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Jahangir, the most fascinating Mughal

Updated on August 11, 2011

Jahangir is one of the most fascinating figures of Mughal India around whom facts and fictions have woven a web of romance. This web begins right from the birth of Jahangir, as there are various stories about the birth of the Emperor. The first story goes like this:

Mughal EmperorJalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbarwas at the top of his political achievements when he thought about the future of his kingdom. He was very sad as he did not have a male child. At this point, a well-wisher informed him of a Sufi Saint Khwja Muin-un-Din Chisti. The Sufi was well known for his Godly powers by which he had blessed scores of people, both rich and poor. So, much was the aura of the Saint that the Emperor decided to walk bare foot from Agra to Sikri, a distance of 140km and touch the feet of the Saint. He was blessed by the divine power and a baby boy was born to Queen Jodhabai, the daughter of Raja Biharimal, the ruler of Amber, near Jaipur. This auspicious day was 31st August 1569.

In another story around the birth of Jahangir, it is said that during the days when Akbar was seeking an heir-apparent he heard about a dervish named Sheikh Salim. As he was a devotee of dervishes, Akbar visited the Shaikh and asked him a question “Sir, How many sons will I have”? Sheikh Replied that “He who bestows without obligation will grant you three sons” then Akbar told to sheikh that “I vow to turn my first son over to you for training and attention” promised the would-be father.

The sheikh accepted the vow and ordained, “May he be blessed. We have named him after our self.”

Hence, the child was named Salim. However, Akbar always fondly called him Shaikhu Baba. This is how Shaikhu Baba alias Salim alias Jahangir was born.

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      6 years ago

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    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 

      8 years ago from India

      This is the first time am reading such stories about Jahangir, the successor of Akbar the Great of Mughal Empire. Don't know whether they are true or not but i thank you for the above interesting article.


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