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love compatibility for Gemini

Updated on October 10, 2010


Gemini is the third astrological sign in the Zodiac. People who are born on this date have the Sun as their sign. This zodiac sign is closely associated with Mercury. This zodiac is totally ruled by it.

Gemini with Aries: They both share great compatibility of love. As live partners they share a lively life .They would not have any dull moments in their life. They always love to experience things rather than just have an adventurous love life. They both have an impulsive nature in their joyous life together.

Gemini with Aquarius: The compatible love relationship of Gemini and Aquarius is always strong. They share a wonderful bond. The Aquarius person is bold and the Gemini person always hates to have a person in their life. Both, when involved in a relationship, are careful and secured to carry out their relationship safely.

Gemini with Scorpio: They cannot get along each other due to their differences. The compatibility of love among Scorpio people are of intense nature and they are passionate about their love life. The strength of the Scorpio people is not tolerated by the Gemini people.

Gemini with Taurus: As both of them have differences in the relationship they would not have a thriving compatibility of love. Taurus people are sturdy people while Gemini people are of unstable nature.

Gemini with Leo: Both Gemini and Leo will always have a pleasing relationship in their life. Love compatibility is very good. Their relationship of compatible love will involve only few conflicts, as they will be solved if they are ready to cooperate.

Gemini with Virgo: They both have a short-term relationship of compatible love. For Gemini-Virgo love compatibility, sensible approach on the part of Gemini would contribute to a happy life.

Gemini with Capricorn: Love compatibility shows that they both cannot get along with each other. Each of them has an attractive relationship which will boost their happy life.

Gemini with Sagittarius: They always get along with each other with their compatible love. Both share the same rational thinking toward each other.

Gemini with Pisces: Both do not have compatible love for each other due to their contradictory nature. Pisces are romantic people.

Gemini with Cancer: They both have equal chances of success and failure in their relationship.


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