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jaina folklore in karnataka

Updated on May 9, 2009

Jains in karnataka- India

jains in karnataka

Karnataka is an important , and cul;turally rich

state in south India.It has six crore population. Out of this only about 1% i.e. six lakh jains are there. Among them about 33% have migrated from Rajastan-a northren state.Rest are native people who speak kannada.

Folklore in kannada.

Folklore is the art, science, medicine, or litereture created by rural people and have transmitted them to later generations by oral tradition.karnataka , where kannada is the regional language, has rich treasure of folksongs and and folktales.Some of these tales and songs are translated into english and published many years ago by Dr. A.K.Ramanujan, who was a professor of Dravidian studies at chikago university.But almost all folklore schlors were unaware of the folkliterature produced and preserved by native jains in the state.

It is to the credit of this web author that jaina folklore was first excavated and analysed and presented to Bangalore University in the form of a thesis.He got doctral degree in 1981 for his thesis in kannada. It had the tittle-'jaina janapada sahithya- sampadane mattu adhyayana' i.e.-'jain folk literetuere ,editing and study'.Only after that schlors in the state came to know about jaina folk litereture.

Jaina folk songs

Folksongs in kannada are mainly triplets i.e.-stanzas in three lines.Apart from these, long narrative songs are also there in large number. jains also have composed folksongs inthe same pattern.The theme is usually, praising the god thirthankaras , or yakshis,or expressing the wish to visit piligrimage places like Shravana Belagola, Hombuja(Humcha), Stavanidhi, etc. They prey for fulfilling their normal worldly desires also.See some examples-

1 In this poem , jaina housewives are expressing their appreciation for the person

returning from the Shravanabelagola hill after worshipping the god's statue on that hill- Who is returning from the Belagola hill

Fatty man in dhothi:he is

returning after darshan.

the underlined part is sung twice.



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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Your articles in this hub are very informative.

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    • prasadjain profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from Tumkur

      Dear sunseven,

      My articles are labelled as for mmatured readers for the simple reason that they are not meant for leziz fare readers who are not serious about the matter.


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