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Seeking for Help

Updated on December 26, 2013

Accept being human-you are strong to admit you are weak.

We are all human beings and we suffer in our own ways. Many of us are only good at hiding our sufferings more than others.

Asking for help from some one doesn't always make you look cheap and of less value. It's accepting to be human. It shows you are strong. Yes, you are strong to admit you are weak. We mostly do not seek for help because of fear and pride. And that is the real weakness. Yes weak people hide their weaknesses out of fear. Fear that someone might notice that they are weak and their pride takes over –prevents them from coming out to seek for help and eventually leading them to self-destruction.

Givers are Happy People

By helping others people notice how successful they are and it brings them a sense of joy and fulfillment. How do you feel when you are able to help the people that come to you for help? Don’t you feel relieved? Because that what you were built for. And that is what all these years you have prepared yourself to do- to help others. That is why you feel happy when people ask you for help and you are able to deliver. There is much happiness in given than in receiving. The person in the position to help rather feels great about himself. They feel recognized. They only feel bad when they cannot help you.

We are here for each other

We go through life to develop ourselves for basically what reasons? It's eventually to be of help to humanity. When you seek for someone’s help, it means that you have recognized a person’s place and importance in the society as well as in your life. We try to develop our skills to be strong and capable enough to help others. In fact we are here for each other.

Asking for help communicates trust

Asking for help sometimes could also communicate trust for the person. You wouldn’t ask for help from just anyone. You trust the person that you can tell him or her problem ask for their help. Asking for help also shows respect. It sometimes means you have recognized and acknowledge a person's position and authority. It shows that you are humble. And people would be glad to help you.

What helps does to you.

By living up to your dreams, you are only preparing yourself to help others. When people help you, it makes you also want to do more to help the society. Even if you do not get to give back to the people or the person that helped you, the little help reminds you to focus on your dreams and to be able to give back to the people that need your help. You also want to ease your conscience. You want to show appreciation by giving back to others. Even just that thought alone can lead to your success. The help brings you confidence. It tells you that someone is looking up to you. It tells you that your success isn't just your success but your success is for all.

Why someone would help you

People may not have the chance to give to the people that gave to them or are responsible for their success. They may be able to indirectly show their appreciation by giving to someone who needs their help and to reciprocate the help they got or made them successful. By giving someone the same opportunity, they are able to ease their conscience. For people to be able to help you, it brings a sense of relief to them. It brings them self-fulfillment. People want to part of your success.

In fact no matter what your problem is, there is someone out there to help you. There is someone out there who has been made just for you. Search for that person. Do not waste your years thinking you can do it on your own. Do not become your own obstacle to success.

Let your pride go

Learn to let yourself go. Ask for help when you need it. Do not deceive yourself that you need nobody. You should accept being human. Stay true to yourself and open up. Someone who is capable of helping you would connect to you. Pride will only lead to self destruction. Do not waste all the years not getting the help that is waiting for you. Stop being bitter and take the first step.

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