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Love Magic

Updated on December 12, 2010

Love magic can only work if you truly have genuine love towards the other person, here is a simple magic love spell that will have your dream girl falling head over heels for you. There are many love spells that one can choose to use from black magic love spells, but be very cautious when performing a black magic love spell. You need to understand the impact and consequences black magic can do before even considering on using it. On the other hand there are also white magic love spells such as the one i will reveal to you below this is a very simple love magic spell that can be performed at home providing you have all the necessary things required, don't worry too much as these  things you will probably already have around the home. Only use this for the right reasons this spell is only to be used on someone you have a genuine love for, only then will the power of this spell work.

Things you need for your love spell

Firstly you will need  a white candle, the purpose of the candle will be revealed at a later stage. You could use a standard candle but to give the spell a little more impact and effect you could purchase candles that are shaped like a bride or groom, or flower. You should be able to buy a variety of shaped candles from your local candle store or ask the store owner if they are able to make one for you or knows someone who can. This simply gives the spell a more genuine feel, but if your feelings are genuine than that's all that matters and a simple standard candle will do just fine.

What To Do:

Now you will need to prepare an altar and decorate it with all the things that are precious to you and the one you love. A small table will do just fine, set it up so that it looks presentable and place everything around the edge as you will be placing the candle in the middle of the table. Now you will need a thorn from a white rose, that shouldn't be too difficult, if you don't have a rose garden ask your neighbor or go for a walk through a public garden in your area. Get the rose thorn and then inscribe into the candle these words..... “All My Love Come To Me”  write this into the candle three time.... now place the candle in the center of the alter and light it. Now gaze upon the candle the entire time it is burning and visualize that special person coming to you with open arms in all their glory and beauty . Once the candle has burnt down to a puddle wrap it up with all the things you placed with the alter and put it in a safe place.

Words to ponder:

You live that you may learn to love,

You love that you may learn to live,

No other lesson is required of you.

End Result:

The end result is that you will receive all the love that person has for you ,which may be less or even more than the love you have for him/her accept this love with tenderness and grace. If at some time in the future you no longer wish to accept his/her love, you must then dispose of the ritual remains in a proper way either by burning it by fire or thrown into running water or sending it to that person just be sure it done in a respectful way and appropriate way. It is your responsibility to dispose of it if you no longer wished to be loved by that person any more. There are plenty of free magic love spells online just type in the one you want and the search engines will find the right one for you, but like all things read the fine print before trying these spells or any spell.

Love Spell On Video


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    • voodoospell profile image

      voodoospell 6 years ago from 1958 South 950 East Provo

      Good information on this hub.I am glad to read .

    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 8 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland