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Activation of Tao Hua in Feng Shui – Good or Bad?

Updated on April 9, 2018
Peach blossom or Tao Hua
Peach blossom or Tao Hua | Source

What is peach blossom luck?

Many of you would have heard or read about feng shui enhancement of love luck (also known as peach blossom or tao hua luck). However, before you activate your romance luck, please be aware that there is both good and bad peach blossom luck.

In Chinese poetry and symbolism, the term Peach Blossom or Tao Hua is associated with love and romance. Tao hua can be broadly categorized into (1) tao hua yun, and (2) tao hua jie or tao hua sha.

According to Chinese culture, these are defined as follows:-

Tao hua yun - When one is going through tao hua yun, he or she will become very attractive and popular. For the singles, such tao hua luck can heighten love attraction and increase more dating opportunities that might lead to a marriage.

(Note: Generally speaking, tao hua yun is considered as good peach blossom luck for the singles, who are genuinely looking for a marriage partner or long-term love relationship. However, for those who like to flirt around or have ill intentions, then such good peach blossom luck can easily turn into bad tao hua.)

Tao hua jie or tao hua sha - This refers to bad tao hua that can cause family disharmony, broken marriage, legal tussles, or even tragic ending of one or more parties involved in the love affair.

Location of Individual's Peach Blossom

Chinese Zodiac 
Direction of Tao Hua 
Things to avoid in the Tao Hua region as these can enhance the tao hua 
Pig, Rabbit & Sheep 
Flower vase
Rearing of fishes 
Picture or figurine of the opposite sex (e.g. photo of movie star or doll)
Peach blossom animal - Rat symbol (e.g. figurine or picture)
Snake, Rooster & Ox 
Flower vase
Rearing of fishes  
Picture or figurine of the opposite sex (e.g. photo of movie star or doll)
Peach blossom animal - Horse symbol (e.g. figurine or picture)
Tiger, Horse & Dog
Flower vase
Rearing of fishes 
Picture or figurine of the opposite sex (e.g. photo of movie star or doll)
Peach blossom animal - Rabbit symbol (e.g. figurine or picture)
Monkey, Rat & Dragon
Flower vase
Rearing of fishes
Picture or figurine of the opposite sex (e.g. photo of movie star or doll)
Peach blossom animal - Rooster symbol (e.g. figurine or picture)

Precautionary measures checklist

As present-day love relationships are rather fragile, married couples can consider taking some precautions for extra-marital affairs' problem. Prevention is always better than cure.

Listed below are some of the precautionary measures that might help to prevent “rotten” tao hua in one’s marriage:-

  • Check the above chart to see whether the peach blossom luck has been accidentally activated.

(For example, if your spouse’s Chinese zodiac is Pig, his or her specific tao hua direction will be the North. Make sure none of the things that can enhance tao hua is present in that area.

In above example, the tao hua to look out for will be in the North of the whole house, the North of the living room, and the North of the bedroom.)

Gold-plated Rooster
Gold-plated Rooster | Source
  • Make sure there are no outside plants or tree twigs extending into your bedroom, as this equates to a third-party intrusion to a love relationship. Symbolism is an important aspect of fengshui.

  • Do not buy peach blossom flowers home as this symbolizes inviting tao hua into your home.

  • Place a golden or brass rooster figurine at the main door facing out. This symbolizes the rooster pecking away all possible problems of unfaithfulness from entering the home.

(Note: If you or your spouse belongs to the Chinese zodiac of Monkey, Rat or Dragon, and your main door happens to be on the West of the house, then putting a rooster figurine is not recommended. Rooster is the Peach Blossom Animal for this particular group.)


Remedy for extra-marital affairs

First, use the above checklist to see whether anything has gone wrong in those areas mentioned above and rectify where necessary.

Next, use one of the following traditional methods to remedy the situation:-

Small peachwood sword
Small peachwood sword | Source
Dragon-Phoenix Bagua Mirror
Dragon-Phoenix Bagua Mirror | Source

Method 1 - Rooster

The Rooster symbol is a favourite with old-style fengshui masters to ward off adultery or the presence of a third-party to a marriage. The rooster figurine has to be golden or brass.

Put one rooster figurine each on the right and left hand corner of the wardrobe or shoe cabinet of your spouse, without him or her knowing.

With a solid crown on its head, a well-shaped beak, and an attractive tail, the rooster looks masculine, firm and fierce. It is believed that it can peck away third- party intrusion and ensures adherence to conjugal faithfulness and fidelity.

The rooster figurine is also a great gift for your spouse to display in the office. It can keep an alert eye for third-party to a relationship.

(Note: For those whose zodiac is Rabbit, Monkey, Rat or Dragon, it is not advisable for them to use the rooster symbol.  Rabbit conflicts with Rooster in Chinese zodiac while the rooster is the peach blossom animal for people of Monkey, Rat or Dragon zodiac.)

Method 2 - Peach Wood Sword & Dragon-Phoenix Bagua Mirror

Display a Peach Wood Sword in the bedroom, on the side where your spouse sleeps. It can be placed at the side of the bed or hang above the bed. This symbolizes cutting off the tao hua ties. (Note: The sword must be made of peach wood as the wood is said to curb evils. Do not use a steel sword.)

(Note: An alternative place to display the peach wood sword would be the tao hua location of your spouse.)

In addition, hang a Dragon-Phoenix Bagua Mirror above the bed.

Should married couples activate tao hua?

Some married couples enhance the tao hua thinking that it can increase harmony in their marriages. Such activation can be risky and can turn out to be a time bomb.

If the marriage is going on well, it is better not to enhance the tao hua as the activation can be double-edged.

The Peach Blossom Year

Every year, there will be a Peach Blossom Year for individuals of certain zodiac.

For example, for those whose zodiac is Pig, Rabbit or Sheep, the Year of the Rat will be the Peach Blossom Year for them (see chart ).

During their Peach Blossom Year, this group of individuals will have strong Tao Hua luck. As such, those who are already married must exercise caution during the year so as not to get involved in extra-marital affairs.

For those who are still desperately looking for a marriage partner or a serious love relationship, they should make good use of their Peach Blossom Year. The truly singles should energize their tao hua to increase the chances of finding their true love.

© 2011 pinkytoky


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