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Thorns In The Flesh: What Are They?

Updated on November 7, 2011

Thorns In The Flesh

Love is powerful and yet so many really don't understand what true love is? When talking about Jesus and the Love He has for you it's almost impossible to talk about or explain because you have nothing to compare Christ's love to, and His love and His way of doing things often confuses people. Because His way are above are ways, and His thoughts are above are thoughts.

Take for example, a thorn in the flesh what Paul called. There has been much debate over what that thorn was that Paul was talking about. No one will actually truly know and I'm not going to delve into that right now because that alone can be a long subject. But we can analyze the scriptures and with some little research figure out that thorns in the flesh are, and can be a good thing to say the least.

Often times when God communicates a purpose and message with dramatic supernatural manifestations (angelic visitations, audible voices and signs in the heavens), then we know the Lord is urgent about making a message apply to our lives and that we are "the called of the Lord". If necessary, He will even deal severely with us on certain issues. God will challenge the areas in our lives that are inconsistent with the message He has given us to proclaim.

God does this by sending thorns in the flesh, not because he doesn't love them but because He does love them, and in doing so He protects their hearts from destructive pride. The apostle Paul said that He had been given a "thorn in the flesh' in order that he would not exalt himself. This was due to the fact that his ministry was surrounded by an "abundance of revelations".

God has purposed to work a life message through each of us. For some, the beauty of God's work in them is never put on public stage and is seldom noticed, except by a few. In such cases, those peoples lives are perfected for God's pleasure and the impact on individuals around them.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit works inwardly for almost a lifetime before that person is given the full platform to release the message. Still others are called to be proclaimers of the message. Some have been given an early platform and are allowed to preach beyond the maturing work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

God desires that all of us examine ourselves carefully in the light of His Word and become sensitive to the Holy Spirit's conviction in areas that need to change. But eventually, if we don't recognize the problems and deal with them, all kinds of external circumstances can be used to bring to light the unresolved or carnal issues in our lives. The thorn in the flesh produces humility over time in the lives of sincere yet immature followers of Christ Jesus.

If we really love God, He gives us the chance to respond voluntarily to the Spirit. But if we don't respond, He will often extract submission from us.


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    • Gicky Soriano profile image

      Gicky Soriano 8 years ago from California

      Although painful, your hub teaches me that these thorns in the flesh do humble us to fulfill our purpose and to examine ourselves in light of God's love. You have yourself another fan. Keep on hubbing.

      Note: I spot a tiny "typo error" in your first italized subheading - the "d" is missing in Go_ (God). It's just the editor in me. God bless you brother just the same.