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Life After Life: And The After Death Experience

Updated on March 15, 2013

Life After Life: And The After Death Experience

The mysteries of the universe are vast. With that said, the mysteries of the brain are even more so. The question of life continuing on after the physical death of the body, has haunted mankind since the beginning. And yet, could there now be an answer to this most profound question of all?

Could we be on the brink of the greatest discovery in the history of mankind? The discovery that life, indeed, does continue on after the death of the body? We are tantalizingly close to the answer, as proof continues to build, making the case for life after death more possible than we ever thought it to be.

Life After Life

And The After Death Experience

You have been involved in a near-fatal accident. Yet suddenly you find yourself looking down at the scene before you. The person on the ground looks like you, so you look closer and are shocked to find that it is indeed you. Surrounded by friends and family you love, you hear their cries and feel their fear and grief, as they surround your prone body. Yet, everything around you and about you is heightened.

Your hearing, sight and emotions are all heightened - as if everything is crystal clear now. You can think clearly for the first time in years. Plus, you feel more alive than you ever have done previously. But you cannot understand why you are on the ground surrounded by people yet, at the same time, are watching everything from a viewpoint that is alien to you. Suddenly, you are pulled away from the scene and are pulled toward a dark tunnel, at the end of which is a pin prick of light. Traveling down this tunnel you enter the light to find yourself in a land of breathtaking beauty.

The colors of the flowers, their smells, the scent of the air, everything is alive, vibrant. It is wondrous and you do not want to leave. You meet family and friends, people who have been dead for years, and some recently passed. You even meet your old family pets. You are the happiest you have ever been.

But then you are told to go back, that your job on earth is not completed. At some point, before meeting your family, you were given a life review, in which everything you ever did and said is replayed back to you at the blink of an eye. It is at this point and the point of meeting passed family members, that is the most poignant and profound of all. Many who go through this process, say that it changes something deep within them, for the better.

You can hear your children crying for you in the distance and suddenly you are pulled back through the tunnel.The medics have managed to get your heart started again and suddenly, you are back. This scenario, has happened to people worldwide throughout the years. There is nothing that is made-up or fictional about it. The fact that people of all nationalities and denominations have all experienced the same scenes time and again is proof enough that something is going on, after the physical death of the body.

The evidence is building up. Evidence that will prove, once and for all, that some part of ourselves survives the death process. Cold science would say that this is impossible. That the dying brain is only firing off endorphins - which is the cause for people seeing visions. But no matter what race or creed people are, they all experience the same thing.

This can be said for very young children too, who have not been influenced by films or books about life after death and out of the body experiences. What do they know about life after death? They know nothing, yet they have the same experiences of the afterlife as adults do.

Children who have been brought back from the brink of death all say, in their own way, what happened to them. It is their stories that could prove the final nail in the coffin for the disbelievers in out of body experiences and life after death. Yet there are even some in the medical profession right now, who still refuse to believe the evidence building up before their eyes. They still use cold medical science to brush away the evidence before them. It truly makes one wonder what they are afraid about?

Yet there have been so many people who have gone through the near-death experience, that shelves have now been placed in some operating wards. Upon these shelves are various items that, if a person should leave their body, they would be able to tell what is upon those shelves. Obviously, from the patient's vantage point lying horizontal on the operating table, they cannot see what is on the shelves - unless they had an out of the body experience during their operation.

The bottom line is this, that the evidence suggests that some part of us does survive the death process. That life does continue on after this life, and is it in that place where we will meet our loved ones again? Science cannot explain everything that there is to explain. And it does not have all of the answers to the mysteries of this world or, for that matter, the mysteries of the brain. Yet to find that there is life after death would be the greatest discovery ever made by man.

And, the evidence that Dr Long has built up from his studies over the years, of out of the body experiences, prove this to be the case. It is whether the medical profession, as a whole, will see the evidence with the own eyes and finally admit that we do survive, after the physical death of the body.

But for them to admit that, would be like a giant leap for mankind as a whole and maybe just a step too far, despite the evidence before them. Dr Long's book, called 'Evidence of The Afterlife', is an essential read for those who wish to understand and study more about the near-death experience and its profound affect it has on peoples lives.

Life After Life - And The After Death Experience

Does a part of the brain survive after the physical death of the body? Evidence studied over the years could suggest that this is so. American medical Doctor, Jeffery Long, had studied some 1,300 patients, who had all undergone the near-death experience.

His results, from his studies show clear and definite clues to life after death. They also changed him in a profound way, making him a believer in the afterlife. Could his studies and results show evidence and answers at last, to this most profound question?

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

This is a quite fascinating read. Dr Ebon Alexander had always been a man of cold fact. If something could not be proven either way, then it would not stand up to scrutiny. This was a philosophy he had always followed. That is until the day he, himself, fell into a coma in 2008, due to a rare form of bacterial meningitis.

The subsequent events that followed during his coma, and his recovery from his coma, fundamentally changed his view on the afterlife forever.

As soon as he was able enough to write, Dr Alexander, through this book, has shared his extraordinary experience with the reader.

This book is an inspiration to all those who want to believe in the survival of the soul, after death.

It is a fascinating read, and will make the reader think seriously about their own mortality, and about the whole concept of life after death.

Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences
Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

This book contains the most comprehensive evidence to date of the afterlife.

Written by Dr Jeffrey Long, in co-operation with Paul Berry, the book contains personal compelling accounts of people who have gone through the near-death experience and lived to tell the tale.

Throughout this book Dr. Long discusses each argument for the near-death experience.

Validity is added to the book, in reference to Dr. Long's credentials, as he goes into the details of each case.

Furthermore, the personal accounts - regardless of race, creed, color, gender or nationality - that can be found throughout the book, is compelling in the extreme

For all those who are interested in the out of the body and the afterlife experience, then Dr. Long's book is an excellent point in reference to this subject.


Life after Death

And the Out of Body Experience

The possibility of life continuing after the physical death of the body is gaining ground. Through continuing research carried out in science labs around the world, it seems that results so far, are showing that some part of us does continue on, after our deaths.

This subject has now become more of a 'certainty' and less of a fantasy. And this, as I have explained above, is through continuing research and study into this fascinating subject.

Life After Death, a Reality?

The following video, below, studies the near death experience.

Life after Life

The near death experience cannot now be classed as the dying brain, firing off endorphins, thus causing vivid hallucinations of the 'afterlife'.

The experience is so profound, so deep, that it changes all those who go through it, forever. There are many people who lose all fear of death, knowing what is awaiting them on the other side.

Is There Life after Life?

This is a debate about whether or not there is life after life. Do people really have near death experiences? Or is it just the dying brain, firing off endorphins - which would cause hallucinations - as it closes down?

Is there life after life?

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    • wleon63 profile image

      wleon63 4 years ago

      @Beth Buckley: Hello Beth. Thank you for reading and commenting. I do appreciate it. I have not had a near-death experience, but I have had many out of the body experiences.

    • Beth Buckley profile image

      Beth Buckley 4 years ago from Portland, OR

      Nice start to your lens, Wayne. Have you had a near death experience? Sharing your story would add much inspiration for the reader.