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Love God, Don’t Fear God

Updated on August 1, 2011

There’s an adjective people use for themselves and for others called “God fearing”. You suddenly feel some compassion or maybe even some respect for a so-called “God fearing” person.

So what has God done so atrocious that you have this inevitable need to “fear” God instead of “love” God? What notions have taken roots in your minds so unprintable that God has become a structure to be worshipped out of “fear” and not out of “love”?

What sort of worship is that? What worship will serve you or do you any benefit if it is performed out of fear? You think God wouldn’t find out your true feelings filled with fear and malice? Do you think its something that is going to impress God?

The biggest lead of your individuality is that you choose to believe any notion irrespective of the fact whether that notion serves you or not. The more the number of people, innumerable are the structures of God. Weird structures.

She believes God punishes and is cruel. He holds a belief that God is judgmental, has preferences and is biased. They believe God ‘demands’ respect- the violation of which will result in dreadful consequences.

For heavens sake, did God tell you all of this personally? I’m so sure not. Then where did you learn this sacred knowledge about God from? Your parents. Where did they learn it from? Their parents. Where did they learn it from? From all sorts of places- their parents, the society, the temples, the churches and everywhere.

You learnt so much wrong about God from all places but just didn’t ask one place- your own heart.

You have all sorts of wrong illusions about God, yet God does not feel the need to clear the air. “I always do good God never rewards me. They do evil things even then God gives them happiness. God does not love me.” This one is the most common of all the accusations we put on God. 

You do bad karmas and when they strike back it’s the time of crises. Who to be blamed? God. A death in the family. Who to be cursed? God. A car accident. Whose fault was it? God.

Ever imagined how God must have felt about these incessant accusations coming from all over endlessly? Yet God shows you the right way, guides you in times of darkness, helps you in need, befriends you in loneliness.

We have been sent too many masters and teachers to show us the way, to guide us to the light. What did we do to them? We crucified them. If God moved mountains we thought it must be the Satan. If God levitated on water, we thought it must be the Devil. We never actually trusted in God, in the powers of God. God is God still, it is we people with the wrong perception of God.

All we humans have been given this power of “free will” which we use every minute, every hour and every day to make conscious choices and create our own destiny. We create our own lives with the choices we make and with the choices we fail to make. So if we are creating everything on our own, who is responsible for the consequences?

The truth is, God never interferes in our karmas and deeds. God only observes and guides. God never punishes, only loves. If God were to chastise and thrash us for the karmas we do, why would he give us “free will” first-handedly? Wouldn’t it be easy for God to just create a pattern for us with rules and regulations to be walked on?

We’ve heard all kinds of stories as children about how the soul is burnt in boiling oil for having committed sins or about the brutal punishments if fasting is missed or going to temples or churches in the name of God is avoided. Blasphemy. Yes, total blasphemy.

Here’s a beautiful story to show how much we undervalue God.


Man would never miss going to a church on Sundays. Deprived of happiness, love and positivity in his life, the man had very less to look forward to. The priest of that church was a very holy man. Every Sunday the priest would watch the old man very intently realizing one day that the man was deeply depressed.

One day finally, the priest decided to question the man about his pain and suffering. “My son is a drug addict. He drinks heavily and beats his wife and mother when he gets back home every night,” said the old man sadly. The priest consoled him saying, “Pray to the Father of the universe, he will surely send happiness your way.” The priest further added, “I’m very touched with your faith and dedication towards the Holy Father. You never miss visiting the church on Sundays.” To this the old man replied, “Of course I must visit church every Sunday, otherwise God will throw me into boiling oil as a punishment after I die.”

The priest was taken aback and hurt on hearing this. “I have a suggestion for you”, he said. “when your son comes home tonight, heat up your oven to the highest temperature. Tie your son with ropes and just throw him in the hot oven.”

Hearing this the old man got so enraged that he stood up and started to yell on the priest. “What kind of nonsense suggestion is that? No matter how worthless my son is I would never throw him in a hot oven. He is my son and I love him.” To this the priest smiled and said, “If you cannot punish your son for the appalling deeds he does, how did you think that God - who is the epitome of love and compassion and the Holy Father of the entire humankind- would punish you so cruelly just for a petty thing like missing the church on a Sunday?”

The man was left absolutely dumbstruck and guilty.

Every day God tries to talk to you.

Every hour God tries to show you the right direction.

Every minute God guides you, misses you and loves you.

Every second you ignore God.

God does not punish you. Your sufferings and pain is the outcome of your own karmas. For God does not know how to punish, God only knows how to love.


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    • Devika12 profile image

      Devika12 6 years ago

      Im so glad you understand that man wrote The Bible.

      thanks for responding, god bless you !!

    • showuright profile image

      showuright 6 years ago from Southeast

      Great article. Like many things, when people have fears or cannot explain the unknown they either blame or praise God whether it's a natural catastrophe or a miracle birth. For some it's the old vs. new testament, the angry, vengeful God vs the loving, forgiving God. Even man wrote the Bible, so whatever they were going through explains their fears and their understanding of who God is.

      You're right... at the end of the day the only thing you can justify is the choices that you made. I just ask God for guidance and to show me the way he wants me to go. I know he shows me the signs and it's up to me to listen.

    • Devika12 profile image

      Devika12 6 years ago glad you liked it.

    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 6 years ago


      A very nice hub enjoyed reading it, voted up. Keep the good writing coming. Rgds