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Live Your Life and Enjoy It to Your Fullest

Updated on June 10, 2014

If today was your last day....

Everyday we take for granted that we can roll out of bed, hit the alarm clock, drop off the kids and/or head to work. Life becomes a routine where you become too busy to smell the roses, visit friends, or lend a helping hand to causes that you support. The hours roll into days, the days into weeks, the weeks into months, and the months into years. We become complacent, often, with our talents and gifts content to drag on like the movie “Groundhog Day” while wondering what happened to us? What happened to that little girl who was going to take over the world? What happened to that little boy that wanted to fly planes like Top Gun? Good news: they never left your body. You just can't hear them under all the noise/distraction of everyday life. Trust me, they are still excited to show up and be an active part of who you are as an adult.

Have you ever seen a child walk for the first time? They are so happy and thrilled with taking their steps and even if they fall they are going to try again and again. They haven't learned boundaries or fear of failure or worry about if they don't make it to the other side of the coffee table. We must remember that simple internal belief in ourselves that we are limited only by our ability not to take the next steps to get us where we want to go.

What about the regrets of our life?

The true love we let slip away

The things we never said to our family members

The friends who don't know how much we love and appreciate them

The wrongs we committed that we need to make right and acknowledge

What about you not going pursuing what makes you happy or the life that works best for you?

What about not playing by the rules, keeping your head down, and existing through life when you were meant to be so much more?

Often we go through life and we learn as adults to conform with society, be responsible, and let go of our dreams in exchange for a cubicle. That little boy and little girl is still alive in us somewhere. That person that knows they can have quality of life and is sure he/she can do anything that they set their mind to because the universe holds this truth about their existence. There is a person that isn't afraid to try, fail, and come back for more eventually conquering your goals. There is a person that is not afraid to love and experience others without fear. There is a person that wants to play on the swings next to their niece or nephew because you aren't too old to have a little fun, throw caution to the wind, and do whatever makes you happy within that moment.

The Last Holiday-Great Movie. Who could forget when the lead character thought she was dying and spoke to herself in the mirror reminding herself, “Next Time we won't be so scared.

The Bucket List -Great Movie reminded us of what is truly important in life.

Do you have any regrets in life, within your power, that you can change?

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May you live your life to go out with a bang! It is your responsibility to use your gift and live your purpose pursing what interests you and makes you happy. At the end of life's journey, you should be filled with memories that you can hold dear as you say goodbye. Life should not end with regrets and “what if's” but with a bunch of “remember when.?”

What are your regrets? What are you going to do about those regrets? How do you imagine living your life with passion and purpose. It is my hope I inspire you to call and make your apologies, make amends, color outside the lines, and pursue whatever it is that makes you happy for tomorrow is not ours to waste. Began marking off your bucket list without fear.

There are tons of graveyards filled with regret from those who ran out of time on this side of life. Be blessed. Life your life to the fullest because it is a gift and exercise your passions to the fullest.


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