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let them take over

Updated on January 7, 2016

God designed his children to take over. Before He created man, God blessed man and said to him “Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, subdue it and have dominion. In other words, Take over is the will of God for his people to take over in every sector they find themselves. In business, ministry, entertainment, politics, etc. That’s why the bible said you shall be the head and not the tail. The head determine where every part of the body goes. This means that the other parts of the body are subject to the head. God’s plan for us is to be alone and not beneath.

The major reason we are on earth is to take over. The plan of God for our life is taking over. We are like the wind and we are always on the move. The devil is not a factor to your taking over. You ought to run creation with divine pattern. You need to understand that taking over is not God responsibility but your own responsibility. God said in Genesis “and let them have dominion” so it’s your choice to work in that dominion mandate. Nature is designed to help you do what you want to do.

One of the first places taking over starts is from your mind. Paul said “and be not conformed to the world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. To take over, you have to take over yourself. Lordship starts with the Lordship of your mind. You can’t take over as a chicken but as a lion. When Jesus was on earth he was a lamb and a lion. To his followers he was a lamb. The Lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world and when he was to deliver us he became a lion. The first place the enemy attacks is your mind in other to take over. Its either you are taking over or you area taking cover, its either you are at the time light or you are hiding. Life is not as difficult as people think, life is cheap when you know what to do and its cheaper when you know how to do it and cheapest when you do it. The thing you actually do is wisdom. There are two things that connected us to God, believing him and behaving like him.

Take over or have dominion is not a prophecy you celebrate but a responsibility you carry out. Take over is not a civilian word but a military word and you have to be militant to take over. The kingdom of God permits violence and the violent takes it by force. Taking over demands or requires the application of force. Take over is not a civilian term. That’s why you always hear stuffs like “The American soldier just took over. You must unseat someone; the pressures of life are not here to press you down but to press something out of you. We are in a time were people want God to do for them what they ought to do for themselves. Some people see God as a Father Christmas and that’s why they approach him as a super market. When God’s word comes, it does not aim at your situation, but at you because when He changes you, the situation will change. A man was working and his child of about 5years was disturbing him and he wanted to keep that child busy, so he brought out the map of the world, tore it and gave to the boy to fix it back. Within five minuets, the boy came back with the map fixed. The man was surprised and asked the boy how he was able to do it so quickly and the boy told his father that behind the map is a picture of a man, he never bordered to fix the world all he did was to fix the man and the world was fixed. The first place to take over is your mind. Moses was afraid of pharaoh until God told him “see I have made you a God unto Pharaoh” from that day, fear left him alone.

For you to take over, you need a dream. Dream is an imagination that is defined, Dream makes you to love tomorrow, Dreamers are leaders. Joseph started with a dream and ended up as a leader, imagination becomes reality. Genesis 1:26 “and God said let us make man in our own image, in the image of God was man made. You must have a clean picture of the future you are designing. The only way to predict a future is to create one.

In other to take over you need a plan. You take over by taking calculated steps not by accident. Step by step approach to your dreams. You need to have a plan on how to actualize your dream. Success is not an accident rather it’s a work. Throughout the scripture, there is no gift of waiting for miracle but the gift of working of miracle. There was a time the whole world was in the same level. But within 100years times there came a big difference between some countries and continents. Some became the developed country and other became under-developed country. Some became the producing nation and the other became consumer nation. The product of conscious steps taken by these continents brought the difference between them. Success is just a personal responsibility

For you to take over you need to be diligent, to be great in life is practical, not mystical and you must play your own part very well.

Hebrews 11:6 said that God rewards those who diligently seek for him. It is amazing to receive from God. It never said those who seek him casually but diligently. There is no room for laziness in greatness. I am yet to see a successful lazy student, business man, military man, pastor, and teacher. Isaiah 62:7 said “and give him no rest until it takes a diligent man to be persistent” like said previously, TAKE OVER is a military word and should be achieved with a military mindset or mentality.

Lastly, for you to take over you need knowledge. When you know more than others, you will arrive before them. There are things that have been searched out and written in a book, and if you don’t buy book and read it, you will die without it, what you know will give you rank.

Let assume there is nothing like the bible, the whole world will be full of darkness. Jesus said that “words that I speaks they are spirits and they are life”. God has said something to someone and we need to hear it from them as well, you need to be worked on to actually take over. What you know will make you to be known, you need a mantle to take over, saying it does not make you see it. You can confess it until you become confused.

God’s plan for us is to take over and you can’t be with the most high and become the most low. It is the spirit that you possessed that will take you to your destiny. The right spirit will make the right thing to happen in your life. That same spirit will make you to TAKE OVER.


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