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Of Dreams and Reality

Updated on February 16, 2012

Dreams and Reality

In essence, dreams are actually a reality that only exists in the soul, heart and mind of a person, at least for a time when these existing intangible reality has not manifested yet in the material existence. Dreams may not be noticeable but they exist somewhere within a person.

Dreams cause a troubled life if they are kept at bay longer than it can tolerate and when the person continuously ignore it, whether deliberately or through ignorance.

Everything that exists in the material plane is a product of a dream; that is if we define dream as a mental process of desiring something, creating an image to that something, adding colors and actions to that something and most of all enjoying that something in the imaginary level for a certain period until you reach the peak of pleasure in that enjoyment so you dropped the dream to create another one. In short, to dream is mental, emotional, and soul processes for something that actually happens within a person.

Your dream might be unknown to people around you, in fact unknown to you at times because some dreams are "built-in" in the subconscious of a person. When such "subconsciously" processed dream is "ripe for harvest" the subconscious sends messages to the conscious in the form of ideas or concepts...such idea or concept is complete; all you do is follow.

My Reality was Just a Dream

The following list of reality in my life is expressed in poetic form; I wrote this one in 2002 when Adrian (my Kiwi husband) was on his second year of being bedridden and on oxygen for emphysema, and for which he died the year after...I was his sole caregiver.

This narrative poem is entitled;

The Reality of My Dreams...Part l

When I was younger and carefree, I had established a belief system that if there is a need then there is also a corresponding supply to meet such need;

This belief came to because that was always the case to me in my family;

If I needed a sewing machine because I wanted to sew beautiful curtains or stuffed dolls;

My Dad was excited and bought me the machine;

My Mum would also proudly buy me the needed materials such as cloths, threads, scissors and what else.

If I needed something and my Dad and/or Mum would not supply me in what I badly needed then I would just get angry and had a tantrum until I got what I wanted;

But it normally didn't reach that point because nobody would like to experience my anger;

It was at this early stage when I first realized that my anger was powerful;

It brought me what I wanted.

And then later I observed too that other emotions such as happiness as expressed by my animated laughter, spontaneous dancing or leaping could also bring me good things.

Dreams and wishes became my real life;

I told everyone I had associated with on how miraculously my dreams materialized before my eyes;

People would think I live in my own little world;

But I was surprised why they can't see what I was talking about;

One day I wondered how it would be if I meet my idol superstar in person;

and I told my friends about this fantasy;

And this made them laugh like crazy;

What they didn't know that as I told them so, I had this strong feeling like I was already in the presence of the star actress Nora Aunor.

I had forgotten such fantasy when three years later;

I found myself standing at the gate of Nora Aunor's home in Iriga City;

And right before my eyes the gate opened to see face to face with the star that was only a fantasy in my youth;

I didn't even had the idea that it was her home in that far away Iriga City which was located across miles and miles of ocean and seas.

I was in Naga City when it occurred in me;

How it would be if I live like a hermit on a mountaintop forest;

I surmised that I would be nearer to God that way and away from the temptations of the sinful city;

Was I kidding when I told my friends about this? Why were they laughing?

They seriously thought I was schizophrenic;

But since I was their superior being in the administrative position;

They just told me I will be a saint one day.

But just a year later, I was in the exact place I described to them; When Dad discovered that I was in love with a soldier to the mountaintop I was exiled.

In my time of solitude on top of the mountain;

I took a piece of paper and drew two kids sitting at both my sides;

A boy and a girl who were supposedly my own children by the names Jeffrey and Jennifer; in that order.

The father was to be Joe Araneta, the handsome soldier and the reason for this exile;

But Joe was not in that drawing for my focus were just the kids beside me;

My fifteen-year old brother saw the drawing and was wondering what the drawings were;

So I told him that these will be my future children;

That scared him and he left me thinking that I was hallucinating;

For I was just nineteen years old and everybody knew that I had never been touched by any man;

Was I a saint?

Perhaps the grievous sin I had committed was to be in love with a soldier;

The love that never was and that caused me this exile.

A year later when I was twenty, I was grabbed by fate to become a mistress of a handsome mestizo;

He was not a soldier and certainly not Joe;

He was worse than a soldier for he killed whoever his superiors wanted to be killed;

For reasons political and rebellious or so.

It was also this year that my first baby was born;

A beautiful baby boy; the kind of baby that I had dream of.

My dreams and my reality will continue for as long as I live. For now I just have to end here for this hub.


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Olde Cashmere,

      I am glad that you read my work; you're so kind, thank you.

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Thank you for dropping by Olde Cashmere. Thank you too for the encouragement; yes I just write what comes into my mind in a given time.

    • profile image

      Olde Cashmere 5 years ago

      What a beautiful story Jynzly, love the message behind this. Voted up, interesting, and beautiful. I always enjoy your work, keep writing :)

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Thank you.

    • InterestCaptured profile image

      InterestCaptured 6 years ago

      Wonderful : )