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Updated on November 16, 2008

Barack Obama claims he has never been a Muslim.

Obama Spokesman Robert Gibbs Issued A Statement Explaining that "Senator Obama Has Never Been A Muslim, Was Not Raised As A Muslim, And Is A Committed Christian." The two articles that are posted in this Forum show evidence that Barack Obama and his campaign are lying. Many people in Indonesia who knew him testified that he was a practicing Muslim when he was living in that country for four years.

Why Barack Obama does not or cannot admit he was a Muslim

The truth is that Barack Obama had been a Muslim during his childhood in Indonesia, and he knows it is the truth. He cannot admit that he had denounced Islam and converted to Christianity. Why? If he denounced Islam he will be called an apostate, and his life will be in danger because Muslims will try to kill him.

After all, the Muslim Prophet Muhammad said, "Baddala deenahu, faqtuluhu" -- if anyone changes his religion, kill him (cf. Bukhari vol. 9, bk. 84, no. 57). As far as many Muslims are concerned, this command is not a dead historical relic, but a live mandate. "From Muslim leader to evangelist for Christ," from Compass Direct:

Muslim baptized by Pope says life is in danger


By Philip Pullella - Sun Mar 23, 2008 - 2:35 PM ET

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - A Muslim author and critic of Islamic fundamentalism who was baptized a Catholic by Pope Benedict said on Sunday Islam is "physiologically violent" and he is now in great danger because of his conversion.

"I realize what I am going up against but I will confront my fate with my head high, with my back straight and the interior strength of one who is certain about his faith," said Magdi Allam.

In a surprise move on Saturday night, the pope baptized the 55-year-old, Egyptian-born Allam at an Easter eve service in St Peter's Basilica that was broadcast around the world.

The conversion of Allam to Christianity -- he took the name "Christian" for his baptism -- was kept secret until the Vatican disclosed it in a statement less than an hour before it began.

Barack Obama is not under a Death Sentence

So is Barack Obama under a death sentence? Probably not. He and his campaign has vehemently denied that he has ever been a Muslim. As long as they maintain this lie Obama will avoid being called a Muslim apostate.

Although Obama has been known to have practiced Islam in Indonesia between the ages of 6 and 10, he will not be under the death sentence. This is a crucial point, for according to Islamic law an apostate male is not to be put to death if he has not reached puberty (cf. 'Umdat al-Salik o8.2; Hidayah vol. II p. 246). Some, however, hold that he should be imprisoned until he is of age and then "invited" to accept Islam, but officially the death penalty for youthful apostates is ruled out.

America have to live on Barack Obams's lies for the next four years


Barack Hussein Obama is the only president of the United States who has been a Muslim and has lied about it.


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    • profile image

      Melanie Johnson 4 years ago

      Wrong that is a myth.Go to myth about Obama.

    • profile image

      Anael 5 years ago

      Yes it migt be true or nt but if it was u people looking forward 4 ur name being paint black how would u feel dnt juge people so that u wont be juge

    • buraq profile image

      buraq 8 years ago from Vaniyambadi

      And Barak Obama just won becuse he declared he is not a muslim. Now you all can make it out yourself how racist is the Free World or this so called New World Order !!!

    • privateye2500 profile image

      privateye2500 8 years ago from Canada, USA, London

      Oh I am SO HAPPY to see you, Mr. Deeds, on here.

      I could not agree with you more.

      I just use stronger words than Crapola...but hay! that will do just fine!

    • profile image

      lexy 8 years ago

      I am sorry. I am Indonesian and I just want to clear it that below 17 year old, an Indonesian citizen is not forced to choose a religion, while after that, s/he must choose. Many of my friends are atheist, but the schools always ask for religion of the student, thus if he doesn't have a religion, his/her parents may choose what box to tick (Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Buddha, Hindu). Many of my friends tick Muslim because if you're it's the majority in the country, and you're less likely to get killed. Many of my atheist friends (under 17) choose whatever they like or depends on the surrounding of the school. If it's public school, it's more likely they'd choose Muslim so they would not be bullied as much.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      This hub is pure crapola!

