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Jesus Our Common Bond

Updated on August 25, 2009

Being United

Jesus how sweet that name is! Jesus Christ the one who died for every race and nationality. Jesus died because He so loved us, and so that we might have a way to the tree of life, and be as one big happy family in the body of Christ. But still today there is way to much division in the body of Christ, way to much strife, and contention! We have way to many different denominations, with each denomination having their own so called doctrine. We have what some call, black church, and white church and everything else in between. NONE OF THIS SHOULD BE! This is not what Jesus died on the cross for but yet everyone thinks they are right when it comes to their own doctrine and how things should be done. In fact it is so bad that the baptist, wont fellowship with the methodist, the pentecostal wont fellowship with the charismatic, the charismatic wont fellowship with the cogic, and the cogic wont fellowship with the full gospel baptist churches. It's all a mess!

This is one of the reason why God doesn't move in the church services as much or as powerful that He would want to or should. Paul advises that the Holy Spirit, the power of God, will move more vigorously in the church if there would be fellowship of the Spirit and if we would have the same mind. Having the same mind would move God to move more freely and with more transforming power in our services. When there is fellowship of the Spirit, there is joint participation among all the members in things that are common to each other. Fellowship of the Spirit causes the members to be like-minded, have the same love, be of one accord, of one mind so that there can be joint participation in things that are common to each other. In order for there to be fellowship and joint participation, there must be agreement on a common or central purpose, and the ONE thing that is COMMON among believers in the church is JESUS.

When we come together and call on the name of Jesus, it does not matter if one person eloquently describes Him and another person says His name in a simple dialect; as long as we are together as one and keep our minds on the Lord Jesus, the devil can't break up the house of God. Likewise, when the storms of life begin to rage in our home and personal situations, we are to assemble our mates, children, and family members together to touch and agree in the name of Jesus. The devil cannot move against the house and family who focuses on the Lord because "where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them" (Matt. 18:20).

To Have Harmony

Because it is God's desire for love and harmony to permeate the church congregation, we must live unselfishly, and turn away from selfish ambitions or conceited attitudes. We must maintain unity with other believers in our thoughts, attitudes, love, spirit, and purpose. And where there is unity, the members of the church will have one thing in common-the Lord Jesus as Savior and the devil as the enemy. Paul says there are some among the believers who are not controlled by the Holy Spirit. Hence, when the Lord moves through the church, they don't recognize Him because they are not focused on Him.

Some people may ask? If each saint is indwelled by the Holy Spirit, why is there not unity among the saints? The answer is clear because its not by virtue of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; its by virtue of His control of your life. Yes, you can be indwelled by the Holy Spirit a long time before the Holy Spirit has control of you; and there is a difference. In many circumstances people can struggle to achieve a higher height in God, yet the Spirit of God has no control in their lives. And so the church can easily be infiltrated with rifts, divisions, warring, fighting, and contentions attitudes.

If only the church would come together and touch and agree to focus on Jesus. When the Spirit of Christ is in control of our lives, we are able to work out struggles and disagreements because the Holy Spirit directs us, guides, and leads us through what is significant in our lives. The Holy Spirit has a way of removing insignificant matters from our minds and wills; then He causes us to fellowship with people who have a common purpose, which is Him Christ Jesus our common bond!


You Are Alone Are God


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    • profile image

      Justcallmeleroy 8 years ago

      I Believe that the young are coming to the Spirit of Jesus in a most Magnificent way. I think the music of the Worship has come to show the Spirit of Christ I remember one song about The songs of the Children are drowning out the Amazon rain. And then the God of Wonders and Who is this King of Glory. It is amazing how the Spirit of God has Magnified the Church threw the young and the Wonderful Worship. Jesus Christ is spreading his Word around this World in a fantastic and Wonderful way and I believe Children are the key. God Bless you in all your ways. Amen!

    • Born Again 05 profile image

      Born Again 05 8 years ago from Honesdale

      Great hub! You are absolutely right. When we trust in Christ alone for our salvation we become a part of God's family and all other differences should be set aside. We do have a common bond though that is evident every time I meet a believer such as yourself.

    • twill4jc profile image

      twill4jc 8 years ago

      Thank you James for your wonderful comment. It means alot to me to know people are being touched and fed off what i post here on Hub Pages.

      God Bless

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      You are right! 

      There is a strong ecumenical movement alive and well but it doesn't seem to penetrate to the local level in a large way.  Jesus did command unity.  As a student of the long, fascinating history of the Church, I understand how it came to be this way.  I believe the Church will be one Church someday. Thanks for a positive adminishment that needed to be said.  And you said it very well.