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Jesus with Children Printables

Updated on March 13, 2015

Jesus Spending Time with Children Printables

There is nothing more compelling and relative to children than seeing a picture of Jesus spending time with and embracing children who have come to him. That makes great subject matter for printables, which can then be used to teach and instruct while the children color in the images.

In this article we'll look at a variety of environments showing Jesus interacting with children in a way that shows them He welcomes them into His life.

We'll look at times when they're simply sitting on Jesus' lap taking in the affection and attention He is giving them. Other printables show Him showing compassion in a way that He heals a little child.

Others show Him blessing children; using food held by a little boy to perform a miracle of feeding thousands; and another where He's playing a dancing game with them. You get the point.

Taken together all of this printables of Jesus spending time with children will attract the young ones to the subject matter as the usual curious and sincere questions issue forth from their mouths as the view the printable scenes.

Jesus Printable of Him Surrounded by Children

It was interesting in the Bible when it is told of how His disciples didn't allow the children to come to Jesus. In response He told them to allow them to come to Him, as the kingdom of God entailed such as they, meaning those adults also had to believe as a child does.

This image of Jesus having children sit on His lap and hang about His is a great visual of how He viewed and loved children.

In this illustration it's great to see the clothing of the children modernized in a way that would make children of our day relate to them a little more.

Also cute is the doll being held by the little girl and kitten walking near the feet of Jesus. All children would connect to this scenario, offering a terrific opportunity concerning how approachable Jesus really is.


Jesus with Children and Birds

Children many times learn how a person really is by watching how they treat animals. So when images of Jesus are drawn shown Him being kind to birds, as this printable shows, it reaffirms to children that He is someone they can trust.

This is enjoyable because all of those in this drawing are doing something with a bird. The funny look on the face of the little boy is precious, as the bird appears to want to nest on his head. And the delight on the face of the little girl as the bird perches on her finger is fantastic.

It seems to all say to them that Jesus is a safe person to be around.

printable of jesus with children
printable of jesus with children | Source

Jesus Playing with Children

What child wouldn't feel good when looking at Jesus playing with this group of children? Even the little dog romping around has joy on its face as they laugh and play together.

To me the looks on the faces are what make this such a wonderful printable.

As with all of these printables of Jesus and children, it offers children ways to grow in their coloring and usage of different colors because of the numerous children and/or animals included in the designs.


Jesus Healing Little Boy

Since children are constantly getting bumps, bruises and sick, an image like this of Jesus praying for the little boy with compassion because of his sickness is a terrific way to teach that Jesus loves them and cares about their struggles.

One of the major concerns of children is feeling secure and safe when they're growing up, and giving them access to images of Jesus like this help them to understand that He's always watching over them.


Jesus Blessing Children

Although children won't completely understand what it means when Jesus is blessing them, they do understand it when a person shows kindness towards them, as this printable portrays as Jesus lays His hands on their heads and blesses them.

If they do ask what He's doing, all that needs to be said is He wants the best for their lives. That is something they would easily understand, and in general would be true.


Jesus with Children Printables

Not only are these printables of Jesus spending time with and interacting with children great tools to initiate conversations with them about the Savior and teach them some of the basics of the faith, but they're also a good tool to remind adults of the childlike faith Jesus says is the kind that is the most important and relevant to Him.

After all, it's not simply faith in ideas and teachings that are the most important, but complete in trust in Him as a person.

Working together with the children in our lives, using printables as one of the teaching tools is an effective way of teaching them and reminding ourselves of how trustworthy and faithful Jesus really is.


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