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Jesus Calling

Updated on February 11, 2015

A Daily Encouragement

Jesus Calling is a wonderful book of daily devotions written by Sarah Young. I came across this great book a number of years ago when close friends were in the middle of a devastating tragedy. This little book spoke to many of us at the time and offered the peace and comfort that were so desparately needed. I have kept it close ever since and try to read each day's offering. Jesus Calling rarely fails to speak something not only relavent for my day, but more often the daily sharing is profound and reads as a special whisper from God. Thank you for stopping by I hope you find something worthwhile.

Jesus Calling Author Sarah Young

Sarah Young was born in Nashville Tennessee and grew up in the southern United States. She is well educated, has a wonderfully intimate relationship with God and has devoted her life to helping others discover their own matchless relationship with Him. Through her writings, Young is quietly leading millions of men and women worldwide on a journey of intimacy with Christ.

Sarah and her husband have traveled around the world planting churches and counseling. They currently are ministering to a Japanese-speaking community in Australia.

Sarah is the author of, Jesus Calling, Dear Jesus, Jesus Lives and 40 Days with Jesus. There are a number of ancillary materials like children's editions and study Bibles as well.

A View of Jesus Calling

Each of us has a natural yearning to be loved in a completely unique and special way, to be loved like no other. We spend our lives looking for that kind of relationship from our families, our friends. our spouses or significant others and the result is disappointment. Sometimes the disappointment is small and sometimes it's huge nevertheless we will experience dissatisfaction when we try to get perfect love from anyone or anything less than God.

Jesus Calling is a perfect daily reminder of God's perfect love for you. Because of God's pervasive uniqueness He loves you like he has never loved anyone else. It is from Him and only Him that we discover the fulfillment of our lifelong yearning. Realizing this in its completeness requires intimacy and that's where this book is such a wonderful tool. God desires a very close relationship with you, not for His benefit but for yours. We can say we understand that God loves us intellectually but unless we draw close to Him frequently we are not able to experience it.

In this great little book Mrs. Young has written 365 short messages that will encourage, enlighten and impress on you how much God wants to go through the day with you. There are times when the day's entry seems like it had to have been changed somehow to be able to speak so specifically to the circumstances of that day and two or three times a week one or more of my friends will ask, "did you read Jesus Calling today" because they were so moved by what was shared.

All of the devotions are supported by scripture and I am often amazed at how what I've been reading in the Bible is later addressed in Jesus Calling. As you can see, I highly recommend Jesus Calling. Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think after some time with it. I would also like to hear stories of how you have been impacted.

Jesus Calling Comments - Has Jesus Calling blessed you?

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    • profile image

      graceinus 3 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

      Then as far as I'm concerned this pagan book can go in the garbage.

    • PlanksandNails profile image

      PlanksandNails 3 years ago from among the called out ones of the ekklesia of Christ

      Typical new age Christian mysticism that promotes another "Jesus" and another "Gospel" that is a bestseller sold to dupe the masses. Slapping a “Christian” label on pagan practice and selling this witchery does not make it acceptable to God and will shipwreck others in finding the true Jesus Christ.

    • JK Sterling profile image

      Jim Sterling 3 years ago from Franklin, Tennessee

      You're right, it shouldn't cost to know God's love for you.

    • profile image

      graceinus 3 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

      So tell me, how much "money" is it going to "cost" me to "buy"this book that says how much God love me. Can't it be said every day that God love me without paying for it.

    • profile image

      youanddave 6 years ago

      Got this for a Christmas gift--excellent. The book is more from His point of view than a to do list of things Christians should do. Really love it--thanks for the lens!!

    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 6 years ago

      Very nice lens...the Jesus calling book of daily devotions sounds nice..I also love the daily devotional I have...thanks for sharing this.