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What is "The Lost Symbol" of Dan Brown's book ?

Updated on April 15, 2017

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A Circumpunct
A Circumpunct

Red Herring, Anyone?

Dan Brown literally throws us for a loop by hinting that the ancient symbol of the Sun, the circle with a point in the center is the Lost Symbol of the book's title.

Early in the story, our hero Harvard professor Robert Langdon teases his students that he belongs to a cult which meets on the pagan day of the Sun god Ra, and consumes symbolic blood and flesh. Of course, he is merely referring to Holy Communion at Harvard Chapel on Sunday.

Setting the Monument's Capstone
Setting the Monument's Capstone

The most precious metal

Not gold, not silver or platinum.

Just plain old beer-can aluminum.

That is what the bright metallic tip of the Washington Monument was made from.

It was the most precious metal of all at the time.

And inscribed on the eastern side were the words Laus Deo - Praise God; arranged so that the first rays of the rising sun would shine on them before any other point in the city.

The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol

So you've read Dan Brown's thriller The Lost Symbol, or maybe you plan to read it. And now you would like to know what the lost symbol actually is.

Stop now if you prefer to find out by reading all 509 pages of the book. Don't even glance at the next few sections, because they contain the answer.


Symbol Revealed?

Here's a hint. To keep you from inadvertently reading the answer, I have quoted the secret teachings of all ages in the front of the book before the story starts:

"To live in this world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books."

The Map & The Book

Earlier, Langdon's mentor Peter Solomon had shown him that a puzzling Masonic message contained a coded map of Washington, D.C.

The Lost Word was to be found in a Masonic cornerstone down a winding stairwell deep beneath a pyramid inscribed with the Latin phrase Laus Deo - Praise God.

The pyramid is the capstone of the Washington Monument. Over 555 feet below, down a square spiral staircase is a copy of the Bible, encased in the monument's foundation.

Is the Holy Bible the lost symbol?

Ye God!

On the last page of the book, Robert Langdon realizes that the lost symbol is God, or as the Freemasons say, The Great Architect of the Universe. A symbol standing for limitless human potential.

Dan Brown explains that all Holy books, from the Bible, to the Koran, the Torah, and the Hindu Vedas contain the lost symbol in plain sight: God.

God is a symbol for the prime Ancient Mystery, that all human minds are not only created in the likeness of the infinite, but themselves are creators.

The Ancient Mystery, how the mind makes us creators of our universe is revealed when we realize the occult, dualistic meaning of the lost symbol.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this essay, written just for fun, and that you will send the link to your pals.

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