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Spiritual Control of One's Life

Updated on November 29, 2014

Spiritual Power

Spiritual power is like fire and it spreads rapidly.This lens is about what happened to me when called by God. You may think me mad or worse when you read this but my feelings are to share it with you as my other lenses hint at it.

My reincarnation experiences are spoken of on other lenses and on this website. Between lives there were visions and one of them was of a line stretched out in front of me and along the length of it there were dates and times. One date stood out - the age of 45. It would be a long time coming but finally it came. My life til that time was one of researching, observing, doing and learning everything I could about humanity. The hunger for knowledge was tremendous and by the time 45 came around my education had been quite extensive. There was not much about human behavior that had escaped my keen eyes. Or so I thought!

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Touched by God

And commissioned

The day started out being different. It was a Saturday and I was 45 years and 2 months old. Sinus was bothering me tremendously but my children deserved the day in the country where we drove for a picnic. The pain increased and by the time we got home around 5pm on this early autumn daybed seemed the only option.

Hurrying to get them a meal it was then possible to retire at around 6.30pm. The pain was horrendous. Climbing into bed it was still daylight and for some reason the bible popped into my hand as something to read. It was hardly ever read because of the difficulty to understand it. So why now when it was certainly not appropriate.

It opened at some place in the middle but the words were a blur. I could not read them. Putting the book down the power struck. It pinned me to the bed making it impossible to move a muscle. Then these words were spoken loudly in my head.
"Tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people, bring back the young"

Then there were 3 visions but nothing made sense, not for many months. Gathering my wits I asked "if that is you heal my sinus". It was instantly gone and the disease that had plagued me from the age of 3 has never returned..

What is the Wall of Churches?

and how could I tear it down?

With the sinus pain healed and the great spiritual presence filling me with something that is impossible to relate to others sleep finally came and a good night's rest followed. The next morning it felt like my feet were several inches above the floor.

This was something that my children would probably not understand so they were not immediately told what happened. But a lot of changes were taking place within me. One was this strange language which kept coming out from my lips with great power.

At that time my job was managing a branch of a Company in Canberra following the Spirit's command to come here. But in the coming weeks the urge to leave this job, from which my income was in excess of $3,000 a week, was so strong that everyday in the office there was little else on my mind.

How could this happen with 3 teenage children to care for as a single mum? The debate in my head would not quit. One day a friend asked me to go to a 'charismatic' service in the local Catholic church. It was not my thing but the Spirit was sending me everywhere to explore religion in all its facets. Every weekend would see me attending 2 or 3 services of all denominations.

So we went to the service, which is where spiritual Catholics step outside of tradition and seek to make contact with the Spirit. During the meeting two women had messages to deliver. One stated "where I lead I will provide." The other said simply "fear not for I am with you." As they were spoken my blood turned to ice and the power within welled to almost breaking point.

Anne turned to me! "Those messages are for you, aren't they?" she asked. She knew nothing of what was happening to me at that time. "Yes," I said as I nodded. On the way home she learned about the way the Spirit was leading me. It was hard for her to understand.

Now the dilemma. The Spirit told me It would provide. With my children in private schools, a mortgage still to pay off on my farm in Central New South Wales, and other commitments it seemed incredulous that I could be expected to walk away from my job, my income and take on something that might see me fall in a heap.

But there was something else going on here. The vision shown to me between lives said age 45. This was the time for something very special. On Wednesday morning on arrival at the office the pain of being there was tremendous. Within two hours I was on my way out the door, for good.

My first healing experience at the hands of others

The Power at work

The very next day a friend from the local Pentecostal Church called to see me. It happened that a month or so earlier a bad dose of flu confined me to bed from Saturday to Sunday.

The previous day, Friday, the local paper advised that the Chapel she belonged to was holding a healing service on Sunday night. This was something very strange to me at the time but at this point the message flooded my head

On Sunday desperately ill in bed the Spirit showed me to go there that night. It was one of the worst days in Canberra. Mid July, bitterly cold, windy, pouring with driving rain and most certainly not the night to go out even if well. Nonetheless I got myself dressed and with my older daughter, Karen, we headed off to the church.

Never having been there before we were greeted at the door by a new pastor. After the initial greeting I boldly told him I had come for healing. It was a challenge sent out. He was warm and friendly and so were the others. At the end of the service two ladies invited me into a room where they prayed for my healing. The power was instant and the healing took place in seconds. Then the 'tongues' were pouring out of me and would not stop.

The following day I went to work without a sign of the flu. It was one of those ladies who visited me now and who would soon be responsible for my meeting a real soul mate who would be my companion in the Spirit for the next 2-3 years

Now I Knew It Was Very Real

This was no dream and no joke

Without a job money would soon dry up but the Spirit had said it would provide. Before going home on the day I quit my job I called a pastor friend, Harry, in another pentecostal church and asked if we could have a meeting. He was more than happy for me to see him.

From the minute we met he had a message from the Spirit. It said that what I was doing is from God. It said a lot more but that is enough for this story. My intention was to try to get some direction about what was now going to happen as there were not a lot of funds to support my family.

When I told Harry of the commission and of leaving my job he was amazed. "Perhaps you should start a youth movement, or something" he suggested. Asking him what he thought it should be called he was stumped. We talked for an hour or so and then it was time to go home.

Driving through one of the busiest intersections in Canberra, with all my attention focused on the road, the Spirit spoke to me. "The name is the Family of Jesus" it said.

Then a new message kept going over and over in my head and it did not stop for a week. "Be baptized in my name, be baptized in my name" it went on and on. Day and night for every waking hour it repeated. Finally on the following Tuesday it was Barbara, my new spiritual friend from the Pentecostal Church, who arrived at my door.

She came at 10 am and as we had only met briefly once before it was a shock when she stayed for lunch, then afternoon tea and finally for dinner. We talked in the Spirit the entire day until finally after dinner I told her of the order to be baptized in Jesus name. It was something I had never heard about and was reluctant to tell anyone else of the messages.

She instantly jumped up and danced around the room. "I can arrange it," she said with great excitement. So she did for the following evening and that little chapel where the Spirit sent me for healing was the only place in Canberra that does it.

The Power Takes Over

As the service started there was a message in tongues and then a gentleman I had never met gave the interpretation. It was all to do with the commission given to me. It ended with these words :"You will be a tower to my people".

Several people turned to look straight at me as they knew the message was for me as well. The actual immersion in Jesus name was almost an anti-climax in the scheme of things. But what happened the following day wasn't.

It began simply enough but my anxiety to get the kids off to school to be alone with the Spirit soon had me rushing them out the door. Laying over a cushion the Spirit had its way. Vision after vision came over me as in my head my possessions raced off into the distance. Everything was going including the farm.

There would be no assets, no ties, no worries in my new role. It all raced away. Finally I stood up and more than 2 hours had passed as though minutes.

Inside there was enormous cleansing. There was nothing to hold me back as everything about me was now totally in God's hands, including the children. Facing them about the future was also taken care of - by the Spirit.

My daughters turned to the Spirit and received the power. My son's thumb was healed as described here. Now the things that affected me was doing the work shown to me before birth

It took a long time after this to work it all out but as I mention on another lens 'Jesus' is an old term for 'Spirit". it has nothing to do with any religious gods.

Completely Dependent on God

Everything now came only from the Spirit

No income and no commitments meant a freedom that had never come my way before. It allowed the Spirit to have Its way and that it did. Without problems associated with having to work, pay taxes, even worry about what day of the week it is, my life took on a glow of its own.

Sure, we downsized everything and began to live simple. Moving to a small government house we soon had everything we needed to go on. My children even continued their education in private schools and have become high achievers in their own right. Not one of them suffered from what the Spirit wanted of me.

The first year of working for the Spirit saw me sent to people, strangers, out of the blue. Arriving in their face there was nothing else to say except "God sent me". It never failed to bring tears to their eyes and often horrendous stories of their most private thoughts, experiences and fears. In return my children and myself were healed of any and all problems. The garden flourished and we were even better fed and clothed than before.

Many needed healing and the Spirit touched them immediately they asked with a true heart to be healed and filled with the Spirit. There were no collapsing bodies or people falling down as we often see on television. There wasn't even the so-called 'laying on of hands'. That was unnecessary as the power flowed from God not from me. I was the instrument of contact and nothing more.

Some of the meetings are dealt with on this web site. Others are told of in my books available also through this site

Whatever your thoughts on this subject may be you should read these works and they just might change your life. You may even get healed by the Spirit. People around the world have written to me to find out how they can be healed and are amazed at how much power there can be through the words of an email

Disease Comes From Lies, Fiction and Make-Believe

As does disaster, tragedy and hate

In working with the Spirit and knowing that being cleansed of the lies is essential for healing it became apparent that things of make-believe and deception are cakes of filth that invade and lodge deep within. Like contaminants of any kind in which they reside they erode the flesh and create disease and tumors. They bring on heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

People affected by lies display it externally. It's in the drugs taken; the ugly appearances they favor; the tattoos and spikes they adorn themselves with; the awful music they listen to; the types of friends they have around; the terrorism and violence they engage in; and the substance abuse they use to substitute the spirit that is missing from within. People who prefer money to life are of that ilk and greed and power is sought by those who would do anything to have it.

