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What is Karma Marga?

Updated on August 24, 2010

Karma Marga, in Hinduism the way to Self-realisation through selfless action. The disciple surrenders his life to brahman (also called God), the Source of the manifest world; he acts in the consciousness that God is the doer, God the thinker and God the feeler. When he ceases to be possessive of body and ideas, he realises that everything, even his most intimate self, is only 'on loan'. The life that lives him is vastly greater than his small organism and the breath that breathes him is never for one moment his own. Real belief that he possesses nothing in this way means in Hinduism that he merges with God, and in Karma Marga his purified actions are then directed towards the service of mankind. The individual who has accomplished this is no longer discouraged by failure, for where there is no personal attachment to the results of deeds, there can be no swinging back and forth between the elation of achievement and the dejection of failure.

In the Bhagavad Gita, krishna, a legendary incarnation of God, teaches that all things in the world are related and are in a constant state of action and reaction all the time. The disciple should renounce ownership of all that he does, and allow life to be itself, to flow unimpeded by the 'I'.


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      Siddhartha  7 years ago

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