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Hubography of My Faith based hubs: A Faith Walk

Updated on January 31, 2015

Why I'm making this hubography of my faith based hubs?

I'm making this hubgraphy of my faith based lenses because first of all I am a born again Christian (or believer in Jesus Christ) and feel the need to share my faith in any way possible, but secondly, because I know there are others of like precious faith in the Hubpages community who would probably like to know where to find other hubs relating to the Christian faith, and thirdly because I believe that faith should play a predominant part in all of our lives, first for salvation and second for our daily living. These are not Bible-study lenses per-SE, although some might contain snatches of Bible study on a particular passage. These are all lenses relating to faith and the exercise of it in one way or another.

It's actually more of a hubography of the Christian life.

My religious or spiritual background - The basis for my faith

My faith
My faith

My Spiritual background:

I was raised in a Christian home, but at an early age came to realize I had to trust Jesus for myself and so, after a neighborhood Bible study, I prayed with the teacher to accept Christ. My parents then explained to me that although salvation is a free gift, our lives should be lived in thankfulness and appreciation for it. But in my teenage years, I got away from it and began to doubt my eternal salvation, until one day I came to grips with it and realized I had to make sure, so I went forward in church and prayed for God to save me or make me sure of my salvation and I felt a real sense of His peace, and have never doubted since, but have been living in thankfulness with a living faith. It doesn't mean I'm perfect. I still sin, but when I do, the Holy Spirit convicts me and I confess it and am forgiven (IJohn 1:9).

My personal experience and relationship with the Holy Spirit

I did have an experience of the fullness of the Holy Spirit at one point later on in my life. That was a time in my life when I really needed a spiritual boost I did feel a closeness to the Lord that I haven't felt since. Now it is not nearly as constant as it was then, but I still do feel His presence at various times now.

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    • profile image

      shannon-walter 5 years ago

      Wonderful Lens! Thank you so much for making it. :)

    • profile image

      BlountyBoy 6 years ago

      i appreciate your posting this. Thank you!