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Joining A Coven

Updated on April 8, 2015



At some point down your journey of discovery of witchcraft you will have to make this important decision. You must ask yourself should I remain a Solitary Witch, Or should I join a coven? Not an easy decision for anyone to make, there are a lot of pros and cons regarding both sides. I would like to urge you to do some research before making any decisions. There are a lot of factors to consider, availability of covens in my area, time commitments, size and type of coven. These are but a few things to consider before making an informed decision on the matter. Taking the time to look up covens could save you some headaches down the road. When, if you decide to join a coven make sure it is the right thing for you to do at this time in your life.

Page Summary for Joining a Coven

  • What is a Coven?
  • What activities do Covens Do?
  • Can I Find a Coven near me?
  • Solitary Witch or Coven?
  • Pros of being in a coven.
  • Cons of being in a coven.

What is a Coven?

What is a Coven? Traditional covens are made up of a collection of witches, to a minimum of three and of a maximum thirteen witches. For most local, and none internet based covens, people like to stick to groups of the magic number of thirteen. However many non traditional covens found online do not conform to these restrictions, and offer memberships to hundreds of witches.Most covens are usually concerned by one or two leaders know as high priest, and or high priestesses, some prefer to elect one or two people to take turns being in charge of the coven, and some find it not at all necessary to have a governing body.

A word of caution, sometimes covens that do not have a governing body tend to be poorly structured. Tread carefully with these types of covens. Covens can come in different sizes from the traditional thirteen to hundreds of witches. No matter what the size of your coven, make sure its not to big for you to not have a voice in it.



What activities do Covens Do?

Covens or rather witches usually gather together for various activities, most commonly ceremonies, full moon rituals, and Sabbath. Some of the more structured covens usually offer courses on a variety of different subject about witchcraft, or have some of the its members give lectures about certain topics. All these activities are a great way for you get get a more profound, and diverse understanding of the Wiccan lifestyle we all lead.

Some of the more eclectic covens will even do events, such as have bake sales in order to raise funds, and donate the proceeds to a local charity. It is important to note that coven are not made solely only for our own benefit, there is a lot that we can get out of them sure, but there is also a lot that we can contribute to them, or collectively through them. The only thing stopping you from having a great experience with covens is your lack of imagination , and motivation. Covens are not just about ceremonies and ritual, they are also a great way not only for you to learn and grow, but to give back to its members and the community.

Solitary Witch


Solitary Witch or Coven?

Whether you choose to be a solitary witch or find a home in a coven it mostly entirely up to you.. Sure some of us may not have that option due to the location and the time zone difference. Some of us need to be solitary witches, and some of us need to be in a coven. Those of us who truly desire to be in a coven will make the effort to make it work, no matter what the obstacle.

Some of you that desire to be a solitary witches and can find on or two other like minded individual like yourself but do not want, or have the time to participate in activities like those of a coven can still benefit from each others experiences and support. Although I know from experience that this is not an easy task to achieve. Those of you who desire to be in a coven and are fortunate enough to find a coven that not only benefit your needs but also benefit from your involvement then you are truly blessed. Whether you wish to be a solitary witch, or wish to be in a coven is your choice and your choice along to not feel pressured by friends into joining a coven .

Can I Find a Coven near me?

Can I find a coven near me? Well if you live in a small town, or city then probably not. At least not one that rooted in brick and mortar. Many of us unfortunately, are limited to what we can have in terms of a coven. Sure you may want to try to scrounge up some members in your area, and try to make a coven work. Most of the time this will be faced with limited success. Take it from me it is very hard to find enough witches in a small rural area, let alone finding the ones that have a synergy that works well with each other.

Like so many of us, your other option is to seek out a coven that is rooted on the web. Coven found on the web have the one great advantage of having lots of members, giving you a lot of knowledge, experience and couses to draw from. The greatest disadvantage to covens found online is that it is logistically hard or impossible to get together for rituals, and ceremonies. However you'll find that both types of covens will provide you with a great support group should you need it. Coven found online or in your local area have diverse advantages, and disavenategs.Finding the one that will be right for you, and you for it is the key for you to take away the best experiences from it.

If you are looking to find the right coven, Then Witches' voice is a great place to start, it contains a vast list of groups and covens not only in your area but also online.

Pros of being in a coven.

  • Can be a great support group.
  • Has a lot of member to share experiences and knowledge from different aspect of the craft.
  • Can get together for rituals, ceremonies, and Sabbath.
  • Some covens offer courses or lecture for you to partake in.
  • Some covens offer special activities that can raise money and contribute to local charities.
  • Meet and make friends with people who share a common interest.

Cons of being in a coven.

  • Get together such as ritual not always in your area and may be hard to get to
  • Don't have a synergy with all members detrimental in magical works.
  • Limited or no support base for any new and active members.
  • Limited activities (only get together for ritual and ceremonies).
  • Limited say or input in coven activities.

Final Thoughs

The choice a joining a coven is a choice that should not be taken lightly. Remember to make an informed decision before joining any coven. Evaluate the pros and cons, and do some research on covens that hold your interest before you decide to join one. Joining the right coven can be a rewarding experience not only for you but its other member, and possibly the community. Make the right choice. Only you can know is a coven is right for you.

Joining A Coven

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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      This is a good article that can be useful to people whether Celtic or not. It's a major decision and there is lots to consider. What's good for one person isn't always good for the other, and I always say it's best not to be in a coven than to be in one that's not right for you or poorly run.