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 9 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Obama's camp has put a fake birth certificate on his website

      for some reason, he is concealing the facts of his birth, possibly the place, time and other circumstances of his birth. There is no marriage certificate. there are many questions. apparently, the FEC does not require that he file any documents proving his citizenship.

    • profile image

      tommychill1974 9 years ago from Arkansas

      Your title is wrong. It should read "Why Barack Obama WILL Have To Live A Lie For The Rest Of His Life." It's bad enough that people like you continue to propagate crap like this. It's another thing altogether to be grammatically incompetent while doing so.

    • arkwriter profile image

      arkwriter 9 years ago from Houston, Texas U.S.A.

      Praise and thank God for guiding our family to move to the United States and we have lived this free country for more than 36 years.  I grew up in a Muslim country (Malaysia) and know about the religion of Islam more than an average person from a non-Muslim country.  In Malaysia it is against the law to preach Christianity to a Muslim.  You can be jailed for doing so.  You may go to this web page and check on the punishment of Muslims who convert to become Christians.

      Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen and he lives in the United States so he is not under the Sharia (Islamic Law), so he is not under the threat of the death penalty by the Muslims.  Although he and his campaign may continue to deny that he has ever been a Muslim in all his life, truth is truth. Barack Obama has been a Muslim.  His father is a Muslim, his grandfather is a Muslim, his brother and his half-sister are all Muslims.  His teachers in Indonesia testified that he was enrolled as a Muslim and his former school friends testified that he worshiped in the Mosque on Fridays.  Barack Obama is a liar.  He knows it.

      Barack Oback and his campaign can announce to the voters in public that he had never been a Muslim all they want, but they cannot change history.  They cannot change the facts.  They have a very strong reason to maintain this lie.  They know very well that if Barack Obama admits that he had been a Muslim and had renounced Islam and convert to Christianity it would completely change the prospect of his campaign.

      Zogby International estimates there are about 3 million people of Arabic descent in the United States.  I have a magazine called "Phoenix" published by the Arab Americans that states more than 62% of Arab Americans vote Democrats this year.  Many of them used to be Republicans but switched to Democrats because Barack Obama is running for the presidency. In the magazine "Phoenix" there is an article "Who speaks for Islam?" and also another article "U.S. Elections through Arab American Eyes" that express tremendous support of Barack Obama by Muslims all over the world. 

      Islam is now the world's largest religion.  Arab countries are also the wealthiest in the world.  Muslims all over the world will be celebrating if Barack Obama becomes the president of the United States.  How do we know whether or not Obama's campaign is not secretly financed by rich Muslims everywhere?  How else could Obama have raised over $50 million in less than a month, a record in the history of American election.  Obama has raised more campaign funds than Hillary and McCain put together. He was not known by the average American in 2006 and now he is known all over the world.

      Why does Hillary Clinton's campaign not point out his lie about Obama being once a Muslim?  There would be a backlash.  Even John McClain will not point this out because he is afraid it would backfire on him.  Remember McClain repudiated Bill Cunningham for calling Obama's middle name "Hussein"?

      You may never hear about Obama's past religion of Islam again, not even in the Presidential Debates if Obama became the Democratic nominee.  This issue will blow up in McCain's face if he were to mention it. 

      You will probably find this is the only hub that writes about the lies of Barack Hussein Obama.  I just tell the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me, God.


    • Wbisbill profile image

      Wbisbill 9 years ago from Tennessee USA

      An interesting interpretation. I am not sure your logic but it is very interesting. I'm a fan (not of Baro but you!) Go McCain!

    • arkwriter profile image

      arkwriter 9 years ago from Houston, Texas U.S.A.

      Thank you for the support.

    • profile image

      SirDent 9 years ago

      Another very informative hub. Keep up the good work.