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Jupiter In Capricorn

Updated on May 31, 2014

Jupiter is called the Greater Benefic in astrology. This planet is associated with the idea of luck. Jupiter is the largest of all the planets. It is a planet which takes 12 years to complete an orbit. It will spend 1 year in each astrological sign. A Jupiter transit is significant to a year in our existences. When Jupiter makes contact with any of our personal planets the results are more significant.

Personality Analysis

People born with Jupiter in Capricorn are extremely practical. This is not considered to be the best placement in traditional astrology. This is because Jupiter is a planet of optimism and faith. It is in Cardinal Earth when it is in Capricorn. This influence is less spiritual than many others. There are various components in each astrological chart. In your chart you might have many influences which make you seek out philosophical ideas. When Jupiter is in Capricorn there is a tendency to be extremely cautious in that area. It limits positive thinking. Good fortune is found in methodical activities. Structure is incredibly important with these natives.

There is a tendency to be ethical and mature. Long term achievement is valued over short term gratification. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. It lends a lot of seriousness to this placement. A person with Jupiter in Capricorn can be very cautious about money. This can limit them from taking risks.

Celebrities With Jupiter In Capricorn

Charlie Chaplin, Rudyard Kipling, Scarlett Johansson, Adolf Hitler, Alyssa Milano, Eminem, Jack Nicholson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Richard Gere, Ludwig van Beethoven, Edgar Cayce, Pope Francis, Margaret Thatcher, Sigourney Weaver, Walt Disney, Jeffrey Dahmer, Bruce Springsteen, Richard Burton, Vivien Leigh, Dustin Hoffman, Oscar Wilde, Carlos Castaneda, Morgan Freeman, Marlene Dietrich, Karl Marx, Albert Camus, Malcolm X, and Ozzy Osbourne.

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