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Lord Ganesha - Hindu God

Updated on May 24, 2012

Lord Ganesh is the prominent God of Hindu people and he is being cordially and humbly worshiped in the daily life of all Hindu people. Lord Ganesh has temples in almost all parts of the world and is largely located in places where Hindu people live in. He is given importance in every Hindu temple, as he is associated with success and Education. So people usually pray him before starting any new work. Students usually pray this God to succeed in their studies. His vehicle is mouse and the idol of mouse is placed in front of Him in every temple.

Lord Ganesh is celebrated as the elder son of Lord Shiva. He is also known as God of averting obstacles. Lord Vignesh, Lord Ganapathy, Lord Vinayaka and Lord Pillayar are some of His other names.

Let me tell the interesting story of Lord Ganesh. Once His mother Goddess Parvathi wanted to take bath in her house and she wanted someone to guard her, while she is taking bath. Using her Godly power she made a boy from mud and told him not to allow any body inside till she finish her bathing. After some time God Shiva came there and was stopped by Lord Ganesh. Lord Shiva got angry and took off his head, as he thought Lord Ganesh as a stranger. After finishing bath Goddess Parvathi came to know this and regretted much. To console his consort Lord Shiva asked his servants to bring the head of any living creature that might be sleeping by putting its head towards north. They brought the head of an elephant and that was fitted to Lord Ganesh by his father Lord Shiva. This is how; he got the head of an elephant.


In India there are many temples for Lord Ganesh. In Mumbai Lord Ganesh is called as Lord Siddhi Vinayaka, as his consort name is Sidhhi. The temple has been built in the Prabhavathi area of Mumbai. Siddhi means wish.

In Tamil Nadu, India, He has one of the famous temples of the country at Pillayar patty. There He got the name Karpaga Vinayaka. He is associated with plenty of wealth and offers it to his faithful devotees.

The other temple of the Lord is at Trichy in Tamil Nadu, India. This is a unique temple which is being situated at the top of a rock at a height of about 90 meters admits the town. Here He is celebrated and called as Ucchi Pillayar.

Lord Ganesh has unique and beautiful appearance which could be attracted by all age group of the people. His temple is located all over the country and He can be easily approached and adorned by all the economical classes of the people.

The Hindu peoples celebrate and pray on Vinayaka Chaturthi, which comes on the fourth new moon day of September every year. This is special day for Lord ganesh and people from all over the world worship His idol and photos. The next to Vinayaka Chaturthi all the gaint and small Lord Ganesh idols are dissolved in sea water and nearby ponds.


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    • profile image

      mystique sara 5 years ago

      Ganesha, the elephant headed God, is the final presiding deity of UTTARASHADA nakshatra. Ganesha is the only deity with an elephant's head. The story behind his getting an elephant's head reveals a lot relating to Uttarashadha's essence . Ganesha is always portrayed as having a f´┐Żll right tusk and a cut left tusk. This symbolises that Uttarashadha has a more complete and coherent energy in comparison to its mate Purvashadha. Ganesha can thus be seen as being strongly connected to both Ashadhas. Ganesha is seen as the "Lord of Beginnings" and "Remover of Obstacles" and his blessings are sought in all beginnings. Uttarashadha therefore relates to all kinds of beginnings. It is seen that activities started under the positive influence of this nakshatra are blessed with success and permanence.

      The legend of the birth of Ganesha carries within itself all the tragedy, valour, divinity, esotericism, enforced sacrifice, renewal and regeneration inherent in Uttarashada. In short the story goes like this:-

      "Parvatf created a mind borne son and instructed him to stand as a guard and not to let anyone in while she was bathing. Her husband Shiva, returning home, was barred entry by Parvati's son. Shiva had not seen this boy before and did not know who he was, and the boy in turn did not recognize Shiva. Harsh words were exchanged and a battle erupted. Shiva could not defeat this boy and had to retreat. He feit humiliated after being defeated by a mere child and sought the help of Vfsftnu and other Gods to defeat the child.

      In the battle that ensued, all of the Gods together were unable to defeat hlm. Vishnu finally came up with a plan that someone should fight with the boy from the front, while he fiew from behind to stealthily take the mace out of the boy's hand. Vishnu's theory was that the boy couldn't be defeated until the mace was taken out of his hand. The plan worked, as Shiva was able to cut the boy's head with his trident as soon as Vishnu's vehicle Garuefa (celestial eagle) snatched the mace.

      Since he was Parvati's mind borne son she immediately came to know of his death and the whole story flashed before her mind's eye. She became enraged and summoned all the Shaktis (feminine forces) of the universe to create havoc on Vishnu, Shiva and the rest of the Gods. The whole creation went completely haywire and all the Gods were scared out of their wits. Vishnu realized that the whole universe would collapse if Parvati was not appeased quickly. This could only be done if the boy was brought back to life.

      Vishnu instrueted the Gods to descend on earth and bring back the head of the first thing they saw. They saw an elephant and swiftly retumed with its head. Vishnu and Shiva attached the elephant's head to the trunk of the boy's body, which resurrected him. Finally Parvati's anger subsided and order was restored in the universe. The boy was named 'Ganesha', which translates into "the leader of all tribes', and was given the boon to be worshipped first before any other Gods."

    • profile image

      Venga 7 years ago

      Ganesha the most beloved god of mine. Jai Ganesha!!!