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Let Go

Updated on October 8, 2015

Be Completely Relaxed

It is one of the difficulties. Letting go, one can slip into old patterns, old conditionings. Still, take the risk.

The fear has some validity; you can fall back into your old patterns. But don't be afraid, just remain watchful; and meanwhile, if it happens that way to you. It is not necessarily so that it will happen to everybody, to fall into old patterns. Only those friends who have forced themselves into the new discipline will find it happening, that if they let go they will become their old selves.

But it will be good, because that will show you that whatever you were thinking you had become, you have not become. It was just an enforced, controlled, suppressed, inhibited phenomenon. Letting go will make it clear to you.

New Lifestyle

So it is going to help both kinds of people. Those who have grown up into the new lifestyle by letting go, they will go higher. Those who have forced themselves into the new lifestyle, and in whom there has been a resistance somewhere, a part fighting against it - if they let go, that part is going to take over. That too is good. You will become aware that what you were thinking you are, you are not.

Watch the old pattern, and now don't try to repress it. It has to be dropped - not repressed. Repression is through discipline, and dropping is through witnessing. Watch the old pattern as a witness. Don't get identified with it.

And as you move from the new lifestyle that you have forced, if you continue to watch and remain in a let-go, even when you see the old pattern emerging, that too will disappear, because that too is forced, forced by society. That too is not natural. And when everything forced has disappeared, only then are you your natural being.

To be natural is to be spiritual. All the religions have been teaching something: to be natural is against spirituality. So everybody has repressed the natural self and has been pretending to be a spiritual self - which he is not.

Create the natural man - human, with no guilt, accepting all the frailties, failures the human being is prone to. In this deep acceptance of your natural being is the seed of your transformation. And when it comes by itself then it is a growth. When you force it, it is not a growth, it is just wearing a mask. And even before a mirror you can befool yourself wearing a mask: you can start thinking that this is your face. Letting go means your masks will slip down, your personality will slip down, your ego will slip down.

Go on till all these things disappear, till the moment you find a crystal-clear naturalness, a spontaneity of being. So there is no need to be afraid. Most of you will find that whatever you have does not go - it is growth. A few of you will find that you have just managed something - it has not been a real growth; you have been pretending. Then you will fall into the old pattern.

This time don't make the same mistake again. Remain watchful and go on in the same process of letting go. Your old patterns are also false; they will also disappear. If the let-go is complete it will leave you in your natural self, in your authentic being. And to me that is the beginning of self-realization, the beginning of your enlightenment.

But it can begin only when you have found the natural source of your being. Your pretended selves, your hypocrite patterns, your masks - they cannot become enlightened. Only your original face can become enlightened. So to be original and natural is the most important thing for a traveler on the path.

Welcome to the Inner World.............

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    • WebIsFun profile image


      7 years ago

      Another way to look at this is "Give it to God" or "Throw it into the Ocean of Love & Mercy" -- whatever works for you. I like writing stuff on a piece of paper and throwing it in the trash can. THe universe will take care if it ... something much bigger than me :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Another lovely lens and great advice. 'Letting go' is the hardest bit, 'coz of the inherent desire of people is to 'hold on' to something or somebody desperately. :)

    • sorana lm profile image

      sorana lm 

      7 years ago

      Great advice and beautiful lens. Sometimes it is hard to let go but with persistence and commitment it can be done.

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      7 years ago

      "And even before a mirror you can befool yourself wearing a mask: you can start thinking that this is your face" - very well said. I am going to feature on Karma's Story. Many, this awareness included, have mistaken the reflection for truth. Letting go of the reflection as being one's true source is essential for the experience of naturally occurring happiness.


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