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Linda Vista Hospital Ghost Apparition

Updated on July 23, 2014

The Ghosts of Linda Vista Hospital in East Los Angeles

Looking for a new paranormal adventure? Why not visit the famous and extremely Haunted Linda Vista Hospital located in east Los Angeles, California. The hospital which is now closed for the public since 1991, has been the go to spot for ghost hunters. Rumored to be haunted by it's patients and staff members and many have witness apparitions, noises, screams, moans, evil EVP and even been touched.

The first time I heard about the Linda Vista Hospital was when the guys from Ghost Adventures visited the haunted hospital for a lock-down. That was the episode when Nick Groff, one of the GAC guys, witness the apparition of the young woman. This was so scary that the crew when back in 2011 for one last time to see if they could catch the apparition on camera.

Linda Vista Hospital sure looks very creepy and eerie, a perfect place for spirits and earthbound souls to linger. Next time you are looking for a place to do some ghost hunting, consider Linda Vista Hospital as one of your top locations!

Haunted Linda Vista Hospital

Photo credit: Ransom Riggs

The hospital open it's doors in 1905 to care for the railroad injured workers. The hospital closed it's doors in 1991, but apparently there are some spirits or ghosts that are still lingering around it's eerie and scary corridors. The rumors are that the hospital closed it's doors because of the number of deaths that occurred in the hospital. Neighbors around the hospital say that Linda Vista Hospital is definitely haunted by it's patients and staff.

Sometimes there is a figure of a doctor in one of the corner windows looking out onto the front lawn. Sounds of a little girl (who reportedly was struck by a car) laughing and playing by the front sign. A faint green light seems to be glowing all night long and the flickering of lights late at night followed by screams and moans of the tortured souls inside. A foul odor emanates from the third floor and the elevator will unexpectedly start to operate by itself. There seems to be a few cold spots as you enter the building. And an apparition of a young woman has been seen many including Ghost Adventures Nick Groff, who witness the apparition while filming the Travel Channel paranormal TV Show, season 3.

Best Evidence of Ghost Apparitions in Linda Vista Hospital

Visit The Haunted Linda Vista Hospital

A markerLinda Vista Hospital -
610 South Saint Louis Street Los Angeles, CA 90023
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Watch The Ghost Apparition on Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures: Season 3
Ghost Adventures: Season 3

Renowned paranormal investigator Zak Bagans risks body and soul by calling out ghosts in America's most sinister settings. Investigating reports of spirit sightings in menacing locations, from former slaughterhouses and insane asylums to haunted honkytonks, Zak and his two fellow investigators, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, subject themselves to the ultimate immersion into the supernatural - overnight lockdown, capturing their ordeal with night vision cameras and digital recorders - before conducting a scientific analysis with specialists to examine the evidence.


The Ghost Adventures Crew visited Linda Vista hospital twice. Once in 2008 and the last one was in 2011. I remember watching this episode when it was aired and I remember that it was one of my favorite and the scariest. Not only the guys from Ghost Adventures, Zak, Nick and Aaron got some great EVP evidence and video evidence, the best part of the lockdown was when Nick witness the apparition of the young woman.

This experience was so dramatic and scary for Nick, that the crew came back one more time to Linda Vista Hospital to see if they can catch any evidence of the paranormal. Both episodes were awesome and scary indeed, I love the guys from ghost Adventures.

Paranormal and Ghost Hunting Equipment and Tools - Go Ghoist Hunting at Linda Vista Hospital

Always Ask Permission Before You Go Ghost Hunting

Linda Vista Hospital is a private property and it has security all over the place. Make sure to ask first before you investigate.

Real and Spooky Paranormal Cases and Stories

Paranormal Case Files: Ghost Investigations
Paranormal Case Files: Ghost Investigations

The Paranormal Research Institute conducts scientific investigations of paranormal phenomenon across the globe, including ghosts and paranormal entities in York, the most haunted area in the United Kingdom. The spirit world is stranger than you can imagine in this comprehensive three-disc collection!


The Ghosts Inside Linda Vista Hospital

Complete Episode of Linda Vista Hospital Ghost Adventures FULL EPISODE

Episode of a Haunted Assylum

Lost Souls of the Asylum
Lost Souls of the Asylum

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    • Ramkitten2000 profile image

      Deb Kingsbury 5 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

      No, I haven't been there, but I'm oddly fascinated by abandoned buildings. They're creepy sometimes and always make me wonder about the stories that took place inside those neglected walls. Very cool lens, including the photos.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      this is so interesting!