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Kim Davis

Updated on September 23, 2015

So, Kim Davis, huh? Tired of hearing about her? So is everyone else.

The best viable option for any situation is either A) the solution in which the most people are satisfied, or B) the solution in which no one is satisfied. Let's go for option A.

The first thing we have to see is that, per Kim Davis, she's not opposed to homosexual marriage nor is she trying to boycott it or stop it, she simply doesn't want her name associated with it. Forget for a moment that now, due to her actions, her name will forever more be associated with homosexual marriage. We'll steer clear of that argument for now.

Kim says it's a violation of her rights to force her to have her name on these certificates. How she is or isn't being forced to keep theveryone job is a discussion for another time. She simply wants everyone to know she's not associated with it.

I get that. You get it, too, if you think about it. Your name or image on something is an endorsement. I wouldn't want my name on Dallas Cowboys merchandise, else I would feel violated. See, you get it.

The bigger problem here is this: what about the people whose images are being used who can't speak up for themselves? Think of poor ol' George Washington. Now, hear me out. George Washington'state face is on the dollar bill. This is an honor, right? Sure. But do you think our first president would feel violated if his image were rolled up and used to snort coke? Probably. Howe offended would he be seeing his image shoved repeatedly in stripper's thongs? For the sake of argument, we'lloyd sumer he felt violated.

So here is the point. Kim Davis supporters want to glorify her and/or bring attention to her "plight." Women'should rights activists, along with many others, want to see a woman on our money. Everyone else would like a good laugh.

So, in the spirit of peace and good will, I would like to officially nominate Kim Davis to be the first woman on American paper money, and replace George Washington on the dollar bill. Make it rain, Kim.


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