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letting go.......

Updated on June 30, 2014

Good tail winds my friend

fear not dying...fear not having lived

It sits confidently at the end of every color spectrum...stoic & without compromise.

Mystery tangled in its darkness...a sibling to the deepest shadow.

Befriending the night. Simple yet Complicated.

The only color that can pull you in...while pushing you away....And I wore it today.


I saved my Dads life once. And have been very grateful to have him in my life as long as possible. Steve Jobs once said in a speech at Stanford University. "No one wants to die, and yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it."

Being a man of the cloth, my Dad participated in many weddings, baptisms, and funerals. He once told me a story of a loving widow who loved to have guest over to her home for dinner. Her cooking was always superb, but she was known for her desserts. During the course of the dinner she would always say "the best is yet to come!" And would finally clear the table and pass out gold plated forks to her guest. Again announcing "the best is yet to come!" She would then head to the kitchen and reveal to her guest a rich, dense, moist chocolate cake.

All were impressed, left full and happy. Well when she passed away, at the funeral she requested an open casket. In her hand was a gold plated fork. All who knew her knew what she meant. "The best is yet to come!" She was a blessing to us all.

I will always cherish the time spent with my Dad. He loved music and found peace in the rhythms and words. This song seemed fitting..I know he would have loved it.

Ben Sollee - Letting Go

Well it’s a long, hard road
Through a rough edged land
To the softest part of a man

And it’s lined with stones and
Tangled in regrets
That are just too hard to forget

There’s rusty signs
Overlooked on the way
To the heart of a troubled man

And you can loose yourself
In the deep, muddy ruts
Worn through by the pride of a man
oh worn through by the pride of a man...
But, letting go... letting go......letting go...

In a lonesome field
There’s a wild-eyed mare
Tied to the weight of a man

And she once ran free
With the wind in her hair
Breathing hard for the love of a man

Oh breathing hard for the love of a man

And he won’t let her be
She won’t let him rest
‘Till he learns how to forgive

And, let her go...let her go...let her go....

Forgiveness is a falling leaf
In the changing of the years
And as it settles down on the cooling ground

Let it go....let it go....let it go.....let it go..........


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