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Know yourself, who truly are you?

Updated on December 26, 2016

Are you conscious, who are you? Do you merely exist just as thoughts? Are you thoughts? If not then who really are you? You might be feeling why am I asking you such questions? But have you asked yourself this question? People don't have the levels of consciousness needed to know who they really are. People can get these levels of consciousness only through "Grace" of God. Or, when someone with higher consciousness give them. So "No" effort can give you this state. It has to be attained when someone gives it to you.

So what can we do, if we can't change the levels of our consciousness. We can pray of course. Other than that we can get "Deeksha". Deeksha is a process through which one attains "enlightenment". It is a means through which our suffering ceases and we experience limitless joy, unconditional love and oneness with nature the way we should be naturally. This state is natural as when we were born. But when mind takes over the control of a being then this state ceases to exist. So going beyond the mind is enlightenment.

when we were born we had only our senses to depend upon. We were free from the interference of the mind. We were spontaneous and acted naturally. We had grace flowing and were in our natural states. But as we grew older the mind started taking over us. We got attached to our thoughts. We made our thoughts as our identity. So we now exist merely as thoughts. We are in search of our true identity. So unless we get our true identity we would suffer.

The means for attaining this state also called "enlightenment" is by taking Deeksha. Deeksha is a neurobiological process which alters the programming of the mind. Through Deeksha a person is brought back to his natural state. Only people with higher consciousness and who are enlightenend should only give Deekshas. Deekshas is also synonym with Divine which makes us conscious of who we really are and what role do we have on this planet earth?

So the purpose of life is, an enlightened person will tell you that in life their is no purpose. You just have to live the life the way it should be and then move on :-)


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    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 7 years ago from Piece of land!

      I am not aware of any other programme Leyzaa. Thanks :-))

    • leyzaa profile image

      leyzaa 7 years ago

      is there any program enlightenment beside Deeksha my friend?