us and we are not aware of their existence. Problem with us is that we try to prove everything with our level of knowledge and if other dimensions are beyound our scintific principles, then we will need to upgrade our paradigm first to do any further studies

Are you using meditation as a shield to avoid confrontation?

Meditation always help you to calm down in a turbulent situations. Even otherwise, meditation is always helpful in elevating your conscious self. In a social condition there is nothing like using meditation as a tool to generate forgiveness and warmth. However, be a bit careful as in certain situations we unconsciously start using it as a shield to avoid confrontation. This is the time when you tend to become an escapist and turn a blind eye towards reality. And how to be sure that your meditation is generating positive aura around you or it is encompassing you with a blanket of fear with your eyes closed and avoiding truth? Well there is a very thin line between "forgiving somebody" or accepting somebody's wish entrusted on you forcefully. When you think about deep inside you without being affected by any external factor, you will understand what situation you are in. We like to believe that we are forgiving somebody to satisfy our ego instead of accepting that you are taking a decision because you don't have any other option or if options are there, you are afraid to go ahead with those options.

May I suggest:

Release All Your Anxiety and Fears

Law of attraction: Does it really work?

Here I am assuming that you are aware of law attraction from DVD "The Secret" else you may first like to go through this eBook.

Sometimes it works and we don't even know about it. Last month I had very bad toothache and I visited my dentist. He is my regular dentist I have full confidence on his prescriptions. He looked at my jaws and advised that I should see an oral surgeon and he recommended one. I was slightly concerned and asked him whether he is recommending because he doesn't have enough facilities in his place. He said there are 2 reasons. First, the tooth is broken and it will be easier for oral surgeon to extract it and second reason is that he is not liking a few grey layers on my side jaws and since you are a smoker, I should go for biopsy. In short, he was doubting that I might have oral cancer. For me, it was a shock. I got the appointment from the oral surgeon after seven days. Now, passing these seven days was like living hell. I never discussed anything regarding this with anybody, not even with my immediate family. But I was very assertive and as if I was demanding very strongly from the universe: No it can not happen to me. Even death by heart failure is OK but not this cancer. I don't want to die a slow death. I even dream t that the doctor has diagnosed cancer and I am telling somebody that now I will be more efficient as now I know that I don't have enough time to carry out all my ambitions. So can't afford to be lazy now. Overall I was nervous but somehow I was too assured that it won't be true. I don't know what power was assuring me that but I was feeling too sure of the outcome.

Anyway, I was too nervous on the day of my appointment and waited for my turn. The doctor saw my teeth, jaws etc. and said that's fine I will ask the nurse to give you an appointment for tooth extraction. I looked at him and asked whether Biopsy is not required? He said "NO" but give up smoking. What a relief. I was on cloud nine. I wanted to phone my wife and tell I don't have cancer but suddenly I realized that I have not discussed this with anybody, Not even with my wife.

In a situation like this, most of us would have blamed the dentist. For a moment, I also felt that. But then I started thinking that may be law of attraction worked. I was demanding honestly and somehow I assured myself that the universe will do something for me.

Once I accepted that it was Law of attraction, believe me, the frequency of "Law Of Attraction" working for me increased..

Let us discuss

Do you think a Religion Free world will be a better place to live? And do not confuse religion with spirituality.

Raising spoilt brats - Parenting teens


Sometimes I feel it is so easy to raise demanding spoil t kids. They demand something illogical, you give them a big lecture, they argue back, you shout back and that ends the matter. In my case it is so difficult. My daughters ask something what they need, I say, I will try it next months and they just say, oh that's fine dad. We will manage. It induces so much of feeling of guilt along with completely thrashed ego.

Do you agree?

Do leave your comment. Let it be bad or good.

Help me improve my fate

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    • msnz profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @michaelangelo1: Thanks, This is one lens where I never thought of money, keyword, niche etc. Here I just write what I feel like writing.

    • michaelangelo1 profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi this is very impressive and nice I love this lens.

    • msnz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @JoanieMRuppel54: Thanks for stopping by. Well of the goals that I have listed have really gone well. Like, at least I have begun my book. I am more calm now than before. (I was a very restless person). Actually in nutshell, I am able to realign myself with my real ME.

    • JoanieMRuppel54 profile image

      Joanie Ruppel 

      7 years ago from Keller, Texas

      Loved your life goals, how are you doing on them?

    • msnz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @i Dia1: Thanks for stopping by

    • i Dia1 profile image

      i Dia1 

      7 years ago

      What a thoughtful lens.

    • msnz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks a lot.

      People like you always encourage me....

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      thank you for writing original writing, I could tell you put real sincerity in it. Its nice to read such articles, glad your writing on Squidoo.

    • msnz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks, You are right. That's why I am a fan of law of attractions and I know it works.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Fate, destiny, luck, karma, creativity... we are the masters of them all. Only, that we do not 'realize' them. :)


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