For those who open their eyes to reality see the misery around the world and the trouble spots. The things people do and the beliefs they cherish have a bearing on it. Look at the times of the year and religious calendars when the worst times are the so-called holy days or special religious festivals. In the Christmas calendar it is usually around Christmas and Easter when major disasters strike.

Right now, at the end of Ramadan, the Muslim world is reeling from cyclones, earthquakes and such .The Christian and other religious people who worship things like Halloween, celebrities, movies, drugs and so on, also money are suffering floods, fires, drought, disease and drugs, among other things.

Individuals can turn aside but countries and societies are trapped. As people free themselves of make believe and seek the truth and answers from the Spirit alone they are rewarded. This cannot be emphasized enough. The costumes many wear are also part of the make-believe scenario of religions.

Those who shut out the lies and stop listening to the noise of the world are most likely to be healed. It became obvious to me that those who seek truth and are searching for the real God are easily freed of the contamination and healing can be immediate.

Not Everyone's Cup of Tea

Where do you stand?

My experiences in the Spirit can be and probably will be frowned on by many who believe and trust in the things learned in childhood. There is no way to convince you of the truth of anything reported here but the Spirit can.

If you feel the sensation of spiritual power then you know that you are of the Spirit and are being given a wake up call. Please email me if you want more information or help

What's Your Take On This Story? - Do you think God is a man or Spirit?

With full memory of my reincarnation I know I am already condemned by many religious fundamentalists who say this is blasphemy. What you need to know is that they engage in tricks and are part of the conspiracy to stop you exploring the possibilities of an alternative to heaven and hell.

Do you believe in heaven and hell?

Still images from Dreamstime - click here

. . . Please scribe a comments about this lens and how it affects you. Thanks, Norma

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have always thought of myself as a very spiritual person who is very open-minded. I long for the day when we have all the answers to life's mysteries.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @tazzytamar: Thank you Anna. Unfortunately one pays the price for being strong in a society where most are too weak to think for themselves. My strength comes from the Spriit within. hugs

    • tazzytamar profile image


      4 years ago from chichester

      You are a very brave, very strong individual. I wish more people were like you.

    • flicker lm profile image

      flicker lm 

      5 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. Very interesting!

    • kathysart profile image


      6 years ago

      When my mother in law was dying several months ago now, the nurse said to me that people need to discuss death more and she felt that children even should be included. I am not sure about children.. thinking about that still, but I do think it is odd that we don't discuss something that will indeed happen to all of us. Angel blessed lens.

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image


      6 years ago

      Lots to think about

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I believe in your experiences and the healing power. There are rare people who are blessed in having these powers. Some monks and saints have this powerful aura.

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 

      8 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Yours is a fascinating story. I believe strongly in spiritual healing.

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @KOrazem: Good question. Christianity denies reality in many ways so as to preserve notions of heaven and hell and all other fake beliefs, such as that the dead can heal. The Spirit is proving that healing comes through the living and that religion is wrong. Suggest you read my lenses on religious origins as listed in the lensography on that subject. Thank you for the comment and for visiting the lens.

    • KOrazem profile image

      Seeking Pearls 

      8 years ago from Pueblo West

      This is a powerful and moving story. One question that plagues me is that of reincarnation. In all ot the Christian teachings that I have experienced reincarnation is considered a false beleif. What is your take on that?

    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      [in reply to Jewelsofawe]

      Healing is from the Spirit not from me. I have no power of my own except for the ability to know when God is speaking to me and what to do under the circumstances. People are healed often just by tuning in to the words I speak. The visions, prophecies and so on are all part of it. If you are searching then its likely that the Spirit is already healing you.


    • ZenandChic profile image


      8 years ago

      This was a very interesting story. So, do you heal people to this day?

    • sciencefictionn profile image


      9 years ago

      Hello Norma. I have never had such an intense experience; anyway, I feel inside me a strong empathy towards people, inviting me to solidarity and sharing. I have explained it as consequence of my honest and participative nature. I believe that my experiences and reflections - like that we all share a common destiny - have contributed to it, but I don't exclude other origins. Whatever it is, I deem this being a faithful companion of my existence, a guide I would never renounce to.


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