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Updated on March 5, 2013

In the beginning there was just a thought .....

Seven days later our spot was created .

With just another , Adam and Eve came into play .

One led to another and here we are .

In this life we give it all we've got .

Assorted shapes and sizes , differences a plenty .

Personalities all our very own , some sharp , some are dry and some are just plain

funny .

Every one unique , no two are the same , ideals so far apart we always feel alone .

Its hard to believe we are from the same party , each caught up in our own worldly

bubble .

We have forgotten all of the many , the oh so many things that make life grand .

All caught up in life,s sorted troubles , we make our stand , too busy to share , too

busy to see ......

to see........

That in the beginning ...... there was just a thought..., that brought these moments we

call our own .

Go back in time and put it all together from dinosaurs to space ships who would have


All these numbers only add up to ONE ...?

GO back to the beginning .....AND......

Just give it a thought ......

Vagabond Mystic 2012


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